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Center For Investment Excellence
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The Center for Investment Excellence features educational insights across asset classes and investment themes designed to give you the tools you need to empower better decisions and build stronger portfolios.
The role of public and private strategies in real estate
In this special edition of #CenterForInvestmentExcellence, members of our Strategic Investment Advisory Group discuss the long-term growth potential of real estate as an investable asset class, including the expansion of the real estate market from traditional core to a wide range of extended sectors, and the case for allocating to real estate investment trusts (REITs) and private real estate funds for a well-diversified portfolio. Tune in now to get the latest insights from David Lebovitz, Global Market Strategist, Multi-Asset Solutions, Pulkit Sharma, Head of Alternatives Investment Strategy and Solutions, and Bob Culver, Managing Director, Security Capital Research and Management.
May 16
21 min
A New Perspective for Credit Investors
Today’s credit markets offer investors an unprecedented range of risk and return opportunities, but also greater complexity that makes it challenging to allocate capital efficiently. In this special edition SIAG episode, David Lebovitz, Global Strategist, Multi-Asset Solutions, talks with Samrawit Soquar, Global Head of Research, Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities Group, and Brian Coleman, Head of Private Credit Strategies, about the public credit spectrum, including the convergence of investment grade and high yield, the growth of private credit and direct lending, and what investors can do to take advantage of shifting market conditions.
Apr 4
18 min
Orbiting the Paper Moon: A conversation on alternative investments with Michael Cembalest
While the 60/40 portfolio has seen a renewed focus, allocations to private markets continue to play an important role in diversification and growth. In this episode, David Lebovitz, Global Market Strategist, talks with Michael Cembalest, Chairman of Market and Investment Strategy, about the key insights featured in his biennial review of alternative investments, It's Mostly a Paper Moon.
Mar 7
34 min
How soft would a soft landing be?
The Fed remains committed to reducing rates, which bond markets may be cheering, but it may not begin easing policy as soon as markets anticipate. David Lebovitz, Global Market Strategist, Multi-Asset Solutions and Priya Misra, Portfolio Manager, Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities (GFICC) Group, discuss their forecast for fixed income, including stock/bond correlations, high quality duration and risks and opportunities for investors.
Feb 23
18 min
Investment Outlook for 2024
While 2023 created a challenging macro backdrop of stubborn inflation, heightened geopolitical tensions and sluggish growth, a year-end rally increased the prospect of a brighter 2024 economic outlook. David Lebovitz and Arjun Menon, Global Market Strategists, Multi-Asset Solutions, discuss their investment predictions for the coming year, including risks and opportunities across all sectors and asset classes.
Jan 25
20 min
The 2024 Asset Allocation Draft
David Lebovitz, Global Market Strategist, Multi-Asset Solutions and Jared Gross, Head of Institutional Portfolio Strategy, conduct their annual asset allocation draft across various asset classes, and make their picks for the most promising investment opportunities in 2024.
Dec 15, 2023
29 min
Unpacking the opportunity in developed market equities
While over the past decade developed market equities have overwhelmingly lagged behind their U.S. counterparts, the case for international markets still exists, with Japan and Europe offering attractive investment opportunities. On this episode, David Lebovitz is joined by Tim Woodhouse, a Portfolio Manager in our International Equity Group, to discuss cross-border investing, valuations, sector themes, corporate governance and more.
Nov 21, 2023
18 min
2024 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions: Smarter portfolios for a world in transition
The 28th annual edition of our 2024 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions explores how investors can build on the 60/40 portfolio – using new axes of diversification to navigate an economy in transition from disinflation to reflation and from easy monetary policy to higher costs of capital. Our experts discuss these themes and more on our November episode.
Oct 25, 2023
16 min
Post-FOMC perspectives and the road ahead
Our experts discuss the September FOMC meeting and long duration fixed income investment opportunities.
Sep 29, 2023
15 min
The intersection of technology and healthcare
Private markets have grown significantly over the past few years, fueled by scientific breakthroughs and technological innovation. Our experts discuss  biotechnology, artificial intelligence and healthcare valuation trends, how venture capitalists and startups are navigating the complex regulatory landscape and other exciting opportunities for investors.
Sep 7, 2023
25 min
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