Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast
Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast
Tad Hussey
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Best podcast for any type of gardening!!
This podcast has taught me much more than just learning about growing cannabis. I’ve listened to episodes of this podcast numerous times and every time I do I dial into new information. It’s unbelievable that Tad doesn’t charge or inundated you with ads. The level of quality when choosing his guests is unmatched. The devils in the details and they’re all here!
Cape cod Nick
The best cannabis podcast
Thank you Tad! I own and run a small indoor cultivation facility (The Frost Frontier) in Alaska and I love the show! So much useful information in every episode I am fired up every time a new one drops! Keep up the good work and come visit Jeff L and I in AK!
Rope cutting master
Always informative .
Josiah NY
Lots of good information
Love the show!! Lots of good useful information helping me out a lot
Great guests!
Tad is so knowledgeable, and combined with his super smart and quirky guests I feel like I’m getting a free master course in soil biology! Tragically, I live in Texas where legislators care more about money than common sense, and am therefore barred from growing medicine, but the info applies to anyone who grows their own food. Very very informative 🥦
A Must Listen! Highly educational and useful info
If you’re trying to grow anything utilizing a living soil methodology, this is essential listening. I’ve learned more from season 1 than I did my whole first year of graduate school! Seriously, this podcast is what you need in your life if you’ve been searching the internet for real, science based, applicable information for your living soil or “organic” garden.
Incredible analysis of various white papers
Awesome scientific analysis and questioning. Amazing podcast for new and old growers.
Great host and super interesting content!
I have been listening to this podcast for the past 18 months and absolutely love it! I really appreciate the depth of science that goes into it and many of the guests are not only accomplished scientists, but also very interesting people with great stories to tell. Most of all I love this podcast because I learn practical information that I can and do use to make my gardens healthier. Keep it up Tad!
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Highly informative
This show is great. I listened to episode 3 with Clackamas coot and woke up this morning with worm bins, kelp meal, and malted grains on the mind.
Solid Vibes
This was the first Cannabis podcast that turned me on and tuned me in, to the educating world via Podcasts. I had listened to a few podcasts prior for entertainment & a little(lot) of education, but i turned a corner with y'all. so thank you, thank you, thank you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!-insertfivehigh-
Willy Wander
One of the best!
My friend put me on to this podcast and it has been an absolute blessing. Tad is a wonderful host and he brings on an array of excellent, knowledgeable guest that provide top quality information. This is a podcast that every cannabis enthusiast should keep up with!
P. Healy
If you want to understand the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation and science. Definitely check out This podcast. Also great for general agricultural knowledge and personal greenthumb development 😁
Scientific research into cannabis
Definitely not for everyone, however if you cultivate cannabis or just genuinely curious about the state of cannabis science this podcast is covers all the bases. Great questions, great topics and great people on the show. Well done! When I’m out in the garden I pop on the headphones and listen to this podcast.
Intelligent, thoughtful and science-driven
This is a thoughtful and inquisitive podcast. Tad’s selection of guests, insightful questions, respectful but provocative questioning, and concise recaps of guests’ points make this the most credible show dealing with the new frontier of cannabis cultivation. I have binge-listened to the whole library and can’t wait for the next one. An invaluable resource for anyone who is curious about what’s happening with the science surrounding this extraordinary plant.
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Great podcast for cultivators
The one thing every true grower of cannabis knows is you never stop learning and this is a great podcast that allows us to stay on top of what other growers are learning. Who knew we could up humidity and get rid of pm??? It goes against everything we have learned over the years but we learned this on this podcast because of another grower mistakenly flooding there room. We learn about new lighting, environmental equipment, ipm strategies, growing mediums, growing on a larger scale, watering systems and techniques, canopy management and much more. I could go on and on. This podcast takes you to cannabis growing school and is great for beginners and us professionals. Imagine if we would have had this kind of access to info in the early 80’s, think about where we would be today.
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Diller Farmz
Awesome podcast
This is a great podcast to listen to for anyone who is trying to learn more about sustainable cannabis cultivation and agriculture in general. Tad is an amazing host and look forward to listen to his podcast for hopefully many years to come!
Most in Depth Cannabis Grow Podcast I’ve Seen
I really like what Tad is doing here, he goes very in depth with the topics and keeps them focused on sustainable growing while being open minded at the same time. After listening to around five or so episodes of his podcast, I have to say that I’m hooked. Cannabis cultivation is already such an enthralling subject and hobby, but the organic subject matter of this show really makes for interesting conversation. I especially like how it’s focused on soil microorganisms and renewable practices. As well, all the guests so far been quite knowledgeable and bring plenty of new ideas to the table. Keep it up!
