Castle Rock Historical Society
Castle Rock Historical Society
Castle Rock Historical Society
From its ambitious beginnings as an unofficial companion podcast to the Hulu Original Stephen King series, Castle Rock, CRHS has grown into a hilarious, King-orbiting-but-frequently-divergent, horror genre podcast.
The Stand Episode Seven
The good guys go for a walk, and Hannah and Acadia go for a talk…about episode seven of The Stand!  Join us as we step through the entire episode, including the curious changes surrounding Nadine Cross.  The series is heading into the end game and the Castle Rock Historical Society is here to make sure […]
Jan 30
1 hr 3 min
The Stand Episode Six – The Vigil
We finally get to meet Trashcan Man and the Society has what to say about it.  Acadia and Hannah break down and review Episode Six of the CBS All Access original show: The Stand. Bobby Terry SCREEEEEWED IT UP but we do our best not to in this extra long episode of the Castle Rock […]
Jan 24
1 hr 15 min
The Stand – Episode 5
Hannah and Acadia are all caught up and discuss their first taste of New Vegas as they review and break down Episode Five of The Stand: Fear and Loathing in New Vegas.  Join them as they talk over what the show gets right, and what doesn’t work as well.  All the analysis and review you […]
Jan 15
58 min
The Stand Episodes 3 and 4
Hannah and Acadia discuss episodes three and four of The Stand now that Hannah has kicked her bout of Covid.  Tune in as we revisit boring Boulder and talk about what the show is doing right (and wrong).  The Castle Rock Historical Society cannot be stopped, though it does seem like we are pretty easy […]
Jan 13
59 min
The Stand – Episode 2
The Stand on CBS All Access has aired episode two and Hannah and Acadia are here to break it all down.  Covering the stories of Larry Underwood and Lloyd Henreid, the Stand episode two packs a lot in and we break it all down for you. Filed under: CBS All Access, stephen king, The Stand
Dec 26, 2020
1 hr 6 min
The Stand Episode One
The Stand on CBS All Access is the biggest thing happening in the King Universe right now and Hannah and Acadia are here to break down and review episode one.  Come meet Frannie, Harold, and Stu with us!  And there will be spoilers, so watch The Stand on CBS All Access and then come listen.  […]
Dec 17, 2020
52 min
The Stand Preview
Hannah and Acadia get ready for the CBS ALL Access limited series The Stand by going over some cast info, their thoughts on the books and their expectations for the show.  It’s time for Mother Abigail and The Dark Man and the castle Rock Historical Society is ready. Filed under: CRHS, Season Four, The Stand
Dec 11, 2020
51 min
CRHS Season Finale: Pilgrim
Hannah and Acadia wrap up the season with a watch of the Hulu Blumhouse holiday movie: Pilgrim. It’s our last review of the season but we will be back with full coverage of the CBS All Access showing of The Stand.  Thanks for hanging out with us this season and we can’t wait to talk […]
Dec 1, 2020
52 min
CRHS: Giving Helstrom a Societry
The episode is going up early this week so we can get ready for Thanksgiving! Hannah and Acadia give the Hulu series Helstrom a try (spoiler: it was not bad!) and challenge the listeners to come up with something for us to watch for Thanksgiving horror.  So come on! Give us something to do! Filed […]
Nov 23, 2020
54 min
CRHS: A Review of “His House” on Netflix
This week Hannah and Acadia review and discuss the new movie His House that just debuted on Netflix. Spoiler: It’s really good!  And we talk about what’s coming up next for the show a little bit as well. Something for everyone!  Enjoy! Filed under: His House, netflix
Nov 17, 2020
39 min
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