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Not worth a listen anymore!
I used to listen religiously and they had some great content however now it’s become quite boring. There are so many other financial podcasts that give you much better content. There ship has sailed.
Thank you so much !
You guys have helped me so much - this podcast and bp money have helped me reach Lean FI w 6 rental doors. Only back in 2018 was having trouble even paying monthly bills. Thank goodness for u and all ur content! So appreciate what you do - especially Brad’s calm thoughtfulness. Also really appreciate Jonathan sharing the weight loss, talks w his Dad, and the many thought processes you both give us ! optimizing and enjoying life and and ! Will also welcome even more on the topic of what happens when one reaches FI - there r a few episodes on podcasts about this but need more. Cheers !!!!
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My go-to for everything FI!
This is such a powerful and educational podcast! Brad and Johnathan do an excellent job of making the information both entertaining and actionable. This show will get you “FIRE”d up! Keep up the great work, guys!
Early episodes really inspiring
Just stumbled across this podcast (a few years too late) and starting with the early episodes. I wish I could recommend them to more of my friends. I recognize that it feels a bit hyped-up or gimmicky with the talk of “unlocking the ‘secrets’ to financial independence” and all, but if you can get past that, there’s value here for anyone that wants more choice, control, and flexibility in their lives. The early shows felt a bit like “coming home” to a place where I could put more of a framework around my existing mindset and values - and the early shows have given me inspiration and a level of confidence to begin seriously making some impactful changes and ultimately to lead to a better life. Just a few episodes helped me to realize a lot of my financial ignorance, but also helped motivate me because I could see that I had inadvertently stumbled into a semi-FI mindset already. With the actionable advice and ideas in the early shows, I feel like I have more agency in my life and can make changes for the better. So thank you to Jonathan and Brad for the early work! Please note: this review is only really applicable to the early 2016-2017 shows. There may be issues with the more current phase of the show and I will be on the lookout as to when it no longer adds value.
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Jordan D "Netman"
Not very good anymore
The show started out great, but now it’s just kind of disappointing.
Smart Builder
Great podcast!
Lots of straight forward information about FI and thought provoking topics. I like that it doesn’t try to sell me anything.
Pedro Gallegos Macias
Some good content buried in a lot of jibber jabber
It’s better to jump around and listen to several of their key podcast.
Use to be great but now is more like an infomercial
The early episodes are incredibly useful but they have clearly focused on monetizing. The final straw was the shameless promotion their salesforce training program and related podcast which had little concrete information and lots of promises of making lots money. Sketchy.
Nice but Looong
Great interviews but way too long. Maybe they could be more succinct and condensed to me hour
Best FI Podcast I’ve Found
Not only does ChooseFI have a huge archive covering everything you need to know about FI, but they continue releasing content. I find that it’s helpful to have regular reminders of these concepts to stay on the path to FI and beyond. There’s something here for everyone. Thanks to the team for creating this resource!
Newsies Sell Papers
Have managed to cultivate a racist community.
ChooseFI was my gateway to the FIRE movement. I listened to and learned a lot from the first handful of episodes—maybe 50 or so. I also joined their ChooseFI Facebook group. That group is a dumpster fire of racism and misogyny. I have seen no effort by Brad or Jonathan to change that culture in the Facebook group or on their podcast.
Almost 5 Stars
With the simple muting of Jonathan’s mic, this would be a 5 star review. He brings nothing to the interviews for me but awkwardness and annoyance.
I have been listening to this podcast for years and have loved it really up until recently, so I took 1 star away from the 5 star podcast it once was. Jonathan shoving M1 finance down your throat almost every episode is getting to be a little much. I enjoy the interviews and the information provided, but I cringe every time I hear “M1 finance”.
Used to be the best podcast on Personal Finance
I have started listening to Brad and Jonathan around episode #30. First hundred or so episodes supercharged me on knowledge and definitely helped me retire early last year. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find the same level of the quality in the content for the last several months. Also, commercial inserts are really really annoying. Still subscribed though hoping for guys to turn around in quality even with less quantity.
