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What once was
Had an amazing run in the first 150 episodes but all has been said that needs taught. It’s challenging listening anymore. Go to maybe 12 new podcasts per year if you have something new to talk about. The ramble is real now.
So good!
I love this podcast! Brad and Jonathan are so well-spoken, informative, and motivational. Each episode is different and gives you knowledge on financial literacy. I like how they talk about all the different ways to improve your life including: diet, exercise, mindset, budgeting, investing, and personal finance. Keep it up guys!
Be a sponge
I’m new to the concepts of FI, and really just started listening a year ago. This podcast is always on my list of downloads, and I love the constant stream of action items these two offer. My only recommendation, is to be a sponge and soak up all the information this podcast provides. The fire is spreading.
FI w/Wine
Always Smart and Engaging!
This Podcast always has smart content about investing and achieving financial independence. I listen as often as I can!
TRS 2001
Not Sure What I’m Listening to Anymore
Tl;dr: If you are new to financial independence listen to the first 100 or so episodes and then quit and move on with your life. The first 100 or so episodes were great, but I think after that there was little else to say about financial literacy, so they’ve just been rambling for the past 400 episodes. Brad, one of the hosts, is such a self-deprecating person that it is simply off putting. While Jonathan on the other hand is basically a rambling furniture salesman. He often times goes on 10 minute rant about whatever he read about the night prior. When the show started they bragged about how they would never have ads, they were a show for the little people. Now there are constant ads, often literally in the middle of a guests sentence that just cut the guest off. The hosts are consistently mansplaining and cutting off the guests. I can no longer listen to the show.
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Life Changed Forever
The idea of FI was foreign to me before stumbling across your podcast. I have changed EVERYTHING about my investing life. It took me a little over 2 years to go through every episode in the archives and it’s been truly invaluable for me and my life. I started through D.R. and after visiting with one of his suggested financial pros (who charged a 5% front load fee) I dove head first into personal finance to learn everything possible in order to DIY my finances… I couldn’t fathom paying someone 5% of my total contributions just to put me into mutual funds (plus the cost of the mutual funds, which I wasn’t even aware of until I listened to y’all). That’s when I found Choose FI. Best thing that could’ve ever happened to me at the time and something, of course, I wish I had found years sooner. Thank y’all and keep up the great work.
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Lauren on the Island
HOOKED on ChooseFI!!
I am hooked. I really have been an FI all my life in some way, but didn't know it had a name. I haven't always done the right thing, but overall since finding the FIRE movement about a year ago, I have learned so much. Started to listen to ChooseFI about a week ago, maybe 2 and I can't stop, I am hooked. Great information with points to try and apply, loved how the information is delivered and laid out. The website is great with so many ways to learn.
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The Most Impactful, Actionable Personal Finance podcast out there
I am a little late to the game, but am so happy I came across this podcast. I have listened to quite a few different personal podcasts, but none of them consistently hit home like ChooseFI. Most episodes are a joy to listen to - inspiring, inquisitive, non-judgemental and entertaining. I like that Brad and Jonathan don’t pretend to have all the answers… they explore the edges of topics - and allow for exploration and weigh and appreciate different viewpoints. Now I am playing catch up… I have about 40 different ChooseFI episodes on my playlist. Can’t wait to work they then and see what comes next.
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Doug, MA
Good Information
Thank you for sharing this information over the last few years. Demystified, I now feel like I can make better retirement choices.
Hil T
Next step after Dave Ramsey
Can’t thank you guys enough! I grew up without much direction financially and finding Dave Ramsey was the fist time I knew where to allocate my money and what to do with any extra. However, you guys have provided the next step. I knew there had to be something else out there that could really help me optimize my saving and investing and you guys are it! The detail in the explanations of terms across the board and the deep dive you do into all categories has been a huge help! Always look forward to the show and highly recommend listening to anyone interested in moving forward financially.
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Gabry I
Just the Podcast I’ve Been Looking For!
I appreciate all of the FI information the hosts present every week. In fact, after subscribing (following) the podcast, I’ve started from the beginning with episode 1. While I am not in the demographic the show is aimed at (those with a couple of decades to work with), I am finding actionable suggestions that I can utilize over the next 10 years of work that should make my retirement much more relaxed. Thanks Choose FI for showing this old dog how to make progress towards FI, even though I am going on 61 this year. Cheers!
