The Carp Fishing Podcast
The Carp Fishing Podcast
Mark Bryant & Mike Holly - The carp fishermans podcast
A carp fishing podcast, recorded by two passionate anglers.
The Carp Fishing Podcast - Memory Lane - Kev Winter aka Hippy
This month, we have a great guest joining us to talk about his adventures on some of the most iconic carp waters we've ever seen. Kev Winter aka Hippy covers his Yateley days, living next door to the complex ensured his early years were filled with special memories of big carp. We also delve into Horton, his time as the Cemex forums modorator, his involvement in raising awareness of illegally imported carp with ECHO and last but not least a tale of a special Wraysbury carp. Mike and Mark also discuss a carps sleeping habbits as well as a selection of topics seen on screen. Enjoy. 
Mar 1
4 hr 7 min
The Carp Fishing Podcast - Dave Lyons - Mental Health & Angling
David Lyons joins us this month to share his story about how Tackling Minds started. Dave had suffered from past mental health problems and fishing played a vital role in managing his illness. Dave has often mentioned that if it wasn't for fishing, he doesn't think he'd be here to tell this story. Tackling Minds has grown from strength to strength and gets people from all walks of life into fishing to show them the benefits of spending time outside. Dave and TM have helped hundreds of people so far with Mental Health, Addiction, Disabilities and Long term illnesses get out on the bank. We also delve into diet again, vibrating zigs and also discuss the world of social influencing and how brands align themselves with social media personalities. We also announce a special event heading to the Cotswolds in March! 
Feb 1
2 hr 13 min
The Carp Fishing Podcast - Nick Dunn - Ringwood Years
This month we have Mr Stogleman himself, Nick Dunn. We take a trip down memory lane as he recalls his time on some special Ringwood venues that once contained some incredible carp, fish that managed to stay fairly hidden from the public eye for many years. We also delve into his love for Cows, Corkballs, Old Carp and of course his close friendships. Those that have made the Ringwood scene so special. Mark and Mike also cover some home truths of diet, they delve into mouth damage before finishing off with a dissection of the recent Fox underwater film. Enjoy. 
Jan 3
4 hr 23 min
The Carp Fishing Podcast - Will Bradley - Drive and Determination
This month we delve into a subject that rarely gets much air time, taste and the importance of taste in a carp bait and the pivitotal role it plays. We discuss ingredients used and observations in tank tests and our own results over the years to back up our findings. We also have a great guest on, Will Bradley. Will's an angler that Mark once upon a time mentored through the Korda carp academy but has since carved his own path on some extremely challenging venues up and down the country. Mike delves into what gives Will the drive and determination to travel long distances in search of some really special carp. Enjoy.
Dec 2, 2023
3 hr 29 min
The Carp Fishing Podcast - Carp Fishing Australia - Scott Rollo
This time we delve into life as a carp angler in Australia with Mike's old friend from school, Scott Rollo. Snakes, spiders, bow hunters, kangaroos and the potential to catch carp beyond your wildest dreams is a stark contrast from the UK scene but Oz isn't the easiest place to fish as you'll get to hear. Mike and Mark also chew the fat around moon phases, the expected Autumnal big feed up and Terry's epic, new film, dropped by Jack and ESP. Enjoy the usual banter and stories mixed in as Mark also explains his holiday from hell plane disaster....
Nov 1, 2023
3 hr 7 min
62. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Tom Loraine - The Carping Jedi
Tom Loraine is our special guest this month and is a name that seems to be everywhere in recent years. His catches have not only been consistent on almost every water he's wet a line in but the carp he's added to his album over the years have also been from some rock hard venues too. Some anglers just stand out from the crowd, to be consistent on such a variety of waters is no coincidence. It often comes through dedication, sacrifice and hard graft and Tom ticks all those boxes and has an album to prove it. Not only that, Tom is far from full time, owning his own business means life needs to be balanced and that is never easy but Tom seems to have it down to a fine art. Mike and Mark also discuss the political challenges to stocking carp in our rivers and canals and how this sadly impacts carp fishing in the UK, especially at grass roots level. Will it ever change, we doubt it but we'll keep trying to establish a way of stocking our waterways with free fish! Enjoy!  
Oct 4, 2023
2 hr 44 min
61. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Heather the Leather - Jon Pack pt2
In this month's podcast we had to cover the topic that seems to have broken the internet and that's the Magic Twig. We also discuss baiting patterns that helped Mark catch a recent forty pounder and Jon Pack is back for the second part of his brilliant interview as he takes us on a journey that covers life after catching a British Record. Jon delves into his obsession with Heather the Leather and one that nearly ended in hyperthermia! Enjoy!   
Sep 1, 2023
3 hr 28 min
60. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Jon Pack - The British Record Capture
This month we welcome Jon Pack to the microphone to delve into his historic British record capture of two tone, a carp of gigantic proportions. Jon's trip down memory lane is a two part chat with Yateley and St Ives among others to follow. Mark also recalls a meeting with the iconic Terry Hearn and we've added a few new features into the months ramblings, titled The Great Debate and As Seen on Screen. Enjoy and once again, thanks for your support. 
Jul 31, 2023
3 hr 31 min
59. The Carp Fishing Podcast - VBK Success Story - Alijn Danau & Thomas Roose
This months podcast has a little twist. We got asked to be a guest on the wonderful VBK podcast in Belgium. For those that have no idea who or what the VBK do then I'll try to explain. They're a non profit Carp Fishing organisation that offers it's members waters to fish. They also home grow carp and help stock waters for the future. They produce great books and magazines, they're even lobbied over the years to get night fishing approved in Belgium and thats just for starters. They're created something, that since the early 90's has really united carp anglers together with a platform aimed at benefitting all carp anglers. Me and Mark has always admired the success of the VBK and have often felt something like this is solely missing in the UK. It was great to be able to sit down and discuss what the VBK really means with none other that Alijn Danau, a man who gives some much back to carp angling through his VBK work and one that has the respect of so many anglers all over the world. We hope you enjoy a rare insight into what's possible when anglers unite. Enjoy. 
Jul 1, 2023
2 hr 7 min
58. The Carp Fishing Podcast - Jason Hayward - History in the Making
This month Mike and Mark continue to explore Europe and record the podcast while on the road in search of the unknown. Our special guest this month is none other than Jason Hayward. The first man to bank what later became one of the best known carp we've ever produced, the Colne Meres Black Mirror. Mike delves into his pursuit for a carp beyond his wildest dreams and also discusses life after such a monumental capture, one that rocked the carp world and still stands as one of the most iconic carp captures of all time. Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy Jason's enthusiasm and trip down memory lane!  
Jun 2, 2023
4 hr 28 min
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