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Ian nostrant
Excellent science-minded podcast
This podcast is highly informative with some of the greatest thought leaders in cannabis today. Tad’s guests are often researchers who conduct their own experiments to substantiate sustainable cannabis growing methods. I love Tad’s style. With his own depth of knowledge, he asks incisive questions and often challenges experts to drive more quality into the conversation. If you’re growing, listening to this podcast is invaluable!
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Charlie Myrray
Drying & curing
Hey Tad, love the podcast it’s been very helpful for my first grow this year and I really appreciate all the information. Growing organically I really appreciated all the info on compost teas! Now that Im into harvest I’m lost in the drying and curing side of things. Have done a podcast on this topic and I just missed it? I this is a big part of the whole process and it gets overlooked by many growers. Do you know a good place that I could find some info on this and how I could optimize this process? Thank you for everything!!!
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Great podcast with amazing knowledge!!
I got turned onto this podcast as I was starting to grow cannabis, but what I’ve learned from here not only applies to that but to home gardening and other aspects of life. The way you look at growing can applied to many aspects of my life! Thanks for the great guest and an even more awesome host. Thanks for all you do!
You don’t need to be a gardener
Even if you never use anything you learn from this podcast, it’s still worth a listen.
Incredibly Informative
I love listening to this podcast, it’s my absolute favorite. As someone working in the industry, this is the level of content I’m seeking for. I definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about cultivation or anything science related in the cannabis industry!
Great info
I have learned so many things!
Amazing source of knowledge
This podcast has helped me to dial in my indoor garden and has exposed many of the mistakes I was making. This has been the source of information that I have been looking for, since the beginning of my journey as a cultivator.
Thank you so much
Wow! This podcast is exactly what I need being a beginner to gardening and really want to keep it as clean and natural as possible. After listening big ti a few choice episodes I’m starting from the beginning.
Full of knowledge
Every podcast is full of scientific information. One of my top three favorite cannabis podcasts!!!
mountain Sprout
Super Informative
I’m a novice grower going into my second grow season. Your information on compost tea is extensive. I’m stoked someone recommended your podcast and will return the favor. Keep the info coming!
Humble cannabis podcast
Best podcast out there for a great introduction to cannabis and living soil. Every episode gives me basic knowledge on very complex subjects, definitely helping me move forward at work. KIS rules Thank You Tad -T. Eby
Best podcast on earth
Very informative, eye opening
fredrick greens
Very informative !!!!
Great podcast Tad. Keep’em coming!!
Thank you for the awesome information!!
I love this podcast because it brings in experienced experts!! I do ask if you can do more organic/no till episodes. Possibly do an interview with Jeremy from BuildASoil?? Thank you Tad!!!
M Henning
Fantastic show, so informative. Only thing I could ask for is a follow up with Steve Solomon and his thoughts on foliage feeding and soil food web
Reggie won me over
I love all the episodes and so appreciate what Kis is up to on all fronts! Critical service to the industry and hobbyists alike. The two episodes with Dr Reggie from Steephill were exceptional. So many jewels in those conversations but he officially won me over when he stated that post harvest processing is one of the most important factors of great flower. Curing gets a lot of air play and lip service but to hear someone that is so involved in genetic and growth factors say it just made my heart all warm and fuzzy 😜. Thanks all!
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One of the best!
Very informative and amazing variety of topics covered. From beginner to experienced grower, this podcast is a must listen!
Great podcast.
Great podcast! Can’t wait to learn more.
For being a soul nerd he’s an excellent interviewer
Thanks Tad for sticking to the facts and not getting hyperbolic with your guests. So much good information presented in a compelling way. Keep on keeping on. Thanks.
Great interviews, knowledgeable people
Extremely knowledgeable, this podcast covers all the information I want, and more. Sensible and clear, I learn things with every issue. Thank you!
Great grow podcast.
This podcast is great for those who really want to learn to grow. Most of this information can be used in all gardening. I love how it gets straight to the point. Most podcast they spend 15 minutes smoking and telling what they are smoking and here’s a lil info. The people that interviewed are real and so helpful.
mike foxtrot 21
Thanks for sharing 😎
I really enjoy listening and learning from all of the fantastic guests and the host!