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I really enjoy your show, after listening to a few episodes I was totally hooked, it has great direction, it deals with very instructive and interesting topics. I really love this program!
My favorite podcast
I have learned so much from this podcast and enjoy listening to their perspective!
My tribe
Thank you for being in my life (in this unique strange way of one direction podcast listening).
What happened?
This podcast used to be awesome. And it’s early days, it was about finance and how to be better financially. Now it’s turned into a personal podcast about their lives and advertisement for the podcast to make money. So disappointing! I hope they return to the format they used to have.
Team Washington
Compelling content!
Brad and Jonathan manage to create compelling content, which is not an easy task in a saturated podcast market. The world of FI or FIRE has many angles and nuances and I believe they cover the topics in such a way that allows new listeners to get up to speed while ensuring long-time listeners won’t ever be bored. Well worth putting in one’s regular podcast rotation!
M'head Mom
Get back to FIRE ...please🙏🏻
please return to financial topics instead domestic topics like decluttering & gardening !!
One of the best FI Podcast!
Choose FI helped my husband and I kick off our FI journey. Each episode I always leave with practical strategies and tips to implement in my family’s FIRE journey. Thanks for all the great content! Keep it up! I have recommended this podcast to many friends and it has changed their outlook and relationship with money. I am forever grateful!
I absolutely love this show. However, I simply ask that Jonathan be more mindful of his laugh. It’s loud and distracting from the message. In this last episode, so many great points were discussed, but I kept focusing on his loud and lengthy laugh. I know he means well, but from an audio recording perspective, please be more mindful of this. Keep up the great work!
I’ve found my next thing
Hey guys. I don’t want to leave a long paragraph so I’ll try to make this short (i can already see it’s going to be a long paragraph). Like so many other ppl I was “lost in the sauce” then discovered Dave Ramsey. I was able to pay off $38000 in student loans after graduating from nursing school. After paying off my student loans I kind of broke away from Dave and I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one. I’m a completionist so I’m starting from episode 1 (currently on 17R) after only a few days and I love the content. So many of my colleagues are talking about wanting to do the things you guys mention in your podcast and these recordings are from 2017. I may not be able to do everything but I’ll be happy incorporating 25% of these life hacks on my route to FI. I was lost and had no goals after I paid off my debt!! Ive been on a spiritual journey trying to find God & find meaning/ purpose/ goals again And he's lead me to you guys. You’ve given me a new roadmap and I’m exited for what’s to come. Thank you -Nurse stanley
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Nurse stan
Can’t Listen Anymore
I started with the first episode and was hooked. After a few hundred, I just don’t feel Jonathan is authentic. The show started as a way to help the community and they promised to never have commercials. Now I just get the sense the main motivation is to make money.
Show has lost its focus
I’ve listed for well over a year — all episodes up to current — and learned some things along the way. Over the past couple months, there has been a parade of “other” speakers and a growing number of advertisements (veiled as advise supported by Brad & Jonathan). The show has lost me. I might try again in a few months, but the commercialization and loss of consistency aren’t helping at this point. Update: came back after a couple months. The show has further degraded to rambling with no clear direction. Feels like it is now Jonathan’s diary of minutia.
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Updated: decent | Old: Exceptional Podcast
Updated: first 200 pods lay a solid framework and learned a lot. Hosts are nothing special anymore, this will sound bratty but I know more than them and have moved on to other pods. Old:I binged this entire podcast in 3 months and gained a ton of insight. I already knew a lot of the basics but the more I listened the more I've been able to optimize and fine tune my FI Plan. The guests are interesting and creative and help you start analyzing and improving your life. Thanks to them I've gained access to a great community and have benefitted greatly from a large group of extremely smart people. Keep up the good work.
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Too much rambling and little of substance.
I get the impression these hosts are talking just for the sake of putting out a podcast. They seem to have scraped the bottom of the barrel and have run out of interesting positive contributions. That’s fine, because everything has a life span. The first 300 or so episodes were enjoyable to listen to. Now it’s obvious they are having problems coming up with enthralling episodes and the quality has suffered. I hope Jonathon and Brad will not be offended by my honest review, as none is meant.
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The best help to figure out how to achieve your retirement dreams
I’ve started listening to this a couple months ago and I love all the tips and tricks to help me achieve my dream of retirement at 45. I have 15 years till and now I feel I have help to make that plan achievable. I cannot thank you enough
I am HOOKED!! LOVE this Podcast!!