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M1 Finance Ads where a very good podcast used to be
The guys at ChooseFi used to have my favorite financial independence podcast. Lately, they’ve very clearly gotten a massive influx of money to promote M1. Instead of actionable tips to help those on the path of FI, it’s now actionable tips to put more money into M1. Financial independence is easier to attain when you change your podcast into an ad and can live off that revenue instead of having to worry about a 4% safe withdrawal rate.
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Great podcast about the FIRE movement
Jonathan and Brad cover just about every topic under the sun in the FIRE world. Their episodes can go beyond the typical financial topics which may see odd for someone just learning about FIRE. Start from episode one or follow the episode guide on the website if you are getting ready to dive in. Enjoy!
Marketing and meandering
Many ads. Very drawn out. Hard to listen to twenty minutes about Smoothies and guacamole and New Years resolutions (or lack thereof) and friends of the hosts I’ve never heard of when I want to learn about financial Independence.
Moving FI Forward
Brad and Jonathan, Thank you for your podcast and all your work and others that go into your podcast. 2020 shut us all down for some time. I personally decided I was living my financial life wrong. I found out I was living it horribly...Since June of 2020 I have listened to every podcast(which I caught up yesterday, Jan 1, 2021) and read 7 books based on finance and suggestions from your podcast. I paid all my debt off in 2020 by taking money from my 401k. I have to pay the taxes on that 40k but I am debt free minus my mortgage and living expenses. I sold my 3200sq foot house and downsized both my house and my mortgage. In this month of January 2021 I hope to purchase my first home for my LLC to either flip or rent as a side hustle. I also decided to write a small book about my path to how I got where I am and where I get to. I now have a savings rate of 40-45% depending on how much we eat. That is the one thing my family loves and will not sacrifice any corner for within reason.. This podcast and the tips your team puts out have changed my financial life and I appreciate it. Thank you for all your work. Derrick Meredith
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Life changing
This podcast is life changing and I could see that in my life. Simple steps can go long way for financial independence longevity
“I’m curious...” “I’m just curious...”
Content is great, but can you handle every question during every interview prefaced with “I’m curious...” Just ask your question. The person knows you’re curious because you’re asking them a question about their life, strategy, situation, etc. Drop the “I’m curious” before every question to get 5 stars from me.
Objectionable advice & a spiteful group of followers
ChooseFI was once ingenious, applicable podcast of helpful ideas. It’s group of followers were a well meaning, open, and encouraging. Unfortunately neither is true anymore. ChooseFI has continued to attempt to reach further and further into “hacking the system” for free money, such as opening several credit cards to trick unintelligent companies like Visa, into giving them free money. FI followers try to retire early, on often with a very modest lifestyle and very low income as advocated by followers. The ChooseFI community was once supporting and helpful. This has changed though as I have seen on their Facebook group that they will quickly attack and ridicule ideas from others if the ideas are not of like mind. Be careful of this podcast and group as they have swung far from what they once were when a well intended idea began.
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a good person''
Love this podcast!
This podcast is the reason I am almost debt free. 5K left from 65K in 2 years. I love the actionable items and I find myself deep diving and researching many items after the episodes. I found FI 5 years later than I would have liked, but now I’m playing life from a place of strength. Thanks Brad and Jonathan for lighting my FIRE!
One big advertisement
“I love listening to intrusive ads in my podcasts—said no one ever!” This new format is incredibly frustrating. Is it really worth the extra money for the annoyance to your listeners? Please move them to the beginning or end so people can skip them. Every other sentence is “go to this link” or “buy this product.” No longer going to recommend this podcast to friends and family. Update: They have really run out of content. Talking about a checking account on episode 276? Cmon guys. I wish there was a 5x speed button
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Sell out
Wow the anti corporate guy have sold their soles. Too many adds Chase Sapphire card how more corporate can you get. Hypocrites.
doc usna
This podcast used to be the absolute best one out there. Been listening for a long time and have implemented many things I learned from the show. The show has changed towards a focus on monetizing it. You deserve to make money from your work but it’s all a big commercial now. I used to check out the stuff you recommended and that was because it was with FI in mind and I felt it was vetted .Now I realize it’s to make a buck. I can no longer recommend the podcast to anyone.