Best podcast out there!
Tad, I hope my contribution will make an impact on your ability to continue this amazing podcast! The way you interview and dig to the root of the information is an art form! There is an awfully large gap in the knowledge base available for the farmers/growers who want to do things the best way possible but aren’t scientists, horticulturists and biologists or are getting their start later in life due to the legal murkiness of cannabis in America. You are the bridge we have all needed! Thank you! You have truly been an inspiration to me and I count myself lucky that I was able to find your podcast. My girlfriend and I are currently taking classes at Cornell University to help us better understand the land we have in New York to farm on, the laws and tax implications of farming, and organic farming. We aspire to have a small, organic farm that will evolve to growing organic cannabis as well. I’ve always wanted to “grow bud” but you made me realize that I LOVE to “cultivate cannabis”. I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into this podcast for all of us and I want to thank the guests that you bring on! I can only imagine you all have your own busy schedule to work around and we all appreciate you guys more than you will ever know! Keep up the good work and please come visit the east coast some time for a conference or seminar so I can come see you in person easier! Thank you again, Joe
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Love the show
Great show. Love all the guest and your a great host. Love the diversity of guests and topics.
Educational informational
Very informational podcast. I always learn a lot when listening to the either while at work, or on a road trip. I recommend this podcast for any Serious grower gardner or all around cannabis enthusiasts
I’ve always loved learning about cannabis, but this podcast has me wanting to explore it on a whole new level. Absolutely love it. Thank you!
Great Content
I am currently enrolled in the Cleveland School of Cannabis and this podcast hits on so much of the content we are studying. Tad and his guests really add insight and clarity to text and dive even deeper into some of the content we are learning. Keep these coming!!!
Leading edge organics
Can’t believe it’s free! What a wonderful source of info, any farmer no matter the crop would benefit from listening. Thanks Tad for some great content on a subject that gets far less attention than it deserves because it won’t fuel big business or corporations. The world needs more of you my friend, thanks for the enlightenment 🙏💪🤙 Love, Light & Alo)(a
Love this podcast
I love KIS Organics as well as this podcast. I’m so hooked that I check all the time for new content on this show to come out. This is the best cultivation show out there. I grow as a hobby. I am not a commercial farmer, but Tad has personally responded to my questions through email. What a nice guy. His website is full of awesome products that are reasonably priced and very high quality. I feel as if I can trust the products on his site because I feel as if he wouldn’t sell us a crappy product. Thank you Tad and KIS Organics
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-Bo H.
Fantastic Content!
Love all the knowledge I’ve been picking up via this podcast and the discussions within! Tad I would love to hear your thoughts on down to earth products, where they're sourced, possibly an interview..? Keep up the great work!!
organic student
No Banter in beginning
This is by far my favorite Cannabis podcast! I am not into a lot of the podcasts out there because for the first half hour the are just talking about whatever and not the subject matter. Tad get straight to the point and asks intelligent questions to whoever he has on the show. He also does not have advertisements on his show, which is a nice bonus. I feel like he actually cares about the topic and wants to bring on guests to share their knowledge with the rest of the Cannabis industry.
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Kyle Kaz
refreshing to listen
The show is like a blast of fresh ocean air. Theres nothing quite like it. It addresses some very important topics pertaining to all gardeners and growers with an emphasis on sustainability and soil restoration/recycling. Our global soil health is something few people really consider. Tad has a knack for interviewing. Asking just the right questions, reiterating some of the more confusing stuff, or steering the conversations in a productive and informative manner. This show is literally a green gold mine of expert advice and input from real down to earth individuals who believe in science and growing in a sustainable and restorative manner. Just started listening a week ago and have found it difficult to stop. Amazing job and many thanks to everyone involved in the making of this podcast!
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One of my Favorites
I’m a university student studying crop/soil science and botany. It’s difficult to find podcasts on soil science & especially on the type of living soil science which is unfortunately only touched on in my university courses. I tune into this podcast for a different perspective than the one I’m presented with at school. I love being able to hear concepts which I’m learning about in courses spoken about in discourse & in a more casual, conversational manner. I’ve almost got through all the episodes & they are thought provoking, resource rich & for anyone who loves plants/soil(not just Cannabis), simply enthralling! It’s very exciting how the Cannabis industry is helping to push the powerful “technology” of soil microbiology to the forefront of soil science. Tad is a great host. Thank you!
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