Chasing Remarkable
Chasing Remarkable
Muse Storytelling
In the pilot episode, Patrick and Grant share where the passion for original content started, all the failures they've experienced thus far, and what they hope to change for this series.
III. The single biggest free resource for growing your brand and business.
After a conversation with Ivy, Muse's resident anthropologist, Patrick invites three filmmakers into the studio, to talk about their desires to create their own content. While they're on the same path to bring impactful works to fruition, they are at very different milestones along the way.
Aug 1, 2017
53 min
II. How to land sponsorships for your content.
We hear from Jason Zook (the man who made a million dollars wearing other people's t-shirts) about how we can get our content sponsored. We also talk about another featured character of The Remarkable Ones, Shane Hurlbut, who started as a Cayuga Lake farm boy and rose to become an ASC Hollywood cinematographer.
Jun 26, 2017
32 min
I. How the heck we got to this point.
Host Patrick Moreau and director Grant Peele discuss the failures and successes that got them to this point, and what lies ahead in trying to bring their original video series to life.
May 28, 2017
1 hr 29 min