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How would your life change if you reached Financial Independence and got to the point where working is optional? What actions can you take today to make that not just possible but probable. Jonathan & Brad explore the tactics that the FI community uses to reclaim decades of their lives. They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, tax optimization, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate and how to travel the world for free. Every episode is packed with actionable tips and no topic is too big or small as long as it speeds up the process of reaching financial independence.
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Changed our lives!
This podcast has totally changed our lives! When covid hit, my husband and I found ourselves with cut hours at work, reduced income, a tenant who was unable to pay rent, and severe anxiety over our finances. After listening to ChooseFI, we took control of our financial lives and are in a much better place, with a significantly increased savings rate, a growing Vanguard account, and overall happier lives with a goal to reach FI in the next 10-15 years! Thanks for giving us hope!
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The Ultimate Life Hack!
Don’t be normal, Choose FI! This show has changed my financial outlook tremendously. Jonathan and Brad do an amazing job of outlining the basics of FIRE and you are constantly learning different perspectives from their guests - not only the “experts” but regular people who have achieved financial independence. Thank you both for all that you have put into this show.
This is THE #1 podcast for financial freedom
If you are interested in pursuing a dream of financial freedom - no more job, boss or responsibilities or just want to improve your financial situation, this is the #1 podcast to listen to. The hosts are down to earth and easy to follow and they make learning fun. I love this show! Andy Storch Host of the Talent Development Hot Seat and The Andy Storch Show
Andy Storch
Show has lost its focus
I’ve listed for well over a year — all episodes up to current — and learned some things along the way. Over the past couple months, there has been a parade of “other” speakers and a growing number of advertisements (veiled as advise supported by Brad & Jonathan). The show has lost me. I might try again in a few months, but the commercialization and loss of consistency aren’t helping at this point.
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Morning Routine
I have been listening to this podcast for a week now! I have binged the majority of these episodes because what Jonathan and Brad teach resonate with me in a very deep way! I have always aspired to be a minimalist! I can’t wait to take these hacks and continue my journey to FI and a life where I am in control of my expenses!
Love it
Love the show . Sometimes I get lost or feel FOMO with some of the transitions and segues. It feels like you need to have listened to a previous episode to understand the context of this episode. But other than that great content!
Love the show
Annoyed by the commercials now
Great show, mind blown
I never miss an episode. Although, sometimes I FF in the Roundups. Lots of rehashing needlessly. I’ve learned a LOT and best I can tell, we are on the path to FI.
The best time to start was 5 years ago. The second best time is now.
I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a year now. I love the concept of FI and enjoy listening to all the different ways people have approached it. When I first started listening, as a lowly grad student, I said “when I get a real job I’ll...”. Blah blah blah, excuses. Well life happens and so did Covid, so that “real” job has been delayed, but I can’t let my future FI be delayed any longer. While I don’t have the “real job” with the 401k, I grabbed a second one that’s earnings will go into the new Roth IRA I just opened! I finally decided that I needed to pull the trigger and take ACTION on all of the things I’ve been listening to. I sat down and evaluated my risk tolerance, chose my allocations, and picked low cost index funds. My “real job” will be found eventually. My investment in freedom starts TODAY. Thanks guys!
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Becoming boring
Early podcasts were wonderful concepts and ideas to FI. Recently, they have personal stories of people I don’t relate to. I skip these episodes and don’t know if they anything else to the fi community.
My favorite podcast!
I have been listening to Brad and Jonathan on my commute and in my free time for about a year now. I’m on episode 146 so I have a long way to go. I learn something from every episode and it helps me keep my finances in line. I am 29, a natural saver and I had about 50% of my undergrad and grad school paid for through scholarships and no student loans. I was on the right track but this podcast has helped me propel my savings and investing. I have learned a ton from Brad and Jonathan and the guests on the show. My husband and I invest in VTSAX in our HSAs, max out our 401Ks, and both do back-door Roth IRAs. I don’t have a specific age I want to retire yet but I know we will reach FI sooner than if I had not listened to this podcast! I love the little life hacks I have learned along the way too. Thanks for all you do!
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Great Content but headed downhill
Love the show. The content and the topics covered give you the knowledge to live the life you want. Over the past several months, 3-5 ads (“show sponsors”) have been placed into the show that kill the momentum.
JT from Missorui
Down to earth
A real easy podcast that’s relatable to daily life.
Life Changing! Bravo!
I tell everyone to listen to these podcasts and try something different and new. Always learn, take what matters and apply it to the life you are creating for yourself and your family. Be “intentional” about creating a life instead of just drifting through it. Bravo!
Too much advertising, not enough financial content IMO.
Part of FI is spending your time wisely—or at least spending it as you’d like. I don’t want to spend my time listening to ads about other people’s books, personal anecdotes and pet projects.
Love this show!
Have learned so much about personal finance. 10/10
Disconnected from society
Brad is always doing "excellent" even during a pandemic. Some useful old episodes are probably worth re-airing vs newer released episodes. Turned off that majority of guests do not even think about giving back to the community or charitable in anyway. Show has morphed to just push reoccurring affiliate links and that's the true name of the game.
