Catholic Information Center
Catholic Information Center
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Amazing, insightful speakers
I’m so thankful to have found my way to the CIC in Washington, DC, and these podcasts are the next best thing to the community of in-person lectures. The speakers are so smart and cut through the chaos of modern times.
Excellent content but audio quality NEEDS to be fixed
The CIC is top-notch but when the audio only comes out of one ear it’s very uncomfortable to listen to for a long period of time.
Catholic American Student
Excellent content, terrible sound quality
I would love to listen to this, but the recording blasts one ear and completely excludes the other. I’ve tried to knuckle through because there are some incredible speakers, but I get a headache after ten minutes. I really wish I could listen to this podcast!
The Best Catholic Podcast Out There
Informed speakers or panels discuss issues of the day. Wonderful for those who want to better understand current social issues through the Church. I'm giving 5 stars for content and sound quality. But is it possible to get dual sound? It only plays through one side of my headphones and I'm getting a headache.