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Waiting to Retrograde: Movie Horoscopes June 14 - 20, 2020
28 minutes Posted Jun 14, 2020 at 3:33 am.
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CherryPicks Presents Cinemastrology: Your weekly movie horoscope.

Week of June 14 - June 20, 2020.

Welcome back astro-cinephiles! We return after a week hiatus and discuss the space we made in support and solidarity of Black Lives Matter. The fight for justice is still going strong and your hosts have turned their focus this week on black filmmakers and black stories. Astrologically we were guided by the summer solstice, MERCURY RETROGRADE (!!!) in watery Cancer, and the electric charge of Mars Sextile Pluto.

Mercury in Cancer will be stationed retrograde from June 18th until July 12th. Mercury is our planet of communication and Cancer is all about feeling secure in one’s feelings and sacred spaces. The hosts discuss the slumber party classic and female friendship iconic film Waiting to Exhale (1995). The cast features Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, and Lela Rochon, who are all navigating their experiences in life, love, family, and career. Just like the emotional waters of Merc Rx in Cancer, these friends are all learning that sometimes you need to go through hell to come out on the other side. CherryPick’s Choice Premature (2020) is an elegant coming-of-age tale and an ode to Harlem straight from the lyrical mind of Zora Howard, who co-wrote the film. Mars Sextile Pluto is giving us the energy to go after what we crave, while also teaching us important lessons about our own selves. This film and astrological transit explores the sort of relationships that make you feel new again, whether times are good or bad, it's all about the lessons we can only learn from loving with our whole heart. Later in the week, we celebrate the Sun’s move from Gemini into Cancer aka the summer solstice! Eve’s Bayou (1997) directed by Kasi Lemmons takes us on a journey to Louisiana in the 1960s, and tells the story of one family’s chaotic summer. The crab’s claws can hang on tight, especially to the past. There are a lot of feelings happening this week, and all these movies can help us explore what’s going on deep inside of ourselves.


Waiting to Exhale (1995):

Premature (2020):

Eve's Bayou (1997):

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