This podcast was great. Started listening in June 2019 and binged through all the old episodes. Lately, this podcast has been declining with the addition of ads that began as an occasional recommendation of a products they used along affiliate links if you wanted to support them, but has quickly evolved it into intrusive ads that cut into the podcast and ruin the flow into of the conversations. This on top the frequent plugs to check out their books, blogs, and courses has made this podcast feel more and more like a product and less of a community. I still highly recommend you check out the older episodes, lots of valuable information is included in them. However, I can’t in good faith recommend someone subscribe and listen to the newer episodes (Unless you want to listen to them at 3 times like I have to).
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Love love love
This is a great podcast. I’ve learned so much. My husband and I started the Dave Ramsey baby steps several years ago and got all debt paid off except house. Been saving but just felt like we needed to do more. Learned about FI and started listening to different podcast. Came across this one and I started back at the very beginning. Been listening everyday but haven’t caught up to the new episodes yet but I definitely will. I’m ready to hear them all so I can learn everything they have to say. Can’t get enough! This is gonna be life changing!
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From a fitness fiend to a money pro
I used to listen to all fitness podcasts on my long runs, well now it’s also fitness but financial freedom fitness. Finally improving my overall experience with money !!
I graduated from Dave Ramsey baby steps to the choose F.I. Community. I have completely changed my financial lifestyles.Even with the pandemic. I have been able too create a frugal lifestyle with out stress bc I’ve followed Brad and Johnathan.
Does not match the music
An awesome podcast for anyone to has access to money. Don’t be fooled by the porn theme song, it is not that kind of show.
The a better
So good!
I love this podcast! Brad and Jonathan are so well-spoken, informative, and motivational. Each episode is different and gives you knowledge on financial literacy. I like how they talk about all the different ways to improve your life including: diet, exercise, mindset, budgeting, investing, and personal finance. Keep it up guys!
This podcast has changed my life
The earlier in your life you listen to this podcast, the better! Design the life you want with Brad and Jonathan.
One big advertisement
“I love listening to intrusive ads in my podcasts—said no one ever!” This new format is incredibly frustrating. Is it really worth the extra money for the annoyance to your listeners? Please move them to the beginning or end so people can skip them. Every other sentence is “go to this link” or “buy this product.” No longer going to recommend this podcast to friends and family. Update: They have really run out of content. I wish there was a 5x speed button
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Willfully misunderstanding Dividend investing 🤦‍♂️
18 bogies
Lots of good information
I just found this podcast, and love it! I like the resources they provide. It’s good that they give small tasks to complete to start making progress towards each goal.
Learning in WV
Hands down the most actionable life-changing show out there. Not only do I love what Brad and Jonathan teach about personal finance, but the tips regarding life optimization are truly invaluable! Since becoming a die hard listener a couple months back, I’ve started blogging about my wife and my journey towards FI, embarked on travel hacking, established a 50%savings rate by cutting expenses (reassessing insurance policies), started enjoying more home cooked meals, moved investments to Vanguard, opened CIT AND M1 accounts, and started side hustling as a freelance writer... whew (did I miss anything?) This show and it’s fantastic guests have inspired me to always be exploring ways to improve (aggregation if marginal gains), and to encourage those around me to do likewise. You guys are improving the world! Can’t wait to meet y’all at a Camp Fi, FinCon or Chautauqua when the world returns to normalcy! The fire is spreading
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Recent episodes
I don’t find this as helpful or informative as I once did. I think they may have run out of new things to discuss.
Great podcast, but...
I have listened regularly for two years and enjoy the podcast. The provided information is very useful and I appreciate how the Choose FI team pivoted during the pandemic in order to provide more timely information to listeners. I know some dislike the few ad spots in the recent episodes, but I understand the inclusion of these based on the changes the pandemic has brought and am used to them from other podcasts. A month ago, I would have given a ‘5’ star rating, but honestly I am finding the podcast less interesting, engaging, and useful. In my opinion, the Households of FI series isn’t of the same quality as previous episodes. They seem less organized, less focused, and I find that Brad and Jonathan often allow/encourage their guests to go off on tangents. I understand that this will be a continuing part of the program and thus I will likely limit my listening in the future to their Friday Roundups which I always find very useful and entertaining. For those new to the podcast, I highly recommend it. I am just disappointed at the the newest episodes.
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vander kant
This Changed My Life
Hi Brad, Jonathan, and everyone else at ChooseFI, I will just come out and say it: Words cannot express how much this show has changed my life (which I am sure you hear all the time at this point!). After paying off $40,000ish of student loans in 16 months Dave Ramsey style, I was in a rut. I felt like I had no goals to really shoot for as I am single, have no kids, and don't own a home. I was recently frustrated enough with his message and ventured out on the iTunes store to see what else was out there. Luckily, I stumbled across you guys. Every actionable tip is easy to digest and simply makes sense! Several times a day I find myself thinking "How can I optimize this?". I actually went back on iTunes and found the actual date that my FIRE journey started (thanks to your podcast). On May 15th, 2020, I was super frustrated with my day of online teaching and decided to go for a short walk. Well this brief walk turned into an 11-mile walk and during that time I listened to the first five episodes you guys ever did, and it really got me thinking about what I wanted the next decades of my life to look like. You guys have fundementally changed my life. Thank you. Much love and appreciation, Austin
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Was great, now boring.