I started listening to Choose FI about 4 months ago AFTER I reached FI and retired at 61. Frankly, I wish I had found this Podcast years ago….still, I’m enjoying the “hacks” and the practical and actionable advice they provide each week!! I am doing my very best to convince my adult children to follow Choose FI and have even tried bribing them to listen to the the podcasts. I’m going to continue to talk to them and give them small golden nuggets I hear from the podcasts. I want nothing more than to help them succeed in life and I can’t think of any better advice I can give them then to convince them to listen….they’re smart, but they have to make the time and listen! Who does not want to have financial freedom in their 30’s or 40’s? Freedom to do what they want to do with their time?? My advice to everyone I know (and I gently bring it up in the conversations I have with friends)….listen, listen listen….think about what you hear, and then if you want - act!
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Newly retired Fed employee
The best of the financial independence movement
Knowledgeable hosts who provide actionable information. I’ve listened to them all and this is the best one out there if you are chasing FIRE.
Absolutely incredible podcast. Brad and Jonathan are some of the smartest investors ever. I highly recommend it to anyone.
Timmy and Carrie’s MacBook Pro
Fun and Life Changing
A great show that brings together life changing financial tips with entertainment. These guys find great guests, share personal anecdotes and encourage change with actionable steps in each episode. I listen to every episode and have implemented so many changes to my life as a result.
Well crafted with good natured hosts. Provides value.
The hosts are likable and obviously enthusiastic and provide valuable information. They seem genuinely interested in helping people and stick to the topics. Nice voices to listen to and sincere delivery. Not a super fan of the cheesy intro music but that’s nit picking! Great podcast thanks so much!!!
DIY Financial Plan
Once again, THANK YOU! I called my husband and he was able to add the legal assistance benefit onto our plan. We have been talking about setting up a trust forever and now that we actually have a net worth and something to put in it - I’ve been procrastinating. BTW - we went from 0-3% savings rate to 50%+ - Our Rich Journey got us started but I found Choose FI in my library and that information got us on track to achieve Coast FI in less than 2 years. Thank you Brad and Jonathan!
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Choose Podcast Retirement?
This podcast historically had talked a lot about the ‘community’, the path to FI, etc. Those episodes are quite good and a lot of fun. Lately it seems like the ChooseFi team has run out of things to say. Perhaps the path to FI is just pretty simple and once you get to a certain point in a podcast like this the next step is to recycle the same topics over and over and try to monetize every sentence that is spoken? Update: Listened to a couple of recent episodes. This show has really jumped on the meme stock/crypto FOMO train. Not sure if they decided to do a book burning of the Simple Path to Wealth or just have slowly slid into it. I’m in my 40’s and FatFired. It pains me to see these guys (mostly Jonathan I think) go down this path when I know it’s wrong.
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Super Glad I Found You Guys!! : )
Hey there! I must have stumbled upon this podcast looking for ways to hack travel and then ended up going to CampFI last weekend in Texas! Had a wonderful time and love this whole community and how we really support each other w/no judgement. There are so many great ideas being passed around I appreciate all the hard work you two put into the podcast. Hugs from TX - Jen
Jen from Fort Worth
Lacks direction recently
I’ve been listening for a few years. Have listened to every episode, and i learned a lot from the early episodes. Now, i frequently listen to an entire episode and at the end i can’t even explain what the topic was. Most episodes lack concrete take home points, are full of rambles/rants, and often repeat the same meaningless phrases over and over. There tends to be more value and actionable content when there is a guest, even if it is a repeat guest. Also agree with many other reviews that it has turned into a big advertisement (both formal ads, and frequent mentions of side projects the hosts also profit from). I used to find this podcast inspiring and i keep listening hoping it will find its way again, but mostly it feels like I’m wasting my time these days.
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Learned so much!!
I found about this podcast and FIRE in early 2021 and binge listened to every episode of this podcast. It took about 4 months, but has completely changed our priorities and plans for retirement. I have finally started investing, which I spent the first 39 years of my life terrified of and have helped my teens set up their own Roth’s and fund them. I have learned so, so much. This podcast contains an amazing amount of essential information. Very grateful to have found it.
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Jesse Pal
Started out good :(
Was a listener for the first couple years…now I can’t even listen. Way too many buzz words and preaching. Not enough alternative viewpoints/discussions.
Pod Junky 9
Great Show!
