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The Motorcycle Show
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lost me ...
when swapping license plates from bike to bike. irresponsible
Fun show!
Great show! Love listening to Crash and Daddy No Fun strolling the internet 😂
This use to be one of the few motorcycle podcast I could play at home or in the garage when working on the bike. The last episode had two f-bombs so it’s off of the list. No longer family friendly.
PT Solutions
Finally caught up
I started listening a few months ago and decided to go back and listen from the beginning. Yesterday i finally caught up and enjoyed to hear the progression from the start of this podcast to today. I like that they don't always stay on topic and talk about all motorcycles. I started riding about 3 years ago on a cb500x and hearing about the trips these guys do on different motorcycles motivated me to ride from southern New Mexico to Colorado and back.
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Great Podcast
Nice podcast with good info and interesting conversation. Cut down the intro though. No sense in having a minute long intro. Otherwise great.
Raspy Ole Hen
Lots of info
Love the podcast have it on in the garage well working on the bike! Keep up the good work
Ok but slow
Don’t be tired or these guys with their slow monotone voices will put you to sleep. It appears they read from websites about gear and bikes but overall it’s interesting.
I listen to CRP during my evening walks. Chris, Steve, and Jess set a great tone -- affable, funny, informative, and pleasingly rambling. The interviews are interesting, and I like the lack of snobbery, both in terms of makes/models as well as displacement.
Aram T.L.
Thank you for returning to the old format
This podcast is fantastic when Chris and Stephen use the tried and true formula of the two of them discussing motorcycles, rides, and gear with an occasional industry guest or event review.
Lots of good clean fun
Occasional gear reviews, personal stories about riding and other riders. Like catching up with an old friend after being on the road for a while.
Forestboy North
All kinds of info
Good listen. There is all kinds of info if you take the time to listen. Thanks for the time you all put into this.
The girl is irritating
This used to be a pretty good podcast. Steve was good crash was adequate with the addition of just the girl the podcast has gone to crap. Don't waste your time with it.
Steve in Cincy
I had to unsubscribe
About a year ago it started to go down hill. Once Crash thought his gf/fiance/wife was important he put her on and it brought the show down. I liked listening to the show when it was about riding now to me it feels like its about her. I do not need to hear how another new rider is getting their license and the trials and tribulations. Its been done, I went through it. Also the Gear Dude does not bring anything either, he just sounds entitled and he's hack, pretty much ripped off Joanna Donn's moniker. If Jess the Mess and Gear Dude are no longer shoved down my throat I will start listening again.
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Cafe racer podcast
I enjoy the casual style of Crash and guzzigasso. After I discovered the podcast I had to go back and listen from the beginning. Still a way to go to get current but enjoying them all. Is your theme music from a particular group?
650 Gus
One of the best
So there are several motorcycle podcast out there. None as good as this though. Funny. Informative. News. Great all around.
Thank You
Let's face it. When your not riding or working on motorcycles, you are talking to your buddies about riding or working on motorcycles. What happens,however, when you can't ride, work on, or talk to others about motorcycles? Then you listen to this podcast :) Or.... If your really cool, you can ride, work on, and chill with your buddies while listening to the podcast! Great work!! Keep it up! 5 stars all the way!!
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He likes it! Hey Mikey
Do you like bikes? Then this is for you. Great show-thanks!!!
Enjoy listening to...
...when driving or hanging out in the man cave !!
Chris & Stephen Do a Great Job
Thanks guys for putting out a great podcast every week. I continue to enjoy you guys hosting this podcast together. It works very well. Keep it up!!
Getting current
I have been getting current listening to all the podcasts since the beginning. I have an hour commute each way. I really enjoy the simple approach to the show. I have enjoyed the evolution of the format too. I especially like how you evolve the local bike scenes, shops, and riders in the program. I have been trolling eBay and Craigslist for a good project bike for a winter project and the show keeps me inspired. My daily driver is a 96 BMW R1100RT with full bags. It's a great ride to get to and from work but not too much fun for the sharp curves in the mountains of Colorado. I'm really looking for a 500-750 Honda CB series to do a frame up rebuild. Keep the episodes coming. John
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Nice for work
Found this podcast recently and I had to go all the way back to the first episode. I must say I am happy that the episodes have gotten longer. I am a big admirer of Moto Guzzis. And, as a Triumph Tiger 955i rider I enjoy the variety of adventure coverage as well. Keep up the good work.
You guys are doing a great job!
I like this podcast… it’s great. I listen to you guys talk about the trips you take and the things you do to your bikes and it just makes me want to ride and work on my old 1979 Yamaha XS750 Special… that I want to turn into a cafe racer. Life gets in the way… I have a 18 month old son so he keeps us busy… I do have a 1978 Yamaha XS750 Special that I ride on a regular basis. The 1979 one is the project bike i got for $400. Originally I bought it as a parts bike but I want to hear that engine run so I’m turning it into a cafe racer.
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Great Show!
Great Show Chris & Crash, I met you both at Overland Expo, I am an ADV guy but I love everything on 2 wheels, except cruisers. You said to give your show a try and I am now a fan. I love your mix of topics and stories. Keep up the great work!
New friends!!