I can't really deal with the hosts anymore. Both are very smart, but just gigantic nerds. I skip the first 10-15 min of every ep just to avoid hearing about their lives. I JDGAF. Info was good but as time has gone on I find myself skipping more and more episodes.
Easy to Digest and not preachy!
I was recommended this podcast by a colleague. I love the vast knowledge regarding finances and that anyone in any level of their financial journey can listen to. I had the basic principles down but wasn’t really following them. This kicked my butt into gear and I REALLY LOVED learning about investing - which was a huge mountain before and now it’s a manageable hill to climb. This podcast realizes everyone’s journey is different and doesn’t make you feel like a failure if you happen to just enjoy life here and there!
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Great content
I listen often and the only reason I don’t give 5 stars is sadly I have to turn it off sometimes because brad does not have a good podcast voice.
Great podcast!
These guys know what they are talking about and are spreading a great message!
John E Bravo 1
Very Informative Podcast
Love this podcast! Always learning something new. Very informative.
One of a Kind
Been listening to this postcast for about 6 months. Some great information and knowledge is imparted, and is helping me get to FI much much sooner. Keep up the great work, and thank you for everything you do!!!
I have been listening to ChooseFi since November 2018 and it has changed the trajectory of my life. It is a comprehensive overview of FI with a positive outlook. There is no shaming or aloofness here. Brad and Jonathan make an awesome team and I love how they balance each other out and help each other grow. They really have a spiritual partnership and it is their ever growing relationship and vision which has led to the awesome success of this podcast. They always talk about the 5 people you surround yourself with and both of them are in my top 5 given how much I listen to this podcast. I am better for it!
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Great podcast!
This is a great podcast! I really appreciate the tips and information they provide regarding their experiences. The idea of crowdsourcing answers is a great way to share ideas and advance to FI. Keep it up!
Love this show!
Definitely one of my favorite shows to keep up with regularly!
On the path
I’ve been binge listening to all the prior episodes the last month and a half along with the new ones as they come out and these two are amazing. The information they are giving out is real and actionable. For the people in the reviews complaining about a 1 minute ad, get over it. These guys bust their butts to give amazing content for free, you can “suffer” through an ad so these guys can get compensated for the outstanding work they do. Keep it up Brad and Jonathan, you guys are awesome!!
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Loved it to begin with!
Turned to commercialized and liberal. Early episodes are great. Trying to be bigger than they are. Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Awesome resource no matter where you are in you're FI journey
My husband and I are well on our way to FI (financial independence). But early on, I was looking for a podcast that we might enjoy listening to together to help motivate us, and I decided to give this one a try. I am so glad that I did! We are both really enjoying listening to the wide variety of topics from a wide variety of sources. Really appreciate the effort and sincerity that's put into this podcast. You won't regret giving it a listen!
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Logical thinking with ah ha moments
It’s an informative podcast that provides the right level of information with an inspiring message that FI is achievable.
I'm only so open minded
Lean In and Pivot
If Jonathan doesn’t talk about his 168K in student loan debt, Brad doesn’t talk about Anna or Mollie or swim or how he’s doing quite well then there is something wrong with the episode. Also do yourself a favor and listen at 1.5 if not 2 times speed. Brad is a SLOW talker who has to break everything down even simple things.... Be sure to LEAN IN and PIVOT...
Great topic, but the cadence...
The cadence of this couple was distracting. When did Americans start sounding Australian?
But please don’t have people on who talk like Jess. Impossible to listen to someone who talks like that
Late to the Game but LIFE CHANGING info
I’m just starting the Podcast but I’m eager to consume the information. I’ve binged the first 20 episodes and am CRAVING more. I feel like it’s phase 2 to the Financial Piece University journey my wife I have been working on. We have a few debts left we’re working on but we’re transitioning to the FI world as we finish our debt cycle with Mr. Ramsey. We’ve got old 401k’s (we didn’t follow Dave Ramsey perfectly but we’ve made it work...) that we’ve already rolled into IRA’s with low fee index funds. We’ll start pumping more money in to the pretax 457 once our debts are gone (currently doing the minimum for the employer match). Fortunate enough to have a pension growing as well so I’ve got 19 years left of work but I love my job so I’m not worried about the time. Thank you for the information, I’ve been spreading the message to everyone that will listen!
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Enjoying the journey
Awesome content with a wide variety of topics. Enjoying the FI journey and love this podcast to keep me focused on long term goals!
FI Engineer
Great Insights For The FI Community
Wide ranging content covering all aspects of the Financial Independence movement. The show has evolved nicely over the years, with timely content and updates as legislation, strategies, and information changes. Brad and Jonathan are continuing to establish themselves as pillars of the FI community.
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