Cashiers Canine Connection
Cashiers Canine Connection
Mountain Dog Spa
Cashiers Canine Connection's mission is to answer questions about dog training and dog behavior.The hosts of the podcast, Alissa Short and Dona Ampova, are dog professionals in Cashiers, NC working to bring the Cashiers canine community together. Sponsored and Hosted by Mountain Dog Spa of Cashiers, NC.
Episode 12: Boarding Services at Mountain Dog
Alissa, Virginia and Dona explain the boarding services offered at Mountain Dog Spa. Questions Answered in this Q&A:1. What do the boarding dogs do all day?2. How long are boarding dogs in their kennel during the day?3. What do I need to bring for...
Jun 22
30 min
Episode 11: Puppy Training
Dog trainer Alissa Short tells us her tips and tricks for puppy training!
May 27
1 hr 2 min
Episode 10: Steps to Train Dog Recall ("Come Here")
In this episode, Alissa explains how to train dogs to do one of the longest, most complicated obedience command training processes: recall.Recall is when your dog comes back to you every time that you call him/her, regardless of distractions in the...
May 20
26 min
Episode 9: Remote E-Collar Training
In this episode, Alissa and Dona explain the E-Collar that Mountain Dog Spa uses for training.These high-quality remote collars are from E-Collar Technologies, and they give dog owners the ability to control the level of stimulation. The levels range...
May 13
34 min
Episode 8: The Place Command
Learn the benefits to teaching your dog "Place," step-by-step instructions for how to teach "Place," and situations when "Place" comes in handy.
May 6
45 min
Episode 7: Structured Leash Walk
Learn how to stop leash pulling, lunging and other unwanted leash walk behaviors - today! Alissa explains how to use a Herm-Sprenger prong collar to stop leash pulling once and for all. She also tells us how to avoid buying knock-off prong collars that...
Apr 29
42 min
Episode 6: Threshold Training
Threshold training is the process of teaching your dog to pause at each threshold and wait for your permission before walking through. In this episode of Cashiers Canine Connection, Alissa Short and Dona Ampova provide step-by-step instructions to...
Apr 22
28 min
Episode 5: Feeding Protocol
In this podcast, Alissa Short explains how a professional dog trainer feeds dogs their meals. To achieve permission-based eating at meal times, Alissa describes a technique that will get your dog's attention. Your dog will see you as a food-provider and...
Apr 15
28 min
Episode 4: Crate Training
Crate Training is the first of the Four Foundations that Alissa Short and Dona Ampova are going into in greater detail. The crate starts the day of a dog in training, because the dog will wake up in his or her crate. The day will start with a leadership...
Apr 8
28 min
Episode 3: Overview of the Four Foundations
This episode of Cashiers Canine Connection is an overview of the Four Foundations of dog training. Alissa Short tells us what the Four Foundations are and why they are important when we are training our pet dogs.The Four Foundations are:1. Crate...
Apr 1
20 min
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