Chrystal's Chronicles
Chrystal's Chronicles
Chrystal Evans Hurst
Sharing the journey.
#280 Chrystal’s Christmas Collection
We’re back at it again!  I can’t believe another year is in the books.  It seems like it was just yesterday that Kariss and I were sitting on this same couch recording my second Christmas Collection episode. It’s been fun […]
Nov 25
1 hr 38 min
#279 – God’s Redemptive Love
Do you ever wonder how you got to that place you feel stuck in? We’ve all felt trapped at some point in our lives, and are left wondering why? While many of us are tempted to pull away from our […]
Nov 14
53 min
#278 – Some Emotional R&R
How does stress show up in your life? We’ve all learned various ways to cope with the many changes of 2020, current events, and the uncertain future. But coping doesn’t always take away the ill-effects of the stress you carry. […]
Nov 11
59 min
#277 – Dealing with the Hard Stuff
Are you wrestling with grief and anger? Have the consequences of how those emotions have influenced your actions? Have feelings of unworthiness prevented you from going after what you’ve been called to do? Do you find yourself struggling to live […]
Nov 5
47 min
#276 – Leading Like a Woman
Having a woman’s influence or female leadership in a company proves to have many benefits. The company does well bottomline, employees are more engaged, and the market value is higher. In spite of these trends, studies show that it will […]
Oct 26
52 min
#274 – Finding Quiet
Let’s be honest. Anxiety has had its way with many of us in 2020. There are circumstances we can’t control, uncertainty about happen tomorrow, and everyday stressors that keep some of us are struggling to hold on to hope. There […]
Oct 22
1 hr 3 min
#273 –  Capturing A New Identity
Have you ever been disillusioned with the Church, Christians, and perhaps even your faith? Have you ever found yourself wanting to put a little distance between yourself and the label “Christian”? We live in an increasingly secular, polarized society, and […]
Oct 13
50 min
#275 – An Enduring Legacy
Mothers have a unique role in our lives. They shape us, train us, and love us through thick and thin, but have you ever stopped to consider the life of your mom? Have you considered the parts of her story […]
Oct 13
49 min
#271 –  The Art of Friendship
Do you struggle with friendship? Even before staying inside all day was the thing to do, many faced challenges with friendships, especially as adults. Whether it’s throwing in the towel on friendships too easily, expecting deep connections to come too […]
Oct 3
50 min
#272 –  Bloom Where You’re Planted
Are you living your most authentic life? Have you found yourself struggling to see growth and lessons learned in your current season? Do you feel that the negative sides of social media may be holding you back from being your […]
Oct 2
42 min
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