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Christopher Titus
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Love the podcast
You guys are great. Good conversation. I agree with everything and it is so informative. Love the podcast I wish it could be broadcast everywhere for everyone to hear. Thanks for supporting Joe Biden
beachdream tunes
Meh. It started out great when he was a comedian then over the years he slowly de-evolved into a political anal-lyst with a psychotic hatred for anyone who opposes his beliefs. When he wasn’t completely and totally obsessed with politics…he was an absolute brilliant comedian. I watched his show on Fox, went to many of his shows including a taping in Santa Barbara. He and his wife Rachel were great people. Genuine. Due to his politics obsession he slowly lost me. Not that he really cares I suppose. Too bad. So sad.
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No thanks
Great just what we need Republicans cosplaying as Democrats.
Christopher Titus
5 Stars. Extremely enjoyable podcast that goes all over the place. DO NOT LISTEN WITH EAR BUDS UNTIL THEY MIC TITUS. The volume of Mr Titus voice is to quite one minute than shouting the next.
Used to love him
The Dem talking points over and over and over…..get so annoying that I can’t stand to get through it. I used to LOVE him. Makes me sad. He’s better than this intellectual dishonesty. I guess he and the other 18% who think Mr. Dementia is competent will be very happy together. I want to love him so badly as I used to. So sorry to now hear a Dem lemming. It hurts. Please go back to your WONDERFUL comedy- I get this stuff on MSNBC.
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Dave Brash
Christopher Titus Master Class in Ad Reads
I love Titus and his podcast. However the format presented here is actively frustrating to listen to due to the constant ad reads interrupting the flow of the show. If I wanted to be bombarded with constant ads for AG1, Harry’s Razors, CBD, Hello Fresh etc. I would just go to youtube and play a random video. Glad you folks are happy with these products, but I come here for Titus, and his crew. Stick to the commentary, and maybe just do the ad reads at the end or something.
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Company line.
This podcast delivers the same old pro Zionist talking points that every other Hollywood pro colonialists spouts these days. Not once do they consider the validity of the information they have been told by Zionist sources
Pretty Toby
Never. ending. ads.
If you love people talking on and on about their sponsors and having an occasional break for a humorous take on current events this is the podcast for you.
My Favorite Podcast
First thing when I wake up Friday morning is check to see if your latest podcast is available!
Love it
Love it! Been a fan since your show on Fox. This 3 wheel show is awesome! Thank you for screening Sanity!!!
It's Me. Mario!!!
Had to ditch it.
I will always be thankful that Titus had Jimmy Dore on his podcast. That was a good episode. I could handle all of the Biden talking points even though they were repetitive. I had to check out when Chris said “If you want more money work as hard as I do”. I’ve got it pretty good, I know Titus has it better, but man they reeked of some real nose in the air stuff. It to mention the vote shaming that he’s doing if you dare vote for a real lib.
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Help us!
Floridians are held hostage by fascists in all branches & levels of government. WE DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS. Here in the slave states we have had an uphill battle for representation made impossible by recent national events such as Supreme Court decisions gutting the voting rights act amid a thousand cuts. Captured courts & legislatures in FL mean we need our fellow citizens to HELP US. We don’t need mockery from “coastal elites”, we need you to protest and organize and support us. Florida is Crimea, Tennessee is Luhansk, & Georgia is the Donbas. Your fellow Americans are on the frontlines and we need y’all to take this seriously and support us vociferously. Of course, we are not in danger like in Ukraine, but it is physically dangerous for us to protest (totally legal to run us over) or interact with police for any reason (now Desantis also wants a personal force) or to speak out against our government in any way (see long list of professionals like Rebekah Jones & elected officials like Andrew Warren) and THIS IS NOT A GAME.
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Dr. Nomecat
As Reads
I gave this five stars because I love the content and have been a fan of Titus since his show was on the air, but my god, the eternal ad reads. Even Bert Kreischer can get through an ad read in 90 seconds by sticking to the script. Sticking to the ad verbiage provided by the vendors would improve the podcast GREATLY. Otherwise, excellent and relevant podcast.
Matt Blasing
Once upon a time he was funny
When the political correctness made him to kill Willie Jello Johnson, his humor died with him and turned into steaming pile of political matter. Sad.
Kell egy csapat
Love the show
Great show guys. Please someone put a shirt mic on Titus lol.
Thank you
Love this pod to death!!!
Giving me hope!
Dear beautiful people, Thank you so much for this amazing podcast. I am in Panama having left the country cause I couldn’t take it anymore. But listening to your podcast gives me such hope knowing that there’s still 2% of people that get it! You’re funny, so informative to what’s really going on & hopefully truth will eventually prevail! I love the Hylinder & The incredible relationship between Titus and the bombshell! Looking forward to be able to order some of the incredibly things you advertise, but FYI you should thank God for the Postal Service in America because they don’t have that here in Panama! None at all! If you don’t live in the city you don’t get cards packages nothing! Keep up the good work and thanks for giving me hope again that America might re-acquire democracy, truth and the goodness that I always felt it is. Oh and so sorry that my native land of Origin, Scotland did not treat you well! 🥲 Cheers your new devoted fan, Valary
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Step up! Or step aside!