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Choose Podcast Retirement?
This podcast historically had talked a lot about the ‘community’, the path to FI, etc. Those episodes are quite good and a lot of fun. Lately it seems like the ChooseFi team has run out of things to say. Perhaps the path to FI is just pretty simple and once you get to a certain point in a podcast like this the next step is to recycle the same topics over and over and try to monetize every sentence that is spoken?
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The Decline and Fall of ChooseFI
This was an awesome podcast. Please guys, get back to what made you popular. Cut the commercials. Cut the trying to make a dollar off the FI community. They are trying to profit off this community now. How can we take them serious about saving a dollar here or there, yet they want to sell coffee cups and sweatshirts for $20 on their site? Don’t use an advisor watch fees, but buy our stuff and use our advertisers. Are they really pursuing FIRE like us? Or are they just in it to take a buck from the FI community?
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Occasional great nuggets, deeply buried
I’ve only recently started listening to this podcast, and it sounds like some of the earlier episodes were more worthwhile so I may go back and listen to those. The current episodes have the occasional nugget of wisdom or applicable advice, deeply buried around the 30 minute mark after listening to the hosts blabbing in circles reiterating the same points over and over, nothing of substance. I wish they would add chapter breaks, so you could jump to the timecode of what section is interesting and skip the nonsense. Hearing practical tips from people within the community is nice, but that’s about 5 minutes at the end of the episode (and also on their newsletter, which is better than this podcast). Some of the guests have been excellent and led me to check out their own website or podcasts instead. There is so much excellent FI knowledge out there on the web, I’d skip this podcast in favor of others.
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Best Finance Podcast ever
Truly changed my life. Not only did this podcast help with my investing, but it’s led me to take many changes in my everyday habits to start creating the life I want for my future self. Thank you both.
Personal Finance and Lifestyle Design at its finest
Favorite personal finance and self improvement podcast. Jonathon and Brad share many actionable tips on how to improve your financial situation and lifestyle. This is the blueprint to financial freedom and helping you pursue your passion.
This podcast was great. Started listening in June 2019 and binged through all the old episodes. Lately, this podcast has been declining with the addition of ads that began as an occasional recommendation of products they used along with affiliate links if you wanted to support them, but has quickly evolved it into intrusive ads that cut into the podcast and ruin the flow of the conversations. This on top the frequent plugs to check out their books, blogs, and courses has made this podcast feel more and more like a product and less of a community. I still highly recommend you check out the older episodes, lots of valuable information is included in them. However, I can’t recommend someone subscribe and listen to the newer episodes.
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Used to love it
I loved this podcast for the first 50 or so episodes. Now the podcast has become a giant commercial. They used to do the podcast for fun and passion and now it’s clearly become a business. I get why but I just don’t like it. I rarely can listen anymore.
Good but excessive
I feel like there was too much rambling and advertising. It was hard for me to follow as a beginner and found myself skipping ahead for the content that would help me. However when I would find it, it would be very helpful. But as someone who is listening while commuting and also new to FIRE, I need something easy and straightforward
Mixed bag
Some episodes are great, and some are just bad. The most recent one on talent stacking was just awful. I get what you are doing, but the episode had absolutely no substance - it was a long ramble. I like what you guys do and I hope you can find a better grove with less ads and more focus on practicality.
Changed our lives!
This podcast has totally changed our lives! When covid hit, my husband and I found ourselves with cut hours at work, reduced income, a tenant who was unable to pay rent, and severe anxiety over our finances. After listening to ChooseFI, we took control of our financial lives and are in a much better place, with a significantly increased savings rate, a growing Vanguard account, and overall happier lives with a goal to reach FI in the next 10-15 years! Thanks for giving us hope!
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The Ultimate Life Hack!
