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Love this podcast
If you're looking for ways to increase passive income streams, double-down on your debt, or simply grow your understanding of personal finances: ChooseFI is the podcast for you
Love it.
Insightful, helpful, keeps my attention.
Such Great Info!
I happened upon this podcast recently and have been bingeing as many episodes as I can. Such great information, and I’m very thankful that they are sharing it with us!
My tribe
Thank you for being in my life (in this unique strange way of one direction podcast listening)! This is the best FI podcast out there and has taught me many tactical strategies to better manage my finances and free my life.
It used to be a great podcast but….
Ive always loved this podcast but with Jonathan leaving, they need someone to take his place. Its a little too dry with only Brad running the podcast. Love some of the guests though.
nickname for podcast
Must listen
I’ve learned so much from listening to this podcast! I’m very thankful for the content and I hope it continues! Thank you so much!!
Life Changing!
Brad and Jonathan have truly changed the course of my life and several of those around me. I am so grateful for this podcast, their enthusiasm and the inspiration to take action. Thank you so very much for the wonderful work you do!
Beverly Clark MD
Loving the households of fi updates!
Professor Murray
Unbelieveably terrific information. This PODCAST is important basic financial information that I WISH I KNEW ABOUT YEARS AGO. This should be a basic course for all STUDENTS. It would change the trajectory of MILLIONS of people's lives. The format is soooo "listen-able," Just like friends having a conversation. Frank Murray
Frank P. Murray
Must listen
This has been a phenomenal podcast to educate and motivate about all things financial, but with a lifestyle balance focus. It’s not about saving every last cent, or investing every last cent, but education and motivation to save, invest, or spend where YOU want, to get out of life more of what is important to YOU.
Something for everyone
The tips, tricks, financial advice, and energizing stories have something for everyone looking to improve their financial life and literacy! Give it a listen!!
to buy or not to buy???
One of the best!
This is an absolute must-listen podcast for me - I’m always excited to see a new episode pop up each week! Brad and Jonathan (and now just Brad) have provided support for an entire community of people who want to happen to life instead of simply having life happen to them. They’ve helped me gain perspective - and have hope based on math - that I, too, can choose to build a future of FI for our family.
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I can’t get enough!
This podcast is incredible. Personal finance has always been something that intimidated me and this podcast really shares practical and actionable steps that make FI seem totally doable.
Sara Marye
Love the Show’s outlook
I walk away from each episode with a positive mindset and feelings of hope and contentment - I learn so much - thank you Brad (and Jonathan)
Changed my life & financial outlook
This podcast has changed my life and financial trajectory.
Mark from Flourtown Pa
Amazing financial clarity
This podcast was god-sent. I stumbled upon this podcast casually and I have never missed an episode in the last 2 years. Brad and Johnathan have brought in guests that share valuable insights on college hacks, house hacks, travel rewards, tax hacks, FI paths and many more. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone that wants to be financially responsible. Keep up the good work and best wishes to Brad for the future.
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Love it!
A practical and encouraging podcast!! Everyone should join the FIRE movement!
Illuminati leader
Fantastic FI Podcast
I’m a relatively new listener to this show but I LOVE it. ChooseFI quickly became one of my go-to podcasts to listen to. I very much appreciate the diversity of topics, from stories about normal people working towards FI (motivation/inspiration) to deeply technical episodes (strategies, interviews with experts) and everything between. Thanks for all the work you do to create great content/resources for us!
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Forever grateful
Overall, great financial podcast. The earlier episodes are more financial based and I learned so much. The more recent ones are more of general life advice/hacks. Even though some of the recent ones are repetitive and hard to listen to, a lot of them still provide a lot of value. This podcast changed my life and I am forever grateful for everything I have learned.
Best Everyday Life Finance Podcast
I started listening about a year ago and I am totally hooked. I love the energy, Brad brings so much good content to you every week. This show really changed peoples' lives. Straightforward and interesting. Great job.
Such an awesome show, with amazing and actionable advice!! So helpful 💙
Life changing!
I discovered this podcast about 6 months ago and have been binging the episodes. I’ve gotten so many actionable tips that I’ve already adopted. They make things easy to understand and I’m so excited to be on the journey to FI!