I've been listening to the Titus podcast since episode one, when It was just Titus, Bombshell, and Stuntman Tommy. I love the Armageddon update and the news stories. I loved listening on my way to work. Even though it has me laughing like an idiot as I walked to work. Keep up the great work. During the pandemic it has been such a godsend. Thank you for what you do.
How bad was Donald Trump, when the woman a republican, and what most dems thought was the spawn of the devil himself when he was in the white house ,calls out Trump for the stuff he’s done, is not only thought of as a hero for democracy, but would probably vote for her if she ran for president?
They spend an obscene amount of time pushing products & services for sponsors.
I like the show for the most part, but the title says it all. Spending more than a minute or two selling a product on your channel is insane. This show is 50% comedy & 50% infomercial.
Great show
Thanks for putting it out there
I can honestly say I’ve been listening since it was just a podcast for 5 years now and seriously I listen to EVERY episode and go to every show when they are in Cali. He is so well spoken and put a lot of research into his rants and comedy. I seriously love you guys and y’all are some of the realest entertainers I’ve heard!
Thanks Dude!
Just randomly found your magical political commentary comedy on a Pluto channel when going to watch MST3K 😁 Thank you, WE NEED MORE OF THIS!!! ✌️
Great show!
Been listening since it was podcast only. I enjoy being able to watch the episodes also. I could “hear” the veins popping out on Titus’ head, now I can SEE them!!!! I thought Rachel must have a set of reins and/or a whip to keep Titus from going over the edge but she just shoots him a look and he settles down. The boy knows where his bread gets buttered. I want to see them live once it’s safe again and they’re allowed into Texas 😃 Really looking forward to seeing Rachel’s routine! Thanks for all the funny! God Bless!
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Podcast rocks!
Love the show! Keep up the good work!!!
Vile racist loser
Used to be funny. Now he’s pathetic.openly racist.look into his background with kids.disgusting.Drugs, prostitutes and everything else.Now he has mental issues. So much vile disgusting hate. Pathetic person.
Mr.Bob Dobalina
Titus used to be funny.
He needs to give up the whiny personality and go back to being funny. He’s been an ignorant, intolerant liberal tool since 2016. He’s unbearable now unless you agree 100% with everything he says and you better or you’re worthless as far as he’s concerned.
Overhaulin Behind the Scenes Book
If you liked this podcast , just wait for “ Overhaulin , Behind the Scenes “ book arriving late 2021 ! All your questions answered , what’s fake , what’s real , what are some people really like ?! It’s all here in this new bombshell tell all book !
Not What I Hoped For
Used to be a huge Titus fan...this is not at all what I expected. I hope you get back whatever you lost man cause this definitely isn’t it.
Enough is enough!!
U do know Biden got elected right? He’s in process of destroying or democracy but yet u still whine about trump? How about discussing why thousands of troops are deployed in DC? Maybe discuss how our democracy is dying because morons elected a single party in charge? If the Rep or the Dems had a legitimate candidate we wouldn’t be losing our rights right now!!
Love this podcast!
Don’t listen to the haters all three are funny and on point. I’ve never seen or heard from Bombshell until now and she’s great! I don’t understand the hate people have for her. Keep doing what you’re doing guys. One tip please talk into the mics it is kind of annoying when you move away and then we can’t hear as well. I don’t think a lot of the listeners see that on the YouTube podcast but most of the time that’s why we can’t hear you.
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Stupid username never works!
You guys need to actually fact check your “facts” you are part of the flock that I am not going to even waste my time on or call bad names. I just feel a little bad for you. I’m not triggered because I am not a trump fan but def not a sleepy joe, kids hair sniffing, corn pop fan. The host guy actually reminds me a little bit of the mans son Hunter. Maybe find out what is going on with all the candidates before you open your mouth or form this nonsense you guys call an opinion. Happy holidays for you antichristers. See I’m being sensitive toward your feelings. -Tom PS cnn doesn’t count as fact checking
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Just rich people crying
This is a podcast that literally is about rich Hollywood celebrities crying that their lives have been inconvenienced in some way...... George Carlin wrote a bit about these kind of people and somehow they forget they are part of the Bourgeoisie as they complain about not having a “good experience” flying in their first class ticket. Or if they had a long drive to their mountain vacation home or beach home...... or their hot rod garage........
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Everlast is my new favorite band.
Had to pause the podcast to look up Everlast on Spotify. 4 songs later I’m back to finish the last 16 minutes of the podcast so I can take the time to listen to Everlast.