Don’t be normal, Choose FI! This show has changed my financial outlook tremendously. Jonathan and Brad do an amazing job of outlining the basics of FIRE and you are constantly learning different perspectives from their guests - not only the “experts” but regular people who have achieved financial independence. Thank you both for all that you have put into this show.
This is THE #1 podcast for financial freedom
If you are interested in pursuing a dream of financial freedom - no more job, boss or responsibilities or just want to improve your financial situation, this is the #1 podcast to listen to. The hosts are down to earth and easy to follow and they make learning fun. I love this show! Andy Storch Host of the Talent Development Hot Seat and The Andy Storch Show
Andy Storch
Show has lost its focus
I’ve listed for well over a year — all episodes up to current — and learned some things along the way. Over the past couple months, there has been a parade of “other” speakers and a growing number of advertisements (veiled as advise supported by Brad & Jonathan). The show has lost me. I might try again in a few months, but the commercialization and loss of consistency aren’t helping at this point.
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Morning Routine
I have been listening to this podcast for a week now! I have binged the majority of these episodes because what Jonathan and Brad teach resonate with me in a very deep way! I have always aspired to be a minimalist! I can’t wait to take these hacks and continue my journey to FI and a life where I am in control of my expenses!
Love it
Love the show . Sometimes I get lost or feel FOMO with some of the transitions and segues. It feels like you need to have listened to a previous episode to understand the context of this episode. But other than that great content!
Love the show
Annoyed by the commercials now
Great show, mind blown
I never miss an episode. Although, sometimes I FF in the Roundups. Lots of rehashing needlessly. I’ve learned a LOT and best I can tell, we are on the path to FI.
The best time to start was 5 years ago. The second best time is now.
I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a year now. I love the concept of FI and enjoy listening to all the different ways people have approached it. When I first started listening, as a lowly grad student, I said “when I get a real job I’ll...”. Blah blah blah, excuses. Well life happens and so did Covid, so that “real” job has been delayed, but I can’t let my future FI be delayed any longer. While I don’t have the “real job” with the 401k, I grabbed a second one that’s earnings will go into the new Roth IRA I just opened! I finally decided that I needed to pull the trigger and take ACTION on all of the things I’ve been listening to. I sat down and evaluated my risk tolerance, chose my allocations, and picked low cost index funds. My “real job” will be found eventually. My investment in freedom starts TODAY. Thanks guys!
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Becoming boring
Early podcasts were wonderful concepts and ideas to FI. Recently, they have personal stories of people I don’t relate to. I skip these episodes and don’t know if they anything else to the fi community.
My favorite podcast!
I have been listening to Brad and Jonathan on my commute and in my free time for about a year now. I’m on episode 146 so I have a long way to go. I learn something from every episode and it helps me keep my finances in line. I am 29, a natural saver and I had about 50% of my undergrad and grad school paid for through scholarships and no student loans. I was on the right track but this podcast has helped me propel my savings and investing. I have learned a ton from Brad and Jonathan and the guests on the show. My husband and I invest in VTSAX in our HSAs, max out our 401Ks, and both do back-door Roth IRAs. I don’t have a specific age I want to retire yet but I know we will reach FI sooner than if I had not listened to this podcast! I love the little life hacks I have learned along the way too. Thanks for all you do!
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Great Content but headed downhill
Love the show. The content and the topics covered give you the knowledge to live the life you want. Over the past several months, 3-5 ads (“show sponsors”) have been placed into the show that kill the momentum.
JT from Missorui
Down to earth
A real easy podcast that’s relatable to daily life.
Life Changing! Bravo!
I tell everyone to listen to these podcasts and try something different and new. Always learn, take what matters and apply it to the life you are creating for yourself and your family. Be “intentional” about creating a life instead of just drifting through it. Bravo!
Too much advertising, not enough financial content IMO.
Part of FI is spending your time wisely—or at least spending it as you’d like. I don’t want to spend my time listening to ads about other people’s books, personal anecdotes and pet projects.
Love this show!
Have learned so much about personal finance. 10/10
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