Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast
Cemetery Confessions: A Goth Talk Podcast
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The world's number 1 Goth talk podcast! On the Cemetery Confessions podcast we discuss news related to the goth experience with a different guest each month, exploring the history, music, literature, fashion and community of the culture. We also feature interviews with artists and academics, album, book and movie reviews, debates, drama and more!
The Gothquisition (5)
You're lying if you think goths don't love drama, and as everyone has been preoccupied with staying alive this year, there certainly has there been a lack of drama. So what does the goth cabal do when the scene gets a bit dull? We make the drama! Prepare your bathole The Gothquisition is back to rip the poseurs again! Our Gothquisitioners are as follows: (in order of photo) Zakkarrii, (too goth for the gothquisition) Andi, Royal Scribe Count, Grand Inquisitioner Dani, Royal Minstrel Jez, Supreme Persecutor of Heretics Michelle, Queen Joe, Court Jester and Bridge Troll If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon! Introductions Roast of It’s Black Friday How to pull off a Goth Look Song Break: I’m More Goth Than You - Johnnie Ha Ha Roast of Chadwick We Respond to YouTube Comments Song Break: Release the Bats - The Birthday Party Roast of Adora Batbrat GothQUIZitionThis Year’s Prize: Gothest Song Break: Gothic Party Time - Action Pact More from the Gothquisition coming December 16th on Patreon!
Dec 1
2 hr 29 min
114: The Future of Goth Spaces
This month we are looking at the ever shifting spaces goths inhabit, reifying their ritualistic, embodied bringing forth of identity into the world around us. The future of these spaces is now forever changed as the current pandemic robs us of our sacred curated temples to goth. We also review the new album from The Funeral Medieval, share our Sinister Suggestions and more! Our guests this month are Sean Detra and Mary Millions of Sisters of Mondays! If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon! Introductions Moving to Twitch When Should we Return to Clubbing The Evolving Dynamics of Twitch DJing Will Music Venues Exist in the Future The Future of Goth Music The Future of Goth Culture Gatekeeping Album Review: The Funeral Medieval - Dreper Meg Sinister Suggestions: -Angels Arcana -Isotropia -Selofan -Slow Dance with the Dead -Delphine Coma -Black Angel -Exit Dust -Dark -DGA95 -Wisteria -Carnival Row -Halt and Catch Fire - Clipping  
Nov 1
2 hr 10 min
113: Caitlin Doughty's Hero Project
This episode we discuss death, and why it’s more important than ever to talk about it. Check out Caitlin’s new book here! You can also watch her on YouTube or check out upcoming events on her website. If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon! Loren Rhoads Interview Bess Lovejoy Interview
Oct 1
1 hr 16 min
112: Goths with Disabilities PT 2
Our guests this month are Carol, Helen and Amy! References: -Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome -Embodied Cognition
Sep 15
2 hr 27 min
111: Gothic Lolita
This week we are breaking down Gothic Lolita and talking about it’s history, influence on goth, it’s subversive qualities and more! We also review the new album from Hada.
Sep 1
1 hr 43 min
110: Goths in Government
On this very special episode we are speaking with Liz Bennett, sitting Iowa State Representative! We talk about the relevance of social movements to goth, gab about our mutual experiences in the Christian goth community, discuss the philosophy of self and much more!
Aug 15
1 hr 38 min
109: Getting into Goth
Welcome to the Cemetery Confessions Baby Bat 101 crash course! Whether you’re 12 or 85, you’ve come to the right place. Our curated guide features guests from across the spectrum from long time well known DJ to shiny new goth moth and everywhere in between. We’ll chat about music, clubbing, dating, identity, politics and more! Our guests this month are Scary Lady Sarah, Nadja, and Nat! Politics: -Post Punk Politics -Sexism and Industrial -Assimilate Music: 41:40-Goth Comp -Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace -25 Years in the Reptile House -80’s Goth Wasn’t Just About Music -The Value of Music to Identity -Darkly: Black History and America’s Gothic Soul -2019 Goth Albums -Post-Punk.com -Goth Music History -Origin of the term ‘Goth’ Fashion and Makeup: 1:01:47 -Gothic Lamb -Kambriel -Dark Angel Co -Kaufen Apparel -Luciferothica -Junkyard Bat -Haute Cotoure -My DIY Tutorial 1 -My DIY Tutorial 2 -How to do a Deathhawk Clubbing and Socializing 1:21:17-So you want to start a local scene -The Etiquette Guide to Goth Clubs -Goth Club Tips Dating 1:43:30-Goth Guide to Valentine’s Day -What’s wrong with Wanting a Goth GF? -Dating in the Goth Scene Identity: 1:52:00 -What is Goth? -The Philosophy of Goth -Aging in Goth Further Reading: -My Goth Library
Aug 1
2 hr
108: We Fixed Reddit
This month we share embarrassing childhood stories, take on gatekeepers, explore why goth is still relevant and answer r/goths most burning questions! Our guest this month is Lady India! Facebook, IG, TikTok, Eat the Rich If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon! Introductions Goth in Hot Weather 7:00 What Was Your First Goth Band 14:01 Gatekeeping 21:57 What Place Does Goth Have in the World 40:41 Disliking Labels 58:20 Difficulty Socializing 1:14:05 What Psychology Drove you to Goth 1:31:55 Sinister Suggestions: 2:04:00 -Solar Fake - Song to say Goodbye -Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble -Bohren & Der Club of Gore -Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones -Blood Machines -A Gorey Demise - Creature Feature
Jul 1
2 hr 35 min
107: PandemicGoth
This episode we dive into the psychology of living through a pandemic, and explore how well equipped goths are for dealing with death, all while reading a journalist to filth. We also review the new album from Mystic Priestess!
Jun 15
2 hr 22 min
106: Ageing in Goth
This episode we continue our special series of episodes by examining what it’s like to age through goth. From external pressure, internal support, and how hard it is to lace up new rocks.
Jun 1
1 hr 44 min
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