Church with Jesse Lee Peterson
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee Peterson
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Eye opening
Jesse has truly opened my eyes to his teachings I love it! Never been a fan of the music and the singing his open discussion church is much more my style
Not all, not all, not all, but MOSTly...
What a church should be
I never liked the singing and raising of hands in churches. It’s just feelings for a temporary moment and once it’s over, back to dealing with our battles in our souls. There is no fellowship in these churches, just a wave and a nod. Jesse’s church is fellowship with congregates asking each other questions and figuring out God.
A Bit Too Narcissistic
Passive Aggressive host walks off the show to intimidate his submissive crew through guilt. “....phones are ringing...I gotta answer the phone folks, I’ll be right back”
Dr. Cam L. Toeh
i don’t know what to say
jlp is the closer to the devil than many men... approach him cautiously, and i think the value of listening is mostly to be found in audience members. these young people (mostly men, not all not all not all) have serious issues that often have not been resolved or addressed elsewhare. jesse lee offers one answer (to their/our ‘anger’), and ultimately it comes closer being to a secular buddhistic ego fetish than real forgiveness and compassion. the silent prayer seems to be mostly about forgiving yourself... in one video he describes the prayer as sitting in silence and watching thoughts travel through the space between your eyes. if this is so, why does jlp cling so righteously to his version of the bible and and jesus? and to use it to justify hate and pity? his version of forgivenessbegets another anger, and a bloated sense of self importance. loving thy neighbors shouldn’t be accomplished by pitying them. their is a war on for your soul and jesse is “working for his daddy, satan - the devil!” good luck to anyone searching for a purpose in this messed up world.
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charlie n
Great content and is not for the average mind.
Doesn't do his research.
Anyone with a remote familiarity of theology in the western tradition can see that he is pretty off base in his interpretation.