Chasing the Horizon - Motorcycles and the Motorcycle Industry In Depth
Chasing the Horizon - Motorcycles and the Motorcycle Industry In Depth
Wes Fleming
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Best motorcycle podcast on the web
Wes Fleming does a excellent job of keeping you informed of the current motorcycle news. He engages his guests in original motorcycle stories. His knowledge and passion for riding is contagious. I look forward to every episode.
BMW RnineT
The First MC Podcast I check each month
While I am not in the MC industry, I like to keep up on the latest trends in motorcycles releases, industry news, and the industry's health overall, and I count on CTH to bring that to me. Additionally, the guests are so unique and genuine and love the perspectives and foresight his guests provide the audience.
Great podcast
Really enjoying this show. Wes is sharp and asks all the right questions. Great guests and great topics.
Wes does a Great Job
I’ve been a member of the MOA since 1999 and enjoy the podcast. Wes is a rider and has guests with interesting stories or products associated with our sport. Keep up the good work! Mike Margas MOA#86571
Great podcast
One listen and I was an immediate fan. The format is down to business news, info and guests.
Fun Motorcycle Podcast
Wes does a great job of finding really interesting guest that always bring a new perspective to our sport. Even though this podcast is sponsored by BMWMOA, it is not a BMW centrict show, and this is good. Just a great motorcycle podcast
Great adventure
I am not a rider, but I love the format of this podcast, especially the interviews. The host has the ability to get into what is interesting about his guests, inspiring them to talk about who they are when they really think they are talking about motorcycles. Since the guests tend to be a combination of authors, inventors, racers, and entrepreneurs, the content comes through like a crazy cross between the “How I Built This” podcast and an outdoor adventuring magazine. You never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’s going to be good. Thanks for an excellent podcast. Keep up the good work!
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Excellent podcast that captures very interesting topics on motorcycle culture. Good to have a local point of view as well (mid-Atlantic).
Knowledgable and entertaining
Wes Fleming does a great job of giving you relevant, up-to-date, information in a manner that is straight forward and entertaining. He is a brilliant interviewer that really gets the interviewees to open up in a conversational style while still focusing on the topics at hand. Not just for BMW riders. I ride Harleys and still find the information to be relevant and informative. Great job Wes! Keep up the good work.
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