Can I Pet Your Dog?
Can I Pet Your Dog?
Renee and Alexis
Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!
CIPYD 264: Tiny Turkeys and Thanksgiving Loafs
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We kick off this week by putting the cooking instructions for Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Loaf on blast! Then we calm down a bit in Crumboat to report Crumb is back on top and Tug is being a tiny turkey. And, we've got a top-notch My Mutt Minute from Emily and Pippa, along with some hilarious dogsasters!
Nov 24
32 min
CIPYD 263: Kristen Torres and Lucy
Well hi! Just two one-take-wonders here, who've never once goofed, back for another show! ;) This week in Crumboaty Alexis says goodbye to Rooney and Renee is dipping her toe back into Tugboat daycare. We've got a fantastic My Mutt Minute from Piilani and her dog Kohai. Plus, Kristen Torres, one of the best producers and storytellers in the biz, is here to tell us all about her pup Lucy! 
Nov 17
48 min
CIPYD 262: First Dogs and Dog Mayors
It was the great one-star reviewer of 2017 who said of this show “TOO POLITICAL! ONE STAR!” And we’ve never been happier to prove them right today! In this episode we’re talking First Dogs, we’re talking dog Mayors, we’re talking dog Ambassadors - it’s all politics all the time here at CIPYD! PLUS, in this week’s Crumboat Rooney is leaving on a Monster Truck, Crumb has a new sweater and Tug in a last-ditch effort to get warm is under the covers. And finally, we have a top-notch My Mutt Minute from Adriana and her dog Granger.
Nov 10
23 min
CIPYD 261: Laura House and Minnie
Well would ya look at that! November 3rd. Here it is - and we are ready to discuss the one thing tiptop on everyone's minds... DOGS. ;) This week in Crumboaty, Rooney survived her first poppy seed, Crumb gets courageous off-leash, and Tug is requiring no less than two-handed pets. We've got a fantastic DOG-FRIENDLY My Mutt Minute from Kelly and Mister Beau. And the hilarious Laura House is here to tell us, hands down, the best dog origin story we've ever heard. 
Nov 3
45 min
CIPYD 260: Edgar Momplaisir and Petit
Happy Halloween to you and yours! We can't wait to see all of your little buddies in their costumes. This week in Crumboatey Rooney is going out with a dogsaster BANG and Tugboat is faking a stretch when he gets caught. We've got a triumph nickname-themed My Mutt Minute with Regan, Chris and Petey. And the hilarious Edgar Momplaisir joins us to chat all about his new 3-month-old pup, Petit! Giver a listen and VOTE! :)
Oct 27
43 min
CIPYD 259: Mystery Dogsasters and Ghost Pups
BOO! Just kidding it's just us! We're so excited to see ya! This week in Crumboaty Crumb and Rooney found the ONE game they can play together, and Tugboat got tattled on. Storey and Finn have a A++ My Mutt Minute for us, Alexis has some great dog ghost stories and a dog-joke Renee needs to flesh out a bit, and Renee has a new segment either called Techertainment OR I'm Too Old For YouTube but You Should Watch. Plus our Voting updates!
Oct 20
33 min
CIPYD 258: Dog Juggling and Howl-oween Costumes
Well Hi! This week in Crumboaty Rooney is making friends, Alexis is the only marionette puppeteer that showed up for work, and Tugboat is climbing trees. We've got a top notch My Mutt Minute from Maria, Finnbar and Brady, and we celebrate our annual tradition of describing our favorite dog Halloween costumes! 
Oct 13
34 min
CIPYD 257: Tribble and Dog Wanting
Hi! We're so excited you're here! We kick off this week with a chat about why-would-you-do-that-to-yourself car snacks. Then in Crumboaty Alexis is a SAINT and Rooney is a very good girl looking for her forever home, and Tug is being the most patient boy. We've got a terrific My Mutt Minute from Bethany and Fiona, and the one and only Tribble is here to tell us all about being a dog wanter! Plus this week's vote tip and a dog joke! Get on in there!
Oct 6
41 min
CIPYD 256: Allison Shamrell and Getting Better Dog Photos
Hello! We’re so happy to have ya back for another episode! This week in Crumboatey Rooney isn’t nuts about being trained and Tugboat is rearranging pillows. We’ve got a home-run My Mutt Minute from Trace and Ace, some “of course” dog news and dog photographer extraordinaire, Allison Shamrell, is here to tell us all the best dog photo tips and tricks! Hug a hound and tune in!
Sep 29
45 min
CIPYD 255: Paul F. Tompkins (Tugboat’s Very Best Friend) is Here!!!
Tugboat's very best friend Paul F. Tompkins is here!!! Wait, we should tell you about the first part of the episode before PFT - Ok! Real fast - in Crumboat, Crumb is bossing around his foster sister and Tug got his DNA test results revealing what breed is responsible for his 4.2% fluff. Mark and George the (crocheted) miniature dachshund are here with a truly whimsical My Mutt Minute and we've got a great new dog joke and voting themed amplify section. NOW! For the main event: Paul F. Tompkins is here to tell us all about his neighborhood dogs and how he and Tugboat became very best friends! Featured on today's show: https://www.ballotready.org
Sep 22
54 min
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