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Q&A: Plant Based Eating, Why I Juice Daily, Acne Tips + Shiny Hair Secrets...
1 hour 2 minutes Posted May 5, 2020 at 10:52 am.
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Show notes

On episode no. 33 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I'm grabbing random questions from my Instagram polls and answering them! You guys asked questions like: do I count calories, changes in my body from going plant based, am I vegan, how to achieve shiny hair, was it scary to start a podcast, what to do if you received a "ping" from the universe, but feel too scared, acne tips (for the girl who has tried it all!) + MUCH more. 

Today's episode was unplanned, off the cuff and so much fun. Felt like I was chatting with girlfriends for an hour. I also talked about the message I've been receiving OVER and over and over lately, "wait," and what that has meant in my life. 



Show Notes:

The Slow Down Diet by Marc David 

Super Hair by Moon Juice

Super Beauty by Moon Juice

Olaplex No. 3 

Unite U Argan Oil

Loose Nettle Leaf (for tea)


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