One of the best financial independence podcasts out there
This is the single best podcast for delving into the principles of the financial independence movement. I have learned so much from Brad and his guests. I like how the show embraces all the different flavors of FI and does not espouse only the extreme frugality of Mr. Money Mustache. While I am missing the energy and enthusiasm Jonathan brought to the show (it’s like an old friend who moved away), Brad is doing a commendable job helming it by himself. Every week, I hear him becoming more confident in his ability to fly solo. Brad’s strength is his heartfelt questions. He moves beyond just the expected financial topics to try and reveal the lessons of how we can all live better, more optimized and fulfilling lives. Kudos on bringing back the Choose FI Hot Seat and the Households of Fi updates, Brad. I’m loving them.
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Outstanding content
The effort Brad puts in to deliver value to listeners is so incredibly helpful, actionable, and inspiring. I’m always grateful after listening to each new episode.
Best personal finance podcast
I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts on personal finance and these guys are far and above the best. Down to earth, easy to comprehend and best of all: nearly every episode has an action step you can take to improve your money situation. Not every episode is relevant but I like how they deep dive into specific topics and feature experts to guide the way. Brad and Jonathan don’t pretend to know it all; they’re open minded and honest in their approach. I feel more confident having listened to and heeded their advice over the last 3 years. Thank you!
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Top notch
This show is seriously top notch. I teach personal finances to high schoolers and find this show to be so inspiring and engaging about topics that are typically not. Jonathan makes ideas easy to digest and understand. I am obsessed sign this show both personally and professionally.
J Howard 22
Best Podcast, Seriously!
This show has changed my life, literally. I have a different relationship with money than when I started listening. I’m no longer anxious or ashamed to check my bank balance and am on the path to retirement. I don’t intend to retire early, but feel way more secure than when I started listening. I love the personal finance hacks and tips offered here. Thank you!!!!!
Great, relatable financial and life resource!
This show is about so much more than just money, it is about living your best life! Really enjoying it!
Cultivating a community
Sometime in the middle of 2019, a friend suggested I listen to the ChooseFI podcast. I didn't take his suggestion. He suggested it again in December 2019. I don't listent to podcasts, but I finally figured I'd check it out because of the excitement in his voice when he suggested it. At first, I listened to a few of the podcasts. It didn't take long before I knew I wanted to listen to every single one. Since then, I have listened to every single episode. As a result, I have already reduced my spending, changed my investments to low-cost index funds, increased my savings rate from 6% to 26%, paid off $3,200 in credit card debt, received my first Chase Saphphire card, talked to my niece and multiple co-workers about financial independence, signed up for Turo, started an Airbnb business, attended CampFI, reviewed my insurance policies to save $1000/year on premiums, and so many more small optimization decisions. This is not a podcast about just finances. It is also a podcast about life skills and happiness optimization. Thanks for helping me achieve FI!
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All the love - Many Many Thanks!
These guys (and now guy… Brad) have found a crazy good balance between talking FI for EVERYONE paired with the journey, mental process, happiness path, and more while leaving is all inspired to think differently and challenge what we’ve otherwise believed as true in regard to life, money and happiness. Super impressive, super relatable, love love what they do and many thanks!
Life changing
I’ve been listening to this show for almost 5 years now and it has improved my life in so many ways. From book suggestions to incremental changes to inspiration, this show has so much to offer on the way to building a life I truly love
Great podcast. Highly recommend.
Very worthwhile information
frequent diner 19
Great podcast
My husband and I had been savers our whole lives and it has shaped the amazing life we have created. We stumbled on Choose FI just a couple of years ago and we have loved listening to this great information that we realize we had been doing without intentionally calling it FI :). We love the variety of stories shared, guest you bring on and you have opened us up to the world of travel rewards. Thank you for bringing this content to your listeners!
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Life changing
This podcast has literally changed my life for the better. The calls to action that I have acted upon have had immediate impacts on my finances, relationships, confidence, and happiness. If your reading reviews to decide if you want to listen, stop reading right now and go start listening! You will NOT be disappointed. And, more than that, if you decide to take action on some of their advice, your life will improve in ways you never could have imagined before.
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Good luck Brad
Brad gets his shot. I hope he brings things back. So far as the solo host he’s staying in his comfort zone of travel rewards. The next few months we will have mor answers if he can handle this transition. Good luck!
What Happened?
This show was awesome for the first 100 episodes. Now Jonathan has turned into some libertarian weirdo and goes off on terrible rants. He has the energy of a greasy used car salesman. I’m sure this enterprise has made like a billion dollars, so I think the money has really changed them. Sad!
It’s all about stories
The thing I love is that this duo is constantly bringing exceptionally creative and disciplined people that are willing to share their stories. I’ve taken little bits of things from many of them and can tell you these small changes lead to large impacts.
