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Castle Rock Historical Society
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To get clarification listen to the writers podcast of Lovecraft country
Great Poscast
Hannah and Acadia are hilarious! I look forward to their podcast and have never been disappointed. Hannah has just the right amount of sarcasm and snipe and Acadia sounds like your big bear of an Uncle who you can’t wait to see every Thanksgiving. Keep it going guys 👏🏾👏🏾
New Amsterdam Fan
My favorite podcast on Castlerock
These two are the best. Informative and hilarious! I get excited every time an episode drops. I love that they have add the Dark Tower. There are some podcasts out there and they are informative but in a boring, bland manner. I need my info To come from laid back and humorous people and that is what you will get here. The banter between the two just adds more fun.
I’m a rockstar!
Very good, in-depth reviews and analysis of Castle Rock. Both hosts are charming and discus the material intelligently. Very fun, entertaining and informative.
You guys are hilarious!
Love love love!
I'm confused!
Do these hosts actually like this show? I feel like all they do is make fun of the show... its weird!
Best Castle Rock podcast you could hope to find!
I’ve been a faithful listener since episode one. And it’s just getting better. I love all the theories and notebook scribblings from the hosts. Also the critiques on the authenticity of Maine accents. The off season is a ball with bits of Stephen King news and other shows of a similar vein! If you listen to any Castle Rock podcast, make sure it’s this one! Acadia Hannah 2020!
Evanescent Soul
Decent content, terrible sound
I try to enjoy this podcast. It’s content is interesting and I like the hosts. The problem is the sound is ridiculously bad. Acadia’s is much worse. His audio drops out constantly and it drives me crazy. I find it very hard to listen even though I want to.
My favorite people that talk about stuff
Hannah and Acadia have become my Stephen King/Horror Mom and Dad. Guiding my inexperienced mind through the darkness.
I had to stop watching Castle Rock
And I finally finished it!! Now I can finish this awesome podcast! Acadia and Hannah are so great together. Now I'll know what everyone's talking about. You two have such great rapport!
Great Tour Guides
Love these two! Have been listening since the beginning and have enjoyed the ride! As a native of New England it's great having the added insight of a true New Englander- the little ism's that are true to the area and the people. Both hosts are well read and versed in King and I reccommend following them both on twitter as well. Will be sad when the show is over and no more episodes will be available. I reccomend a Castle Rock book club during the off season :)
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Great podcast!!!
I’ve been listening since the beginning, I am in deep! I’ve never read a SK book and have only watched a few movies. The Shining is my fav. I started watching the show because it was put in THT slot on Hulu. I love everything you both have to say! I catch myself laughing out loud for real! Please keep up doing deep dives and short ones too, I need them all! Hannah and Acadia are like my new friends. I love the trucker language and all the theories! Thanks for making this podcast!
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Great podcast for King fans and newbies alike!
Whether you're a King megafan who doesn't need phrases like "maybe he's from the Territories or some other level of the Tower" explained, or you're just discovering King's work through this new show, you'll find this podcast insightful and entertaining. Hannah and Acadia are both very knowledgable about King's work, Hannah is very pleasant to listen to, and with this being a Stephen King podcast Acadia is feeling empowered to let both his Maine knowledge and Maine accent fly freely. You might be able to start a drinking game based on whether he pronounces an "R" at a spot where it actually occurs in a word. Highly recommended.
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Jordan Pond
My fave!
I checked out every Castle Rock podcast I could find, and while others are good, this one is my favorite. Hosts have a great chemistry and a good mix of banter and sticking to the subject. The authentic Maine bonus info is the icing on the cake! Also, I like the new format of a quick reaction episode followed by a deep dive. Truly added value to the show.
Great podcast for Castle Rock fans
The podcasters are great at sharing background info relating to Hulu’s original Castle Rock based on Stephen King’s books. I miss sooo much, I almost want to listen first, & watch after. I want to, but won’t Bc I can’t wait for each and every episode. Keep sharing the interesting connections, and making it fun to listen. I feel like I’m listening to friends just hanging out & discussing our latest obsession.
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They love the topic as much as I do
At first I was worried that the episodes were too long but now I think they are not long enough. They are easy to listen to and they have some legit insights. Most of the tangents are fun as well. Reccomend!
Kenny lost his license
Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good
The show is very thorough. So much so, that it takes longer to listen to this podcast than it does to watch the episode they're digging into. If you think that's a bad thing, you're wrong. It means they've got their shovels out, and they are digging up things you probably didn't even think about while you were watching the show. You can go into the next episode with your mind full of questions and theories you probably wouldn't have dreamed up without their insight. 10 out of 10. Would listen again.
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Beans es
Listening makes my ears happy
Despite Acadia’s terrible accent, their voices are like buttah. But I have to catch up on the show so I can listen to more!
Jenn Martinelli
Fantastic Enhancement
I eagerly awaited the arrival of Castle Rock on Hulu. I watched, and loved, the first episode, in the middle of the night. Being an emplyed adult, I had to make the responsible decision to call it a night after that first episode, which broke my heart. Luckily, I awoke to the Castle Rock Historical Society podcast about that first episode. I can't watch an episode at work, but I can listen to a podcast. Brilliant. And let me tell you, these two cats have a lot of Steven King knowledge rattling around in their heads, and they've elevated my enjoyment to a whole new level. There are so many fun easter eggs and tidbits floating around in the show that I wouldn't catch in a million years, and getting to hear about them really makes the show so much more immersive. After listening, I rewatched the first episode, and while rewatching most anything usually results in more takeaways, having all the fun new things I learned made it an even better experience. I've since watched the second episode as well, and have listed to part 1 of the podcast. I'm about to start the part 2, and then plan to rewatch the episode before moving on to the third. I plan to do the same throughout the whole show. You should too.
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Based on the first episode
I liked them both and think future eppys will tighten up because there won't be as much getting to know you stuff.