Jonathan and Brad, hosts of the ChooseFI Radio podcast, highlight all aspects of financial independence and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Life Changing Podcast!
I’ve only scratched the surface so far and started from the beginning, I’m on episode 24 and I wake up excited to hear the next one. I’m totally binging and can’t wait to hear what the 100’s of episodes ahead bring! It’s given me complete focus and a target to hit in life instead of just blindly walking in the dark, I’m now running for a target! Thank you so much for creating this!
Great show!
Love listening to these guys so helpful on my journey to FIRE
Burn Baby Burn!
The fire has started. For the past year I’ve been digging deep into the fire rabbit hole. Learning all that I can and trying to implement new ideas into my life every day. This podcast is one of the best sources of information about fire that I have came across. I decided to start from the beginning and listen to EVERY episode. 100 episodes in, 400 more to go!
Companions for your FI Journey
Choose FI is a fantastic show! Absoultely one of a kind in the FI and personal finance space. Brad and Jonathan are truly my companions in my journey to FI. Though we've never met, I feel like I know them just from listening. I love the banter from their day-to-day experiences and stories as well as the actionable tips that are given in every episode. I've been on the FI path for years now and have implemented most of the strategies they present, but still listen to ChooseFI weekly for the companionship, entertainment, and occassional new way of thinking of things. Good job Choose FI! Love it!
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Chris Knighton
Highly recommend!
I’ve been following Brad and Jonathan for years so it’s about time I left a review! I can’t say enough about this podcast and how it’s changed the trajectory of my life. I’ve learned so much about frugal living, what NOT to do, and how to get ahead financially. I am forever grateful. Highly recommend this podcast!
Amazing tool for your FI journey
Came for the JL Collins interviews...and have been binging all episodes ever since. These guys are incredible and make everything so simple. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!
I’ve learned so much
I have been on this journey to financial independence twice now. The first time, I had a lot less debt and was able to eliminate it quickly. Life happened, and a wedding, babies, cars, and mortgage later, I am back under debt waters. Luckily with my personality, I don’t get discouraged. I just use this opportunity to learn. I found this podcast about a week ago and I am hooked. I am pretty good a budgeting and save an emergency savings but that’s as far as it goes. This podcast has really made me think about ways to build wealth for my family as I am getting rid of debt. I love this podcast. I started from the first episode once I listened to the last two that were added. It’s amazing! So excited to keep learning.
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Hey guys, love the podcast! I’ve had the Fi-mindset for years but never knew what I was saving for. Retire early to me was you won the lottery or discovered a dead, rich uncle. You and your guests have put things into perspective for me and now the “RE” part of FIRE is part of my future. I’ve already learned so many life hacks and I’m only on episode 42! I’ve opened an equity account, opened and maxed an IRA, and just earned my first 100,000 bonus Chase Ultimate Rewards miles and many other hacks. I have never found a podcast that sparked my interest but I honestly look for opportunities to listen to yours. I wanted to post a major frugal-win; I recently built my second house but this time, instead of splurging on a 4,000 sq ft home, packed with over-priced upgrades, I built a nice, small home that meets my needs for less than an existing fix-R-up’er in my area. I’ve torn out carpet, bricks, and cupboards on a brand new house (which my non-FI neighbors have been unable to fathom) and performed my own upgrades, preparatory to turning this house into a rental to help accelerate my path to ER. By doing the upgrades myself, I’ve kept the TV off, burned tons of extra calories, kept my mind occupied with ChooseFI Podcasts, and saved over $15,000 in just the upfront cost and I’m assuming years off my mortgage. Perhaps Brad can clue me in on just how many years I’ve cut out of my mortgage? Thanks for the great content and please keep it coming! -SB
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Great source of information
I’ve considered myself part of the FIRE movement for the last several years as I’ve been saving and investing large sums toward retirement, but only this year found The Mad Fientist and ChooseFI which have really helped solidify a lot of the concepts and point me toward many strategies to employ in my own FI journey.
Nolan R M
So helpful!
I love what I’ve been able to apply so far and can’t wait to apply more!
Thank you!!
Great insight and offers a great personal finance education to listeners! This has given me many ideas to ponder to improve my finances. Thank you!
So insightful!
Very helpful and easy to understand!
Relatable and insightful
Brad and Jonathan are relatable, insightful, and an easy listen. They tackle useful topic and are positive and user friendly. I would love to work with you guys and hope to join you in the FI community some day. Keep up the great work!
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