CherryPicks Presents: Movie Reviews Meets Astrology
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🍒 💣
Love these two (have listened to WYS and Shiterion for awhile now)! On top of great insight and reflection, these two have incredible laid back chemistry and good voices to listen to, also!
Such a chic pod
I love this pod. It’s like gabbing with the girls. It feels like I am spiritually drinking frosé when I listen to this. Or perhaps more on theme, a spiked cherry lemonade slushee. Great film recs, great chatting, great female gaze!
Love this pod!!!
Hilarious babes, movies, AND astrology??? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT????
Pump Choc-Lo
Letting the moon pick the movie I watch?!
I’m so excited for this podcast! I always end up spending hours deciding on a movie to watch, usually resulting in me watching a movie I’ve already seen hundreds of times. Letting the movement of the moon and the stars inform the way I choose movies to watch will be a game changer! I’ve been following TheCherryPicks on Instagram for a long time and they always give amazing reviews and recommendations, so I know this podcast will be no exception!
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Right up my alley
My best friend and I are constantly saying “it’s [insert movie] time”, bc different times just feel right for certain movies and vice versa. This podcast really resonates with that and I’ll definitely be listening for more!
Sarah Fel
Another Astro Pod? Hell yeah
I love Steve (from WYS) and to hear her on another podcast is so exciting. This examination of how astrology intersects with film is just want I need is self iso. Thank you!
Super fun and easy listen!
Love a women focused podcast! Especially when it’s all about my favorite topics. Take a listen, find out some suggestions of what to watch, based on YOUR sign.
Excited to see how I relate!
My movie cravings are CONSTANTLY all over the place, so I’m so excited to see if astrology is apart of it. Fun unique idea!
These gals know what’s up!
5 stars!
k cb
Have been waiting for something like this!!!
During a time we’re all stuck inside, Cinemastrology is JUST WHAT I NEED. This podcast is 🔥🌞🌙💫
So excited!
I love both astrology and Kate and Stevie’s other podcast (The Shiterion Collection) and couldn’t be more excited for this new endeavor! Can’t wait to tune in and add more movies to my current watch list!
Perfection exists?
Yes, I guess it does. Thanks to the movie/ astrology goddesses for creating this beacon of hope in the dark time and for the movie recommendations!
Honestly perfect timing
With so much time in quar, my movie watchlist has gotten long. This pod is perfect to determine what to watch when - a nightly decision that can be overwhelming! Plus Stevie & Kate are so funny and smart and I could listen to them all day every day! So excited for this!
Movies and the Moon
Yes ... please! Love CherryPicks and their recs 🐟🐟
This is so exciting… can’t wait!
This is going to be amazing!
Yay! It’s happening the perfect combination of two of my loves MOVIES & any outside force like Astrology I can blame for my crappy moods or fantastic luck!
So excited for this podcast and to hear what what new movies I should watch! The best thing I could ask for out of Corona season amirite!!! 🦠📽🎞✨
Most important film critics of our lifetime
So timely!
Just the podcast every single one of us needs during this time. Well done 🥂
This concept is EXCITING
Movies meets ASTROLOGY! My favorite things in one pod, led by funny podcast hosts from the Shiterion Collection and What’s Your Sign ✌🏼✌🏼♥️♥️♥️
Can’t wait!
This is going to be everything and more!!
Loving the podcast, really saving me during this time !!
Just what I’ve been waiting for!
Astrology AND Movies?!?! 2 of my absolute fave things together AT LAST! I’m a big fan of WYS? and Shiterion and I know this collab will be pure movie MAGIC 💫✨
LOVE this!!
Thank you! thank you! thank you !! I have been searching for something like this. Here we ARE. And hosted by the two most listenable podcasters ?! Consider me subscribed!
Fun concept
Whether or not you subscribe to astrology, I find the idea behind this light-hearted podcast to be very engaging. I appreciate the production and the hosts’ easy-to-listen to personalities as well as the content.
What an out of this world idea...especially for a movie nerd and ethereal person like me! Merging two great concepts...can’t wait for this! Excited to tune in!
This sounds like it’s gonna be fascinating! Can’t wait.
Yes yes yes
So happy to finally have found a pod that marries to my two favorite subjects - I look forward to it every week!!
Yassssss! The pod I needed right now
Love these two! Combining my two fave topics - besides being funny they’re total babes! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Cancers are known cinephiles.
Love this pod so much!!
Stars from the Stars!
I’ve been listening to Shiterion for a while now and love it! Excited to see this new movie-astrology collab from two of my favorite all time podcast hosts 💜💫
I have never been able to put my finger on why some days I’m in the mood for one kind of movie and a totally different genre another day. The idea that we can use astrology to intuit what we are in the mood for is so cool. I’m all for this podcast.
Hell yeah
Can’t wait as a Leo king!
So excited!!!
Can’t WAIT for the first episode!!!! Love the idea of movies + astrology! 🙌🏼 And all for women!!! The stars have aligned - it literally sounds like my perfect podcast!
The girls from Shiterion + Astrology?? Hell yes. This Pisces cannot wait!
So excited!
Immediately obsessed!!!
I can’t wait until the first ep. huge fan of What’s Your Sign Pod and both Kate and Stevies Instagram and in fact this is my second favorite ever podcast (next to WYS?- host is Lisa Chanoux is incredibly sexy) So I can’t wait for this brand new pod to be my second fave!!! Subscribe subscribe subscribe
Movies and astrology bless the goddess let’s goooooo
♋️ ♍️ ♎️ ♋️
CINEMASTROLOGY what a concept! What do the stars have in store for us 🌟 💫
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