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The new Catholic Podcast in town. We seek to integrate Byzantine, Alexandrian, and Latin theology to bring you a new way to see the Church of God. Support this podcast:
The Great Schism
A conversation on the political, linguistics, and cultural differences that led to the separation between the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire, and ultimately led to the Great Schism. Furthermore, how the separation of cultures, languages, and politics led to the raise of the filioque and the understanding of the role of the papacy ultimately creating a great divorce between the two largest Apostolic churches in the Early Church.  --- Support this podcast:
Nov 28, 2020
1 hr 6 min
Fratelli Tutti and Liberalism
A summary of Fraternity Tutti and commentary on where Holy Father Francis draws from his views. Also a commentary on the errors of capitalism, liberalism, classical liberalism, and post-modernism.  --- Support this podcast:
Oct 31, 2020
1 hr 57 min
Vatican II in the Light of Tradition
Vatican II is more than a council, it is a controversy among groups of the Catholic Church. This episode tries to explain some areas of Vatican  II and the Church's teachings in light of Patristics, Philosophy, and Judeo Theology.  We strive to follow Catholic Tradition and to bring forward the undivided and unaltered truth to our viewers. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 23, 2020
40 min
Welcome to Catholic Portal... this is what you will be expecting of the new Catholic Podcast in town. Sit down and enjoy --- Support this podcast:
Sep 6, 2020
4 min