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Killmatic 2: The Nas/Halloween Proof
1 hour 36 minutes Posted Oct 29, 2023 at 10:19 pm.
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Show notes

Ok, this is the one for spooky season! Since the first episode in 2021, where ALASKA was the ferryman wading us all through the "Halloween" franchise and the similarities between horror purists and hip hop purists regarding "Illmatic", Zilla has caught up to the filmography of Michael Myers and now both guys go one-for-one: what Nas album is the ideal match for each "Halloween" flick! What "Halloween" installment matches up with "It Was Written", "Untitled", "King's Disease", or "Street's Disciple"? You'll have to tune in...or risk being slaughtered by a man in a poorly painted William Shatner mask!

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