Titus still funny!
I used to love the Titus TV show when it aired. Recently I re-discovered his comedy with the Armageddon special on amazon Prime, which led me to this podcast. He’s still very funny! But be warned it’s a LOT of politics. Also, something that really bugs me is that Rae won’t let him finish his thought before interjecting. Let him finish a sentence please! And lest you think this is coming from a man trying to shut a woman up, it’s Not. I’m a woman who is all for strong women. However, I just find it interrupts the flow and detracts from the points they’re both trying to make.
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Titus 2020 !! 🇺🇸
Great topical show backed up by facts.” LOOK IT UP !!”
Best Comedian Ever
Hilarious episodes. He makes fun of everyone equally. Only snowflakes get offended.
This is my first episode and it turned into a Titus bashing Trump. I honestly thought he was better/funnier then this
Armageddon Update isn’t for pansies!
Thank you, thank you, and seriously thank you! I have been a Titus fan since the Fox show, have been to see Titus & Rachael whenever they visit VA. They always have new material and I appreciate the level of professionalism and respect they have for their fans. Thanks to Titus for making us all look at life’s crappy moments as opportunities for personal growth and thanks to Rachael for being an Alpha Chic and empowering women to swing for the fences, be a little weird, and be kind while not taking yourself too seriously to laugh at yourself and everyone you love! Grandma Jean updates are always a big highlight and Pappa Titus is like 4 out of my 5 uncles - I got one weird nice uncle who is a retired minister but the rest of them raised hell their whole lives and gave advice that can only come from that six pack of PBR in a brown 7-11 bag and a lifetime of mansperience! The Highlander is awesome too! I hope he stays! I’m gonna buy that Alpha Chic shirt I’ve been wanting with my Rona stimulus! Thanks for the ride - I get to get outraged and then laugh it off. If Titus is your therapy - you know you are sooooo damaged! Dog people are the best people! I cried when you lost your little buddy. My little psycho dog Phoebe is my life partner I hugged her tighter that day.
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Funny... to a point!
I have loved Titus’s shows ( including the fox one) and I enjoy the Armageddon update... however, I just don’t agree or understand his wife and I turn off the podcast at times due to her opinions. Which I have nothing against! I just don’t agree with her views or politics. But that’s just my opinion... make your own!
Great podcast
What can I say, he’s a beautiful husky.
BEST Podcast, comedy, LOVE 'em
I've listened to every Titus podcast so far. Love them all. Always funny, current, learning, comedy mixed with serious, informative, they have it all. Love Rachel and their guest (both human and pups) and the viewpoint shared.
podcasting for dummies
if you’re on the ‘orange man bad’ train, and aren’t afraid to wait around till bombshell gives her opinion for titus to stammer thru repeating it...... this might be your podcast!! sit back and listen to ‘how incredible bombshells specials are’ and then wait the rest of the podcast for her to say something funny. *spoiler alert: she doesn’t * Titus, for his part, will spend his portion of the show telling you about how angry and stupid he is, and spend the rest of the time stuttering and sucking his dentures while he proves it.
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Ummm, me
Making another request to INCREASE YOUR RECORDING OR OUTPUT VOLUME! I like to listen to my podcasts while doing household chores but find it IMPOSSIBLE to hear this one anywhere near as easily as all the others I listen to, especially when Titus goes into his low-volume but not quite a whisper voice to add dramatic effect or whatever. As someone else said yesterday, it's becoming so that the only way to listen is with headphones. I'll give you my undivided attention when I get the chance to attend a show, but not when I'm in my own home with things to get done!
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Love the Show, Cant Hear it Though
Chris turned the volume down one day and never turned it back up. Cant hear this show without headphones anymore
Great listen!
Titus & Bombshell are awesome! Their live shows are fantastic, and the podcast is a wonderful way to get education and comedy at the same time. Nancy and the giant Impeach was super, Guest Hal Sparks!!! Wow!!! Cannot wait till they have him on again. Thanks for getting me thru my workday.
Completely, Unapologetically Titus
Like any other podcast, some episodes are boring and some are great. I really dig the guest episodes over the intern episodes, though Fetus is always worth listening to. I listen while driving my truck, and it keeps me entertained during long hauls. Keep being yourselves guys!
Guys since ep 409 your sound has been messed up. Turn up the volume! I can’t hear you no matter what I try. It ain’t me, it’s you. Fix it!
Love the podcast!!! ☺️
Just letting you know, love the podcast and all your stuff, it gets me thru work ☺️ It was AWESOME meeting you both at the show in Boston , it was a GREAT show, I have not laughed that much in like forever!!!! You made MY and My Boyfriend’s Christmas 🎄 Just got my shirts I ordered , today, thank you so much for autographing them ☺️ Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 🎆🎊 Your big fan from Boston Donna Taylor ☺️
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