Casual Fridays Podcast
Casual Fridays Podcast
Tyler Anderson
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Tyler's methodology is a breath of fresh air! No matter the episode, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a handful of golden nuggets - can’t recommend Casual Fridays enough. 🙌
Arlie K
Awesome Podcast!!!
Tyler, host of the Casual Fridays Podcast, highlights all aspects of business, marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
We miss you Tyler!
Tyler, come back soon! Hands down, my favorite marketing podcast. No ego, no BS, just great info.
Perfect show for...
Tyler’s interviews amazing business owners/marketers who give great recommendations that can be implemented right away. You will always take away something of value to upgrade your marketing/business. Thanks Tyler!
Started having withdrawals during the hiatus, although I understand the need for a break now and then. Thank you for the immense amount of value this podcast has brought me. If you own a business, buy things, use the internet, have ever paid attention to an ad online, don’t have your head in the sand... you should listen to this podcast. Thanks Tyler and team.
Great content
Just listened to my first episode of this podcast with a LinkedIn expert Michaela Alexis and it was great. Great audio, questions, content, and actionable steps one can act upon. Great find.
Motor Merlin
Loved it, want more!!
Came across this podcast by accident and have been listening obsessively ever since. Great content and delivery format is professional and entertaining. Keep it coming, guys!
Thank you Tyler!
I must thank Tyler and his team at 'Social Media Social Hour'; Tyler's podcast has provided me with so much knowledge and insighe on all matters of Social Media - no other blog or information outlet compares. Tyler you are a foce in this field and I hope you continue to post and educate. Thank you again for all your time and hard work in executing your weekly blog.
Has really helped me with my business!
Just wanted to say thank you for putting such great content out there. I just bought the 10x Marketing Formula by Garrett Moon after having listened to that episode. I really appreciate what you're doing.
Always informative but felt Like the interviewer wasn’t up to speed with some very basic instagram strategies that anyone who uses the platform every day would be aware of. Questions that my parents would ask sort of?
Your Podcast Is Absolutley Fantastic
So helpful and the guests you bring on are packed full of info. Thanks.
VP Sales & Business Development
This is the marketing podcast every marketer and sales leader needs to listen to each week.
Chris Palmisano
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Tyler and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the coming trends and absolute best marketing tactics to help you effectively grow your business. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Social Media Social Hour if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to get ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
J. Barshop
Love this Podcast!
Loved this Podcast! Now I understand Instagram Algorithms and what I need to do to get my post noticed more. Thank You so much for this Podcast!
Very insightful and knowledgeable perspectives.
Each time I listen to Tyler and the Social Media Social Hour Podcast, I come aways with something new. If you are in marketing or social or any online business, this podcast is for you!! Tune in and subscribe!
Great podcast
Does a great job on the podcast interviewing knowledgeable people. Covers all areas of paid traffic. Very valuable information!! Thanks for doing the podcast. Keep up the great work!!
Valuable information
Provides valuable information and great tips and trends.
Not Much Actual Information
Just listened to "The Art of The interview", what tips did you actually give? There was no substance to the episode. Please make sure your content is quality before putting something up. Not here to simply listen to two people talk.
Couldn't be better!
Phenomenal job. It's no easy task to lock in so many worthwhile interviewees. Keep it up!
Doc Skells
Great Podcast
If you are looking to keep up with everything and anything in Social Media this is a great podcast. I like that Tyler brings in the big players (guru's, experts, leaders), but then also has guests I have never heard of.
Demian Ross
Great content
Tyler delivers great content about all things social media. Content ranges from basic info to expert social media advice. It helps you think creatively and intelligently about promoting your business on social. Keep it up!
Awesome Podcast
Tyler host of Social Media Social Hour Podcast highlights all aspects of social media marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Get on the social media fast track!
With Tyler at the wheel, he'll cut the learning curve on how to master social in half! He covers what's trending in the social media landscape and walks you step-by-step on strategies and techniques that you can implement in your business today.
