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Christopher Titus, Bombshell Rae, and The Hylinder discuss the news of the day, politics, the woes of our society, every-day idiots, and an occasional hero. Broadcasting from the Combustion Lounge. "The world is a joke, we just prove it"
Rush to Judge!
Dear Judge Barrett, We write to you as fellow citizens of the United States of America. What's the rush? Please take a few minutes and listen to this episode of the Titus Podcast, and then you can go ahead and issue that public statement calling for a halt to your nomination process until after the November presidential election. Thank you. -- Sincerely, America, and all of us at the Titus Podcast #TitusPodcast ... because the world is a clown show.
Oct 16
1 hr 14 min
Didn't this past week feel like an entire YEAR?? In the Armageddon Update, Titus covers the roller coaster ride that is this president. Titus, Bombshell, and the Hylinder keep it oddly light during this heavy time... because it can't get any worse, right? RIGHT?? #TitusPodcast ...because the world is a clown show.
Oct 9
1 hr 24 min
Death and Debate and Taxes
In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes, and now debate. In this episode Titus, Bombshell and the Hylinder, in a calm non-interrupting-and-truthful way, share their thoughts on the 1st Presidential Debate of 2020.  And as if things could get ANY worse, we also learn that black licorice and cows are plotting against us.   #TitusPodcast ...because the world is a clown show.
Oct 1
1 hr 25 min
These days the line between liberty and anarchy has been THIN!! The one thing holding America's hope that our country wouldn't go down into oblivion was???...Listen to this episode as Titus, Bombshell, and The Hylinder discuss it. Dennis Jagger also makes an appearance.
Sep 25
1 hr 18 min
Is your mental health declining? Are the shadows on your ceiling SOOO long?? Well, there may be a job for you in the White House. In this episode, Titus, Bombshell, and The Hylinder rant about the latest insanities going on in America. Also, a man uses a live snake for a COVID mask...Duh! #TitusPodcast ... because the world is a clown show. Like & Subscribe!
Sep 18
1 hr 19 min
In a time when things are rough, Titus Bombshell and the Hylinder face it like champs and have their asses handed to them. The Update proves that we're number one, in every way we don't want to be. Hang tough kids, we'll make it. The Titus Podcast! Because life is a clown show,
Sep 11
1 hr 18 min
Special Guest Comedian Ron Funches
This week we welcome special guest, comedian, actor, and writer, Ron Funches. Ron has built an impressive acting resume. Whether it’s lending his voice to projects like Trolls, Bob’s Burgers, and Adventure Time. Or his memorable acting roles on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Black•ish, New Girl, Transparent, Powerless, and Undateable. He even made being a gang member likable in the film Get Hard. His personal appearances include Conan, The Tonight Show, @midnight, Chopped, Cupcake Wars and many more.
Sep 4
1 hr 23 min
The Fasted and The Furious
Titus, Bombshell, and the Hylinder talk about The Titus Family Reunion Show, weird news, vacations, and how Intermittent Fasting can cause you to make  up new words.
Aug 21
58 min
Verizon The Terrible
Titus, Bombshell, and The Hylinder talk about the Titus Reunion Show, and how terrible Verizon is.  Old West Dennis makes an appearance.  #TitusPodcast ... because the world is a clown show.
Aug 7
1 hr 8 min
Compare and Contrast
John Lewis showed us America, and what it was founded on was worth fighting for and tyrants, dictators, and racists are worth fighting against.  He was a hero of the American Promise! We also talk about how your anus can come out of your vagina.  Titus Podcast... because the world is a clown show.
Jul 31
1 hr 23 min
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