Ceez's Capital Conversations Podcast
Ceez's Capital Conversations Podcast
A brand new podcast where we sit down with entrepreneurs and discuss the up and downs of the day to day grind. Hosted by Ceez
Ceez's Capital Conversations- Episode 10-Antonio Bryan Owner and Operator of Cryo Wake Forest
Ceez sits down with Veteran and Cryo Wake Forest owner Antonio Bryan to discuss the benefits of Cryotherapy and groundbreaking new technology.
Apr 17, 2022
22 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations- Episode 9- for District Judge Kevin Jones
Ceez sits down with Attorney Kevin Jone to discuss criminal justice reform and his candidacy for District Judge for the city of Durham
Mar 18, 2022
22 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations- Episode 8- Terrance Ruth- Candidate For Raleigh Mayor
Ceez sits down with Dr. Terrance Ruth, Candidate for Raleigh Mayor. They discuss his values instilled during his upbringing, the importance of empowering/working with grassroots activist and community leaders, as well as his thoughts on attacking homelessness and income inequality. Support Dr Ruth at TruthForRaleigh.com
Oct 1, 2021
37 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations- Episode 7- Owners and Operators- Rhashad Thomas, Jamal Shipp, Jonathon Newkirk, & Frank Rider III
Sitting down today with the owners and operators of alkaline and spring water company Aqui Tu. It’s gonna be dope talking to them about what got them interested in jumping in the bottling game, the process they had to go through, the biggest hurdles they’ve had to navigate, friendship in business and much more!
Jun 23, 2021
1 hr 4 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations- Episode 6-Robert and Jacquline Fountain -Owners of RJ's Food Truck/Candidate for Granville Sheriff
Spoke with the Owners and operators of RJ’s Food truck, Mr Robert and Mrs Jackie Vann Fountain. Over 60 years of law enforcement experience between the two of them. We talk about black entrepreneurialism, military service, their experiences being black and blue, community policing, how to bring back public trust, and Mr Fountains run for Granville County Sheriff.
Jun 12, 2021
51 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations - Episode - 5 - Christopher Everett, Wilmington On Fire, Filmmaker
Christopher Everett is the communications manager of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. He is a film director, film producer, social media specialist and graphic artist from Laurinburg, North Carolina. He is a graduate of King’s College in Charlotte, North Carolina with a degree in graphic design. Christopher founded Speller Street Films in 2015 in which he produced and directed the award-winning documentary Wilmington on Fire. Through various grassroots marketing efforts, the film has gone on to win four awards and has screened in twelve film festivals and counting. Christopher and Speller Street Films recently acquired the distribution rights to the 2002 cult classic As an Act of Protest, which they are currently remastering with plans on releasing the film on DVD in 2018. Christopher has also consulted various film festivals on social media strategies, community engagement, and programming.
Aug 30, 2019
47 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations - Episode - 4 - Nakia T Hamilton Award Winning Filmmaker
This has to be one of our biggest episodes yet! This episode we sit down with award-winning filmmaker, writer, and director; Nakia T Hamilton. We discuss what got him started, the ups and downs of the film industry, and what drives him to continue being at the top of his game.
Aug 2, 2019
42 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations - Episode - 3 - Ki  (Tea Time with Ki) Actress, Podcaster, and Realtor
This episode We have, Ki from "Tea Time with Ki". We talk about everything in the Black community!
Jul 20, 2019
57 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations - Episode - 2 - Alyse Bone, M.S. - www.mindbybody.com Health and Wellness
This episode we sit down with lifestyle & wellness coach, yoga instructor, and creator of mindbybody.com, Alyse.
May 25, 2019
43 min
Ceez's Capital Conversations - Episode - 1 - Trainers Gym & Custom Threadz
This episode we sit down with Vance of Trainers Gym, and Adam of Custom Threadz. @_trainersgym - @custom_threadz
Mar 22, 2019
27 min