Charting Pediatrics
Charting Pediatrics
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Covid vaccines in young children
Overall, content fine; however, at the start, there was an inaccurate statement about the site of the injection- “thigh and butt.” Buttocks are avoided to prevent sciatic nerve damage. Safe site: anterolateral thigh.
I am not a medical provider, but am the parent of a medically complex kiddo. I love this podcast for the accessible, understandable information - especially during this difficult season of covid. Thank you, thank you!
Five star podcast
As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I am always looking for the latest pediatric information to share with my patients and increase my knowledge. Charting pediatrics was recommended by my pediatric nurse practitioner Facebook group and has been the best resource for me to learn new information and brush up on some day to day topics. This podcast was truly a lifesaver during the pandemic and gave me the latest stats and information about COVID 19. I love listening to it on my commute and look forward to season 5 starting this August!
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Adina PNP
Wonderful resource!
I’m an aspiring pediatrician and this was definitely the best podcast to accompany my long commute. I learn so much in each episode and it also gives me a glimpse of the amazing faculty at Children’s Colorado. My only hope is that one day I can train with those featured on this podcast.
Great resource!
I’m a new Pediatric Nurse Practitioner working in private practice and I love your podcast. I listen on my hour commute in the mornings and it has helped me feel more confident about making diagnosis and POC. Thank you!
So helpful for a general pediatrician
I am a new in practice general pediatrician and I have learned so much useful and practical I formation from this podcast. I recommend it to anyone.
Great podcast for aspiring pediatricians!
I’m a fourth year medical student and love this podcast! It’s helped me on multiple peds rotations and I’m sure it’ll help me next year when I’m an intern!
New England Pediatrician
Fantastic podcast!
Great Information!
Wonderful review of pediatric cases and data, to get learners up to speed and keep practitioners sharp!
Best peds primary care podcast!
As a general pediatrician I love to listen to this on my commute!!! Interesting, with expert guests, and perfectly concise and oriented for peds generalists. SO GLAD this exists!!!! Telling my colleagues!
Can’t miss!
This podcast is a can’t miss for me, I get something out of every episode that I can apply to my primary care practice.
The RTA podcast was amazing. It made Nephrology fun.
So Helpful - from new PNP!
This has been SO helpful as a new PNP in the primary care setting. Very easy to listen to and follow. Invaluable information and guidance!
So practical!
I love these short and sweet practical podcasts that always seem to apply to my daily practice of pediatrics. I squeeze one in every chance I get! Thank you for keeping me in touch with the experts and current practice.
Worth every second
I’m currently a pediatric nurse practitioner practicing primary care in a rural mountain setting. It’s truly a blessing to hear some of my former colleagues provide pertinent evidence based recommendations along with the underlying reassurance they will be there to continue crucial care when my kiddos need it. 💗💗🙏🙏🌈🌈
A new listener
Practicing general pediatrician for 40 years. I just discovered this podcast, and have had a chance to listen to only two, but the update and measles and the toxicology interview were both excellent.
MMartin, MD
Yay Childrens Colorado!
Down to earth advice about topics relevant to my pediatric patients. Even after 22 years of practice I get useful tidbits. I especially like hearing the response to “What aspect of your job you like the most.” Thank you!
Very well done
Interesting, relevant content that has proved practical for a pediatrics intern. I like the balance of some cool esoteric new treatments like CAR-T cells with the more general pediatrics topics. Great hosts and very well produced podcast!
Awesome podcast for 3rd and 4th year med students!
I just finished my fourth year of med school, but I actually found this podcast back at the start of my fourth year. With all the driving to residency interviews, this was a fun and high yield podcast to listen to. I even referenced this podcast during one of my interviews! For third and fourth year medical students that are interested in pediatrics, this is a great podcast for common issues you see in pediatrics. I plan on continuing to listen to season 2 during residency as well.
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Good tips for the general pediatrician
How about an episode on feeding difficulties in infants? When to image, when to refer. I am enjoying the podcast.
M Chapin
Nice practical reviews
Nice practical reviews. Would like to see more specifics and fewer generalities when discussing evaluation and treatment. Including more concise cases/anecdotes would bring home the message with a lasting take.
PharmD from Cincinnati Children’s Hosp: Pertinent topics for everyday clinical use. Love the focus on drug therapy (esp the ADHD podcast). Keep them coming! Great job.
High Yield
I have been looking for a good pediatrics podcast for some time. I have a 20-25 minute commute each way and it's nice to be able to listen to a quick summary of a high-yield topic.
Practical for the busy primary pediatrician
Thank you for developing the podcast. Look forward to future topics. Would like to hear a practical primary care approach on school aged children with behavioral problems
Peds CME
Practical updates in pediatric medicine
Interesting and applicable.