Chili's Week in Hockey
Chili's Week in Hockey
St. Louis Blues
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Take away Alex and I would listen.
Alex has always spoken to Amy like she is an idiot. He seems to mansplain everything to her and just talk down to her a lot of the time. Not a fan of Alex. Need someone else.
Love KMOX. Like the's hard to put too much stock into what is said at times. Seems like they don't want to talk too negatively about anyone and you wonder how honest their takes really are, especially guests that may happen to be paid by the Blues. But thanks for doing the show.
Love the content
Love that the Blues are using this podcast regularly. Would love more content. Compared to MN Wild content.
Must Listen for Blues Fans
The podcast version has over come previous technical difficulties and works like a charm. Alex and Amy provide great context to the past week’s games. The interviews and fun banter keep me coming back for more. It’s a great day to be a Blues fan.
Let's go Blues!
Nice to hear Hitch, Panger, Kerbs and the rest of the guys... when available. The episodes are few and far between.
MC Redbird
Doesn't work
The podcast won't download or play.