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Castle Rock Historical Society
Castle Rock Historical Society
From its ambitious beginnings as an unofficial companion podcast to the Hulu Original Stephen King series, Castle Rock, CRHS has grown into a hilarious, King-orbiting-but-frequently-divergent, horror genre podcast.
CRHS: Lisey’s Story – Episodes Three and Four
We are back and still watching Lisey's Story.  We cover two episodes this week, three and four, and while they are slower than the first two, we are still intrigued.  Join us as we break things down and don't forget to reach out to us at!
Jul 25
1 hr 1 min
CRHS – Lisey’s Story – Episode 2
The Stephen King show on Apple TV has captured our attention and we dig into the second episode on this installment of the show. The combination of us, Stephen King adaptations, and genuine interest does not happen all the time so we are excited to keep watching. Hopefully we will get even more into it […]
Jul 5
53 min
CRHS: Lisey’s Story – Episode 1
The Castle Rock Historical Society is back and we are excited to be covering Apple TV’s Lisey’s Story.  The first episode lays out a lot of track and we are excited to follow it.  And since neither of us read the book, we get to judge it as a show instead of an adaptation.  So […]
Jun 17
50 min
The King Wheel (sort of) – Dreamcatcher
Since Stephen King’s 2003 feature Dreamcatcher was leaving HBOMax at the end of March Acadia broke the wheel of King and let the Alien Butt Worms take center stage because Hannah liked it do much.  So we talk a lot about Alient Butt Worms, their motivations, and ask the tough questions that you have come […]
Apr 2
1 hr 19 min
CRHS’ The King Wheel  – No Smoking
This week on The Castle Rock Historical Society, have a watch of the 2007 Indian “neo-noir surreal psychological thriller” No Smoking – an oddball re-imagining of the Stephen King short story “Quitters, Inc.” Join Acadia and Hannah for some strange, musical, nicotine-stained fun, plus bonus unrelated Snyder Cut chat. Filed under: India, stephen king
Mar 24
53 min
The Tommyknockers
This week Hannah and Acadia review The 1993 miniseries adaptation of The Tommyknockers and it goes pretty much like you would expect. But Meep Morp aliens and the most evil mailman in the history of the Post Office cannot derail the Castle Rock Historical Society from completing their appointed rounds.  And, as a bonus, we […]
Mar 13
58 min
Mad Monster Party and the Wheel of King
We are finally done with The Stand and this week we get to talk about the convention we just went to: Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC!  We had a great time and actually sold stuff so go us!  And we also introduced a new feature for ourselves; The Wheel of King!  I mean, there […]
Mar 1
36 min
The Stand – Finale
The Stand is over.  If you mispronounce “finale” you can make it sound like “finally”.  That may or may not be a clue as to how we feel about the last installment of the King novel adaptation.  But it is. It definitely is.  And we don’t just talk about the all new ending to the […]
Feb 15
1 hr 2 min
The Stand Episode Eight
Episode eight of The Stand is balanced on the top of a god-ball.  Does the ball make the episode great or does it ruin everything?  Find out as Hannah and Acadia break it down.  Also, we say ball more times than we have ever said ball in all the previous episodes combined!  So I guess […]
Feb 5
1 hr 19 min
The Stand Episode Seven
The good guys go for a walk, and Hannah and Acadia go for a talk…about episode seven of The Stand!  Join us as we step through the entire episode, including the curious changes surrounding Nadine Cross.  The series is heading into the end game and the Castle Rock Historical Society is here to make sure […]
Jan 30
1 hr 3 min
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