A+ Doesn't even describe...
Makes listening about a difficult and ever-changing subject very interesting and fun! Have listened to other similar podcasts, which in comparison are very dry and boring, but Casual Friday's adds a fun element. Very knowledgeable and wonderful guests/topics. One thing that stands out to me is when they get different guests on that don't necessarily agree on how to be successful, showing audiences that there isn't just one 'right way' that different people, and different businesses have sometimes very different successes! Keep it up, newer subscriber, enjoying going back through the podcasts and 'binge listening' to old episodes, and anxiously awaiting the new ones!
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Tyler keeps me up to speed
I learn something new in every episode and Mr. Anderson always provides me with ideas and discussion topics for my team. I appreciate the casual interviewing style, it makes the show approachable for people with different levels of social media marketing expertise. Perhaps most important is that I need a quick, insightful and relevant social media marketing podcast to keep me up to speed on everything new. This podcast is the perfect solution.
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Shotwell, A
Awesome show!
Thanks for providing great shows to your audience! Keep it up!
To the point and professional podcast!
This podcast is relevant to all who are interested in social media marketing- are you new or just want to keep yourself up to date. Tyler digs deep to get the information from his guest what matters the most to his listeners. I love that he knows what are our struggles in social media marketing. Thank you, Tyler! This podcast is amazing!
Missed the Mark for Me
I'm a fan of business and self improvement. Social media is a make or break factor in self promotion and business promotion so I checked out this podcast. Some of the guests have really great things to say but few and far between. I liked it for a little while but the host begins to come off as fake and insincere. You can tell the guests react to it sometimes. Uses a lot of verbal fillers and has comfort words he overuses such as "awesome." I really enjoyed his episode "How to Achieve Greatness" with Lewis Howes. But in that episode, Lewis reacts to the hosts fake emotion. The host has some knowledge but a ton of room to grow in terms of his personal interaction and presentation. It's like he heard somewhere that a podcast was a good idea and started one, but clearly is phoning in the effort. I'll check it out again and see if anything has changed but definitely will be passing on it for now.
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Excellent show! Louie La Vella was fantastic and a perfect guest for me as I am helping a new band build a social presence. BTW, not able to provide a rating via my iPhone. I know I used to be able to post reviews and rate on other podcasts I follow but for some reason, the functionality seems to have disappeared unless I'm just missing how to do it.
Awesome podcast!
Great info about social media. Appreciate the insights!
My Go-to Resource for Social Media Updates
Tyler is an amazing host who delivers high-quality content on a consistent basis. He always has the best guests and speaks to topics that actually matter to those in the social media and marketing space. I would highly recommend this podcast if you're in the industry or if you're just looking to learn more about the digital space. 5-stars!
I love this podcast!
If you really want to know what's happening in the social media spectrum you have to liste to Tyler. He has great knowledge about social media and his guests are always incredible. Highly recommended.
Roman Sierra
I waited WAY too long to become a fan!
I look forward to Tyler's episodes every week. They are insightful and unique! I love that he explores different formats for his episodes and also really knows his stuff. This is one of the top social media podcasts! I'm a HUGE fan! Psst... he also chats back-and-forth on Twitter. Boom! He rocks! 🎉
What can I say...
Over 3 years it's been my goal to bring you qualtiy information, strategies, and tactics from some of the leading thought leaders across Social Media. I hope I've delivered.
Tyler ALWAYS delivers Value!
Not only does Tyler Anderson have GREAT energy and a great podcast voice he also does an amazing job interviewing his guest, listening to what they say then building off of the conversation so that all his listeners can be informed with the latest modern marketing techniques and an educational entertaining way. This is one of my favorite podcast!
Wish I had found this sooner!
I found some great actionable help here on the podcast. While very entertaining, it also provides easily digestible advanced content that will most certainly take my social media marketing ability to the next level. Thanks Tyler and crew!
