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A.G.A.W. (All Grandmas Are Witches): Movie Horoscopes July 26 - August 1, 2020
25 minutes Posted Jul 26, 2020 at 3:33 am.
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This week, Cinemastrology hosts Kate Santos and Stevie Anderson discuss beauty, the truth, and getting inspired with an array of diverse transits that will be pulling our moods in various directions. The hosts discuss Venus in Gemini Square Pisces in Neptune transit happening on July 27th, which may have us questioning our own truths. There’s yet another squaring transit on July 27th with Mercury still in Cancer squaring up against Mars in Aries once again which can have us feeling energized and aware, and with the influence of the Leo sun, we will be ready to showcase our beauty pageantry style. Towards the end of the week, on July 30th, Mercury in Cancer will be opposing Jupiter in Capricorn. Mercury is our planet of communication and its opposition with Jupiter, the planet associated with the higher power and the larger forces at work in our lives, could help us lean into the weirdness of the world around us. 

CherryPicks Choice, 2020’s The Truth (La Vérité) stars French acting legend Catherine Deneuve alongside Juliette Binoche as a mother and daughter. When Fabienne, an aging actress played by Deneuve, writes a book about her life, her daughter Lumir decides to confront her about each of the exaggerations or lies written in the memoir. Conversations provoked by Fabienne’s new film role transforms the planned confrontation into a reconnection. The Venus in Gemini Square Pisces in Neptune transit can make us notice our desires being muddle by fictional stories of our own creation. Pisces energy can be found throughout the film which features three generations of women and their mystical stories and shared artistic talents. 

July 27th also has more squaring energy with Mercury in Cancer square Mars in Aries. A cult classic that features an all-star cast playing teenagers participating in a small-town beauty contest, Drop Dead Gorgeous is a legendary dark-comedy. The film boasts an all star class including Kirsten Dunst, Brittany Murphy, Ellen Barkin, Allison Janney, Kirstie Alley, and Amy Adams (to name a few) and is a classic when it comes to a full comedic female ensemble. Cancer can represent our homespace and Aries is the challenger. This transit may have us taking a closer look and having a laugh at the absurdity of where we grew up and the traditions that we keep.

On July 30th, another Mercury in Cancer transit –Cancer opposite Jupiter in Capricorn– may open up a portal for us to explore the depths of our creativity. Holy Motors (2012) directed by Leos Carax and starring Denis Lavant, Eva Mendes, and Kylie Monouge is a film that pushes the boundaries of reality. Lavant portrays 11 unique characters throughout the film as he journeys to reach underground worlds, and to reach the depths of what it means to be in one human body. This opposition is a great time to create a more inspired life– even if that means you need to lean into the unknown within yourself. 


The Truth (La Vérité) (2020):

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