Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast
Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast
Tad Hussey
Episode 65: Strategic Planning and Design for Indoor Cannabis with Brian Anderson
59 minutes Posted Jun 18, 2020 at 12:38 pm.
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Show notes
Brian is a founding partner of Anderson Porter Design, Inc., an international practice focused on design and architecture for the cannabis industry. Anderson Porter Design provides strategy, technology, design, and thought leadership, built on 20 years as a general practice in Architecture. Since 2014 they are focused on buildings for plants: Controlled-Environmental Horticulture (CEH), Extraction / Manufacturing, and Retail Dispensaries.   Brian merges a RISD education in the craft tradition of making and designing objects with an analytic data-driven process to drive value along the cannabis supply chain. He has a Master's degree from Harvard and has been in practice since 1992. Anderson provides professional leadership in strategic planning and design. He speaks nationally on energy sustainability in the Cannabis Industry, Facility Design, and on interior design for retail.   National Cannabis Industry Association   Resource Innovation Institute