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Standing Your Ground + Holding Peace Throughout a COVID-19 Pandemic
49 minutes Posted Mar 20, 2020 at 2:53 pm.
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Show notes

On episode no. 30 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I'm rolling out a solo episode! In this episode I am sharing some ideas for holding peace + standing our "ground," in a worldwide viral pandemic--while also holding space for fear of the unknown. This is a very strange time to live on Earth, and a time full of "evidence" that would cause us to hold fear and stress. But how do we continue to hold space for faith and truth, even now? How do we release the heavy energy? That is what this episode's all about. 

This was a very unplanned and very off-the-cuff episode, but one that I felt intuitively called to share. I also talk about intuitively delaying the launch of my most recent abundance course--and when I plan to launch + how I'll strive to serve you all throughout this time


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