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China Influencer Marketing Podcast
Lauren Hallanan: Online Influencer and Chinese Social Media Marketer
CIM055: Behind the Scenes: Interning with Top KOL Becky Li
33 minutes Posted Dec 1, 2019 at 3:04 pm.
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In last week’s episode I spoke with the COO

of Becky’s Fantasy, the company of top Chinese fashion influencer Becky
Li.  Today we’re going to give you
another perspective into Becky’s business. My assistant and frequent co-host
Kejie interned at Becky’s Fantasy in 2017 and today she shares what that
experience was like. 

We first discuss the basics such as the

size of the company, what are the main teams, how does Becky’s editorial
process work, and then later on she shares what she feels differentiates Becky
from other Chinese KOLs, and why Becky, a top tier influencer, has stayed
popular as consumers are starting to prefer smaller micro influencers.

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Becky’s Fantasy WeChat Account: 黎贝卡的异想世界


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