Taylor Green ATL
I'm late to the party, just catching up here and now I get to binge listen! After just a few I think I stumbled onto a goldmine of information. Way to go Tyler. Off to listen... :-)
Bryan Kramer
Influentials guests share their experiences!
I just started listening to Tyler’s show. As a Social Media Specialist and business owner, this show couldn’t have come at a better time. Jason asks the right questions about business and marketing too, and it’s very motivating and great learning experience. His wonderful and highly influential guests openly share their learning experiences, and strategies.
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Tyler and his guests have been on my weekly rotation of social media podcast listenings for over a month now, and for good reason; this podcasts stacks up with Michael Stelzner's Social Media Examiner Podcast from the standpoint of fresh information each week from guests you could listen to all day long. Tyler's inteerview style gets the best and most valable information from his guests in such a way that makes you get to know them on a more personal basis, which is so VERY hard for hosts to pull off; Tyler is a master! So listen to even one show and you'll see what I mean. Better yet, why not watch him record thees shows LIVE on! Watching live deepens the experience of this podcast, and seems to add that face-to-face touch to an already awesome show. GREAT JOB TYLER! -Brad, @nextgenbizman
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Valuable Guests
I found this podcast via Blab when Tyler interviewed Shanda from UFC. I enjoyed his interview style and looking back at previous podcasts I can see he has a wealth of valuable guests. I will be listening in more now.
One of My Favorite Social Media Podcast!
Tyler shares amazing guests and content on this podcast. It's "hands down" one of my favorites. Now that he's added Blab you can even watch him doing the podcast via live video and sometimes meet his guests. How cool is that! Subscribe, watch on Blab, and enjoy!
More, please!
I come into this review a bit biased in favor of Tyler as a professional. I had the privilege of meeting him recently and he's as inquisitive, engaged and knowledgeable in person as he is on the show. That said, I really enjoy the content and format of the podcast. He brings interesting guests and discussion each time. Suggestion for listeners: I've seen Tyler record recent episodes on Blab.IM - check him out there and watch while you listen!
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Great topics
Just came across this podcast love the topics and the way Tyler handles the interviews. Great show
Bruce Irving
Great content!
Tyler’s show is both informative and entertaining. He is also putting out a lot of great stuff on Blab these days. Subscribe and follow, you’ll get awesome quick.
Evan Duby
Tons of value
I really enjoy this podcast and the guests are top notch with great information. Keep it up.
Big Fan - Keep it going!
I’ve been listening to Tyler Anderson’a Social Media Social Hour for a few weeks now. I love that the episodes are roughly 30-35 minutes. Tyler speaks with great guests that share their social media/marketing successes and failures. I enjoy listening to their insight and reflecting on my own marketing strategy.
One of the top social media podcasts
If you love social media, you will devour this podcast. Tyler is a great host who really lets his guests shine. Hit the "Subscribe" button now!
I will be definitely subscribing to everything Tyler puts out there! Looked all over for a podcast like this! I would add stars if I could! So glad I found this podcast and Tyler’s content. Just the real deal here! Cannot wait to hear more!
Best Guests, Accompanied by Useful and Relevant Info
I've listened to Tyler's show for over a year. On a weekly basis he broadcasts his conversations with many of the top people in the social media world, asks the questions that we the listeners would want to know, and gets the answers (what more would you ask of an interviewer?). Always enjoy the wrap ups of major industry conferences as I can't get to all of them every year, so it helps to here what the top people are saying they got out of being there in person. Tech Tool segment is frequently useful as I've ended up utilizing probably about half of all of them on a regular basis in my job (but I've tried out all of them after hearing them on this show). This podcast is a MUST-listen if you are working in social media/content marketing and a SHOULD listen if you have any interest whatsoever in the latest happenings in that world.
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Thought-Provoking Insider Tips on Digital Marketing
Such an awesome, approachable scoop on what’s going on with the best minds in social media.
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