Too much Rambling
I used to listen faithfully. However, lately, the episodes are filled with rambling. The introductions and back stories are too long. They could skip it all and finish the shows in 20 - 30 minutes. It’s becoming hard to listen.
MyMoney- KT
Love it..but please get to the point
I loved this podcast initially and I think the content is great but there is too much fluff and rambling. Please just get to the important content.
Out of touch
Privileged hosts interviewing privileged guests. Lack of diversity is disappointing.
So good!
I love this podcast! Brad and Jonathan are so well-spoken, informative, and motivational. Each episode is different and gives you knowledge on financial literacy. I like how they talk about all the different ways to improve your life including: diet, exercise, mindset, budgeting, investing, and personal finance. Keep it up guys!
Be a sponge
I’m new to the concepts of FI, and really just started listening a year ago. This podcast is always on my list of downloads, and I love the constant stream of action items these two offer. My only recommendation, is to be a sponge and soak up all the information this podcast provides. The fire is spreading.
FI w/Wine
Always Smart and Engaging!
This Podcast always has smart content about investing and achieving financial independence. I listen as often as I can!
TRS 2001
Not Sure What I’m Listening to Anymore
Tl;dr: If you are new to financial independence listen to the first 100 or so episodes and then quit and move on with your life. The first 100 or so episodes were great, but I think after that there was little else to say about financial literacy, so they’ve just been rambling for the past 400 episodes. Brad, one of the hosts, is such a self-deprecating person that it is simply off putting. While Jonathan on the other hand is basically a rambling furniture salesman. He often times goes on 10 minute rant about whatever he read about the night prior. When the show started they bragged about how they would never have ads, they were a show for the little people. Now there are constant ads, often literally in the middle of a guests sentence that just cut the guest off. The hosts are consistently mansplaining and cutting off the guests. I can no longer listen to the show.
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Life Changed Forever
The idea of FI was foreign to me before stumbling across your podcast. I have changed EVERYTHING about my investing life. It took me a little over 2 years to go through every episode in the archives and it’s been truly invaluable for me and my life. I started through D.R. and after visiting with one of his suggested financial pros (who charged a 5% front load fee) I dove head first into personal finance to learn everything possible in order to DIY my finances… I couldn’t fathom paying someone 5% of my total contributions just to put me into mutual funds (plus the cost of the mutual funds, which I wasn’t even aware of until I listened to y’all). That’s when I found Choose FI. Best thing that could’ve ever happened to me at the time and something, of course, I wish I had found years sooner. Thank y’all and keep up the great work.
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Lauren on the Island
HOOKED on ChooseFI!!
I am hooked. I really have been an FI all my life in some way, but didn't know it had a name. I haven't always done the right thing, but overall since finding the FIRE movement about a year ago, I have learned so much. Started to listen to ChooseFI about a week ago, maybe 2 and I can't stop, I am hooked. Great information with points to try and apply, loved how the information is delivered and laid out. The website is great with so many ways to learn.
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The Most Impactful, Actionable Personal Finance podcast out there
I am a little late to the game, but am so happy I came across this podcast. I have listened to quite a few different personal podcasts, but none of them consistently hit home like ChooseFI. Most episodes are a joy to listen to - inspiring, inquisitive, non-judgemental and entertaining. I like that Brad and Jonathan don’t pretend to have all the answers… they explore the edges of topics - and allow for exploration and weigh and appreciate different viewpoints. Now I am playing catch up… I have about 40 different ChooseFI episodes on my playlist. Can’t wait to work they then and see what comes next.
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Doug, MA
Good Information
Thank you for sharing this information over the last few years. Demystified, I now feel like I can make better retirement choices.
Hil T
Next step after Dave Ramsey
Can’t thank you guys enough! I grew up without much direction financially and finding Dave Ramsey was the fist time I knew where to allocate my money and what to do with any extra. However, you guys have provided the next step. I knew there had to be something else out there that could really help me optimize my saving and investing and you guys are it! The detail in the explanations of terms across the board and the deep dive you do into all categories has been a huge help! Always look forward to the show and highly recommend listening to anyone interested in moving forward financially.
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Gabry I
Just the Podcast I’ve Been Looking For!
I appreciate all of the FI information the hosts present every week. In fact, after subscribing (following) the podcast, I’ve started from the beginning with episode 1. While I am not in the demographic the show is aimed at (those with a couple of decades to work with), I am finding actionable suggestions that I can utilize over the next 10 years of work that should make my retirement much more relaxed. Thanks Choose FI for showing this old dog how to make progress towards FI, even though I am going on 61 this year. Cheers!
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