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This Has Been the Capital Daily Podcast
The Capital Daily podcast in its current format is coming to an end. We plan on bringing you different series in the future, so please stay subscribed, but the show as it has been, is now over. Thank you for everything. -Jackie
Feb 25
4 min
This Is Table Talk Provides Space for Storytelling
Since 2019, This Is Table Talk has served as a community sharing space for Victorians who identify as visible minorities – and has become a catalyst for change within a city reckoning with past and present racial divides. For Black History Month, we speak with Table Talk co-facilitators Parker Johnson and Vishnu Punwani.
Feb 25
18 min
Lasqueti Island's Population is Divided Over Vaccines. What Can We Learn?
Capital Daily Reporters Brishti Basu and Zoë Ducklow travelled to Lasqueti Island to speak to locals about the tense divide in opinions when it comes to the pandemic. Brishti joins to share what she learned from her trip, and what it can tell us about the overall polarization seemingly present in our population.
Feb 24
18 min
Workers Are Being Priced Out of Victoria
We look at the intersection between affordable housing in Victoria, living wages, and the gaps in the labour market. We'll speak to Jeff Bray, the Executive Director of the Downtown Victoria Business Association, workers who have been priced out, and a local business that has been working to find solutions for their staff.
Feb 23
26 min
The Last Lightkeepers of Vancouver Island
Nearly three centuries after they first sprang up on Canada’s coastline, just 51 staffed lighthouses remain in the country – survivors of repeated attempts at automation. Perhaps nowhere in Canada are they quite so abundant as Vancouver Island, where towers dot the Strait of Georgia and the fog-laden Pacific Coast. We speak with lightkeepers Justine Etzkorn and Karen Zacharuk about a life lived “on the lights.”
Feb 22
18 min
How a Grassroots Garden Project Is Tackling Food Insecurity
Co-created by Ariel Reyes Antuan and Jess Reyes Barton in the midst of the pandemic, the Palenke Greens Initiative provides burlap sack gardens to people of African descent and other marginalized folks who are facing food insecurity. For Black History Month, we look into how the project began, where it’s headed, and how it feeds into “the Ubuntu spirit of communal self-reliance.”
Feb 18
17 min
Toxic Drug Deaths Hit Record High, But Activists Are Still Optimistic
The toxic drug supply killed a record 2,224 people in BC last year. Last week, activists and those affected organized in front of the Legislature calling for more action. Today, we hear about what they're calling for and speak with Fred Cameron, Operations Director at SOLID Outreach Society, to get his reaction to the current government plans.
Feb 17
17 min
What Killed the Jordan River?
A century ago, the Jordan River saw thousands of salmon return to spawn each year. Now, it has been called a “dead river” – one in which, in a good year, only a few dozen salmon might appear. To find out what happened to the river, what it once was, and what might still be done about it, we speak with Capital Daily reporter Jolene Rudisuela.
Feb 16
17 min
Why Did Esquimalt Shrink?
The recent census data from Statistics Canada showed (to no one's surprise) Langford is by far the fastest-growing municipality in Greater Victoria. But on a more surprising note, Esquimalt is the only area besides Oak Bay to shrink. Today we analyze the data with housing expert Leo Spalteholtz and find out why some areas are growing, some are shrinking, and what it all means for housing on the Island.
Feb 15
25 min
View Royal Wants More Diversity On Its Council. Will They Get It?
The town council of View Royal has voted narrowly to add two new councillor seats, in an effort to attract a more diverse array of candidates to seek election. Mayor David Screech argues the move to expand council is long overdue, but his detractors have questioned whether the move is necessary, given the town's small size — and have wondered whether any new candidates will apply. ("The three or four people I have heard from who are interested in running are people like me, white men. So we could end up with more of the same," said councillor John Rogers.) We speak with Mayor Screech about the vote, why he feels it's important, whether amalgamation would be a better option, and how his council plans to encourage a more diverse array of candidates.
Feb 14
17 min
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