Can I Pet Your Dog?
Can I Pet Your Dog?
Renee and Alexis
Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!
Comfort Creatures 01: Lisa Hanawalt and Horse Girls!
Renee snuck back in one last time to make sure you didn't miss out on the first episode of the smash hit podcast COMFORT CREATURES! Be sure to subscribe to Comfort Creatures, because after this one who knows if we'll be able to find our way back into this RSS feed! (Neither of us have very good spatial navigation). THANK YOU AGIAN FOR LISTENING WE LOVE YOU!Comfort Creatures Episode 01:Horse girls, horse girls, horse girls. Be they English dressy dressage, ranchers in cowboy hats or country types in tweed, the archetype continues to intrigue, amuse and mystify. To  deep dive into this vital topic we are joined by the creator of Tuca and Bertie and the visual mastermind behind Bojack Horseman, Lisa Hanawalt. Naturally we don't give a hoof about that because she is mum to dog, Annie and Horse, Juniper. So saddle up, you're in for a ride! (sorry not at all sorry for the puns) 
Aug 11, 2022
50 min
One Last Thing!
DID YOU KNOW THEY DON'T LOCK THE DOOR BEHIND YOU WHEN YOU FINISH A PODCAST!? They just let us right in! Alexis and Renee are back real quick for three things 1. to double down on how much we love and appreciate you listeners 2. to grab a few remaining My Mutt Minutes 3. for a huge wonderful very big very exciting ANNOUNCEMENT! Be sure to listen to the end to hear the BEST NEWS OF THE SUMMER!!!
Aug 4, 2022
18 min
CIPYD 335: The Gold Episode
It's our very last CIPYD episode and the gang's all here! Allegra and Travis join Renee and Alexis to reminisce about how this podcast happened to you. This show changed our lives and we're forever grateful. Thank you to Travis McElroy for letting us be his beta test. Thank you to Jesse Thorn and Maximum Fun for giving us a home at the best network in town. And most importantly thank you to YOU reading this, for listening, for supporting us for SEVEN years and for unapologetically loving dogs with us. We love you!
Apr 19, 2022
57 min
CIPYD: Bonus My Mutt Minute - Batch 03
The 3rd and final BONUS MY MUTT MINUTE EPISODE!  Every single one of these My Mutt Minuters knocked it out of the park! This episode's Grand Slammers are: Lawrence and Mochi and Cyrus! Audrey and Past Present and Future Dogs! Maranda and Xoe and Denver! Sarah and Pipin! Karen and Q! Kate and Elliott! Laura and Sandy! Adelle and Clara and Darby! Kim and Bindy! Susan and Mari! Kelsey and Bowie! Kelly and All the Family dogs! Monica and Jazzy and Coco and Audra and Tammo!!! 
Apr 17, 2022
58 min
CIPYD: Bonus My Mutt Minute - Batch 02
The 2nd of 3 BONUS MY MUTT MINUTE EPISODES!  Every single one of these My Mutt Minuters knocked it out of the park! This eps Grand Slammers are: Chye and Spud! Isabel and Noelle! Katie and Patrick and Pixie! Rosie and Tank! Sarah and Bitty! Erine and Cordelia! Destiny and Three Dogs! Brianna and Angus! mis and Grayson Miles! Ryan and Sato! Hazel and Fuji! Kristyn and Bowie! Wren and Bandit, Rascal and Gizmo! and Adam and Beauregard and Duke! 
Apr 14, 2022
43 min
CIPYD 334: The Silver Episode
It's here! Our Silver Senior Skip Day episode, and Renee and Alexis have both feet firmly planted in denial! In CriCrumBoat, Crumb has a sock on his lil paw, and Tug n' a Pug had a heat off. Then it's time for another My Mutt Minute Marathon with three top-notch entries; Molly and Ruby! Diana and Ethan! and Tiffany and Jack! And we end the show trying to say how much you listeners mean to us and how much you've changed our lives, but we quickly discover words do not reach. (Does that stop us from still trying over and over for 15 more minutes? Absolutely not. So look forward to THAT!)
Apr 12, 2022
46 min
CIPYD: Bonus My Mutt Minute - Batch 01
The first of 3 BONUS MY MUTT MINUTE EPISODES! (Maybe 4! Who knows how nuts we'll get!) Every single one of these My Mutt Minute-ers knocked it out of the park! This eps Grand Slammers are: Ed and Archie! Alison and Gus! Christen and Penny! Kirsten and Luna! Jessica and Roxy! Kelsey and Einstein! Evan and Arnie! Libby and Fennekin! Noemi and Oona! and Kyleigh and Robin!!!
Apr 8, 2022
33 min
CIPYD 333: The Bronze Episode
Coming in at number three, it's our bronze, third to last episode (there's a chance we don't understand how countdowns work.) Never fear though, Alexis and Renee have big plans to drag this out in a way that you'll be like "Ok, BYE! Go. You can leave now!" By the time this is all said and done. But for this week, in CriCrumBoat Cricket and Crumb are pizza bandits and Tugboat is getting into the landscaping biz. We've got a top-notch Marathon My Mutt Minute with Brian and Amy and Winston!, Maive and Alice!, and Kat and the childhood dogs! Plus a Katya's last Corner AND a quick dip into the Dollar Dog bin!
Apr 5, 2022
39 min
CIPYD 332: Sweetie Pies and Uncle Louis
Only 3 more episodes left (after this one) and neither Renee nor Alexis is prepared AT ALL to bid adieu to this sweet lil show on April 19th - SO! To distract ourselves we dive into CriCrumBoat - Cricket and Crumb got a top-notch report card from their weekend with uncle Louis, and Tugboat is being a little sweetie pie. Then, it's another My Mutt Minute Marathon! This week we've got all-stars Adam and Chance! Rebecca and Mickey! and Sara and Bleu! Plus a peek into the dollar dog bin with Butterfly Milo, Groceries Nikolai and campin' out at the shelter. To learn more about microdosing visit and use CIPYD for 30% off + Free Shipping.
Mar 29, 2022
40 min
CIPYD 331: Shirts, Sprinklers, and Perfect Hikes
It's a jam packed intro this week - ALEXIS DESIGNED NEW CIPYD SHIRTS AND THEY ARE STINKIN' ADORABLE!!! (Link below) and AAAND it's International Puppy Day Eve!? Our cup runneth over! In CriCrumBoat, Crumb is freezing in sprinklers and Tugboat had his first (and likely last) PERFECT HIKE! Then it's time for our My Mutt Minute Marathon where we are losing our minds over: Indie, Chutney and Vivian! Becca and Marley! and Midgi and the shelter dogs! And of course it wouldn't be a CIPYD 2022 episode without a Dollar Dog Bin perusal where we find stories about celebrity dog events, roof dogs and dog arteeeeests!  Get your BRAND NEW CIPYD shirts at: To learn more about Microdose Gummiest visit & use code: CIPYD
Mar 22, 2022
48 min
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