I met Steve on the road today, who told me about the podcast. I love podcasts and motorcycles!! Listened to 3 or 4 episodes on the drive home, and it's for sure my kinda entertainment. Look forward to future episodes and maybe a ride together some day!!
Excellent podcast
This is a Excellent Motorcycle podcast. Love the show and all the reviews and talks he has. If you love Café races or just love modifying old bikes this is the podcast for you. And now that they have gotten into ADV riding I find it even better to listen to! MotoSage
Good and getting better every time!
Crash and Steve are finding their groove and they produce a interesting informative podcast. Cafe Racer and The Pace are my favored podcasts. Caution, Guzzi content!
Very good
It's nice to find a podcast like this for the rider that follows their dream, not the mainstream that just bolts things on. Good content with a wide focus on many brands.
Solid MC Podcast
I'm starting from the beginning but so far this is a solid MC podcast that brings in news and the occational views along with music. As the episodes progress the host seems to be settling in nicely and I look forward to seeing how the podcast develops over time. Keep the shiny side up!
Crash landing
I just started listening to "Crash", and I am hooked on his passion and comfortable presentation of motorcycle wonderfulness. The production quality is very good, which caught my attention in the first place. If you are a MC Nerd who can wrench their way around a motorcycle you will not be disappointed in this Podcast. I really like the "What do you ride" interviews. Thank you Chris, aka Crash. David Dyer
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David Dyer
Take THAT, the pace
Your last show was the best. You have really been needing a co-host. I enjoyed your visit to the wheel nerds, and for that I say, "Take THAT, the pace!"
Lovin it
Great podcast for those into motorcycles. It just keeps getting better.
Pretty good!
I'm a bit of a biker noobie, and this podcast is a great way for me to find out more about the new hobby I've got myself into.
Great show!
Crash produces a great show! if you like to ride, you'll like this show.
I Love this podcast and look forward to every new episode, this is a great resource if you are into vintage or newer Motorcycles and Cafe Racers. Thank you Crash for keeping us up to date and informed about what is going on in the Motorcycle world.
Worth the effort
Interesting to hear another perspective in the motorcycling world.
Awesome pod cast
Does a awesome job always entertaining and fun to listen to. A+++
Great podcast - especially for riders into bikes other than cruisers and sport bikes.
This is a decent podcast. The bikes and news discussed are relevant to my interests. The folks he interviews are great! I do wish the host had a like-minded co-host. He doesn't go on rants like some single podcast hosts, but a co-host would be great. Otherwise, a great podcast.
Tuned for shop listening
Seems like your doin' a good job of fillin' a niche' Crash. Decent tunes and good subjects. The moto news is good stuff as long as it's not too main stream and,... as far as I'm concerned ya' can never have too much brit bikes and japanese neo-classic talk. Maybe get some of the cafe aftermarket parts manufacturers to come on and talk about their products, projects and what their riding. Here's something that I thought it would be cool for a podcast if it's possible. What about throwing in a recording or two of some of these subject bikes rowing through the gears or even at idle. Heck, let's hear your bonnie! I mean after all this is an audio format right? I know my T-140E is music to my ears.
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I've only listened to my first downloaded episode (#14 with Dime City Cycles) Very entertaining. I'm looking forward to catching up on all the previous ones, too. Thanks, Chris, for all the research (and thanks for the horns, too!) :-)
Great info and great music
Chris is doing a great job with this show. I enjoy hearing all about the latest bike news and Chris's little tech tid bits. I especially like the Cafe Racer TV play by play since I don't get to watch it in my area.
Sam in Virginia
too cool!
The music is really good and the news is great. If you are into motorcycles or Cafe Racers specifically check this out, well worth a listen.
Bernie from Denver
Cafe Racer?
Not a bad podcast, but very little to do woth Cafe Racers... Cafe Racer is as much a culture as it is a customized bike. Very little about the culture, and very little about the ins and outs of Cafe Racer building. It's a good motorcycle podcast. But not the hard core Cafe Racer culture I was hoping for. Matbe it will grow into such. I will continue to listen.
The news portion often seems to ride this theme: I don't like cruisers, but here's some news about them. Consider leading with non cruiser stuff, or if you need the content - roll through it. I do like the attention to all motorcycles. Cafe racers came out of Britian in the late 50s-early 60s: have you considered some coverage to vintage brit machines? This is clearly a labor of love, and Crash puts the effort to make it a good production with each episode. Thanks!
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Crash- Good podcast. I wasn't able to find any other motorcycle podcasts similar to yours. I like the short format, but would like to see new podcasts more often. I'm sure I'm asking at the wrong time since I have a foot of snow outside. As much as I like you talking about motorcycles, I really enjoy gear talk. You talked about your pants. I don't think you've mentioned anything about jackets, helmets, gloves, and boots just yet. I wear a Tourmaster jacket, replaced the back pad with SAStec armor, and it zips all the way around to my Cordura pants. -Splade
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Rudiger Hardcastle
Cafe Aces Podcast!
This is a Great Podcast! I like format Music and Moto News. Everybody knows that music and motorcycles go together. The information is current and relevant to all motorcyclist. Keep the podcast coming!!
Christopher Romero
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