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The Catholic Information Center is committed to making the Catholic Church alive in the hearts and minds of men and women living and working in our nation’s capital. Through a variety of spiritual, intellectual, and professional programs, the CIC offers the tools to live an integrated life and to engage in all areas of human endeavors.
Saint Dominic’s Way Of Life - A Path To Knowing And Loving God
As the Church prepares to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the death of Saint Dominic, Fr. Patrick Mary Briscoe, OP and Fr. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk, OP join the CIC to launch and discuss their new book, “Saint Dominic’s Way of Life: A Path to Knowing and Loving God.” Few Catholics today know much about Saint Dominic, who died August 6, 1221. Unlike Teresa of Ávila or Ignatius of Loyola, Dominic did not leave a deposit of writings to be examined and built upon. Yet this medieval Spaniard still has much to teach us today, and we see this in the way of life he left to the Church. Dominic offers a rich approach to Christian living, not just for members of the Order of Preachers, the religious order he founded, but for all Catholics. His dedication to prayer, penance, and the Word of God, and his love of neighbor, form the deep foundation of his project of being conformed to God. By following in Dominic’s footsteps, we too can discover how to live with a heart that is undivided, seeking God first in all things.
Sep 17, 2021
38 min
Never Doubt Thomas - The Catholic Aquinas As Evangelical And Protestant
Theologian, philosopher, teacher. There are few religious figures more Catholic than Saint Thomas Aquinas, a man credited with helping to shape Catholicism of the second millennium. In Never Doubt Thomas, Francis J. Beckwith employs his own spiritual journey from Catholicism to Evangelicalism and then back to Catholicism to reveal the signal importance of Aquinas not only for Catholics but also for Protestants. The Fr. James V. Schall Lecture Series is a monthly feature of the Catholic Information’s Center’s program with speakers addressing recurring themes in Fr. Schall’s writings, such as liberal learning, the relationship between faith and reason, and great writers in the Catholic tradition.
Sep 17, 2021
1 hr 4 min
The Rights Of Women - Reclaiming A Lost Vision
Have the gains achieved by modern feminists in the political and economic spheres relied on a too-narrow idea of liberty and equality at the expense of a richer understanding of the natural duties that we owe to one another? If so, what are the costs of this, and can the proper foundation of equal rights be reclaimed? EPPC Fellow Erika Bachiochi gave remarks reflecting on the themes of her new book, The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision, which offers an original look at the development of feminism in the United States and proposes a philosophical and legal framework for rights grounded in our responsibilities. The event was moderated by EPPC President Ryan T. Anderson and included responses from Mary Eberstadt and Ashley McGuire. This event was hosted by the Catholic Information Center and co-sponsored by EPPC and the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture. The book was published in the de Nicola Center’s book series with University of Notre Dame Press.
Sep 17, 2021
50 min
Our Dear - Bought Liberty - Catholics And Religious Toleration In Early America
Dr. Michael Breidenbach, Associate Professor and Chair of History at Ave Maria University, discusses how early American Catholics justified secularism and overcame suspicions of disloyalty, transforming ideas of religious liberty in the process. The event is moderated by Dr. Chad Pecknold, Professor of Historical & Systematic Theology at The Catholic University of America.
Jun 21, 2021
58 min
Worthy Of Wearing - How Personal Style Expresses Our Feminine Genius
Nicole Caruso, Catholic beauty and fashion consultant, guides you through the steps involved in cultivating your personal style that celebrates your unique genius, mission, and vocation. Learn how to perceive and appreciate your self-worth by owning your own story and celebrating your unique inherent dignity. Then learn how to integrate that identity with your faith life and personal style. When all three are combined, you’ll be able to harness contagious confidence, which becomes the means through which you can connect with others and evangelize in a compelling way.
Jun 21, 2021
55 min
Fighting For Life - Becoming A Force For Change In A Wounded World
With raw and intimate stories from both her personal life and public activism, Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action and the face of the millennial pro-life movement, presents a guidebook for becoming a force for good in a broken world.
May 19, 2021
1 hr 1 min
The Unbroken Thread - Discovering The Wisdom Of Tradition In An Age Of Chaos
We’ve pursued and achieved the modern dream of defining ourselves—but at what cost? Sohrab Ahmari, New York Post op-ed editor, makes a compelling case for seeking the inherited traditions and ideals that give our lives meaning.
May 18, 2021
57 min
Under Siege - No Finer Time To Be A Faithful Catholic
Austin Ruse carefully examines how the anti-Christian forces gained power over every elite institution in America. He exposes their plans for the future and issues an authoritative call to arms, brilliantly arguing that there is no finer time to be a faithful Catholic. God Himself called each of us to live in this time and place, to contribute to the renewal society and the Church, and to vanquish the enemies of civilization. This event is moderated by our Panula Chair in Christian Culture, Mary Eberstadt.
Apr 28, 2021
56 min
Mary's Voice In The Gospel According To John
The Gospel according to John has always been recognized as different from the “synoptic” accounts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. But what explains the difference? Michael Pakaluk, professor of ethics and social philosophy in the Busch School of Business, discusses his new book, Mary’s Voice in the Gospel according to John, and reveals the subtle but powerful influence of the Mother of Jesus on the fourth Gospel.
Apr 28, 2021
53 min
Gender Ideology And The Equality Act - How To Respond With Courage, Truth, And Love
The Equality Act, which has now passed through the U.S. House of Representatives and awaits a vote in the U.S. Senate, threatens to fundamentally transform American anti-discrimination laws while providing little by way of religious exemption. As “trans-rights” language continues to sweep through corporations, media, and schools, Catholics have been left scrambling for resources on how to respond with truth and love. We are delighted to host John McCormack, Washington correspondent and fellow at National Review Institute, and Mary Hasson, Kate O’Beirne Fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, for a virtual discussion on the political implications of the Equality Act and to highlight the Person & Identity Project, a new web resource to help parents, clergy, and parochial school teachers and administrators present the truth of the human person with courage and compassion.
Apr 8, 2021
51 min
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