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Cadillac Jack - My Second Act
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The Cadillac Jack: My Second Act podcast is a twice-weekly show hosted by Donna Choate and Cadillac Jack. Caddy was a morning show host on Atlanta radio for nearly three decades. His wife Donna has been on the advertising side of business for just as long. In his second act, Caddy is joined by Donna on the air to bring listeners informative and entertaining conversations about current events, parenting and country music. You’ll hear a unique discussion on trending news topics, see behind the scenes of the music industry and relate to their personal stories from the home front. Want to leave a message for Caddy and Donna? Call ‪(770) 464-6024 or connect on Twitter @ATLCadillac. A member of the Appen Podcast Network.
Yule logs and Tonka toys, a Thanksgiving special
It’s time for some Thanksgiving mishaps. Caddy and Donna celebrate the day by reflecting on a few historical uh-ohs that have occurred over the years. Just for the record: It’s important to remove the bags and packaging from turkeys before cooking.  Speaking of burnt birds, the next segment moves to cover Justin Bieber. Donna is a fan but worries about whether or not people take the artist seriously.  Bars, vacations and quesadillas during a pandemic. Cadillac Jack is familiar with all of them. At the same time he also values the ability to use the pandemic as an excuse for what he doesn’t want to do. Don’t want to see someone? Pandemic. Family wants to come over? Pandemic. Holiday decorations need to go up? Pandemic. The flag is useful and the flag is versatile.  Caddy takes a quick break in the run of show to apologize. He’s got to get something (else) off his chest.  Zoom holiday office parties. Does anything get any worse? Caddy doesn’t even understand why they exist at all. (He’ll also be using another COVID excuse.) Donna has mixed feelings but for more understandable reasons.  Donna and Cadillac Jack met at work, which is important to remember for the next segment. They cover why their first debut as an official couple got a little out of control. Let’s just say the event facility ran out of glassware within a half hour. And the facility had to shut down for a few months. Actually, it never opened back up. Anyways… Then at a David Allen Coe concert an on air personality was rendered incapacitated in front of the women’s bathroom. The company was not invited back.  Then at a party in front of Papacito’s in Atlanta, an on air personality forgot to wear certain bits of clothing. Some assistant producers had to go around with an umbrella to jump in front of all photographers. The company, and certain personalities, were not invited back.  Then at a holiday party hosted by Norm at the Ritz-Carlton, Caddy got his first taste of “richy salespeople,” who had camped out for the whole week. They were invited back. For a couple years, at least. But the gospel group that had split the ballroom with the company dropped out pretty early.  The show finishes up by covering one woman who lost it when she finds out her husband will be working from home for 7 more months. Others have suggested that the work-from-home movement has disrupted marital affairs. Some suggest rolling their husband up in a carpet and dropping them in a lake. Donna and Caddy evaluate the whole thing and prescribe their own suggestions. Step one: tear out the thermostat.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pick [My Second Act]’s socks off the floor. 
Nov 25
41 min
Honey baked and chicken fried
Donna and Caddy brought their ham receipts on today’s episode of My Second Act. It’s a quick coverage of all things Honey-Baked, including what to do if you (or your hubby) forgets to order one.  Then Donna tells the story of what Olivia thought of Zach Brown and the time she got to meet him at the station. One big happy Zamily here on the My Second Act podcast.  The first major segment of the show covers the University of Georgia and why it’s admission process is similar to The Bachelor. For those of you who live outside the state, important to know how selective the school is. The average GPA? 4.0-4.3. Want to know what Caddy got the first time he took the ACT? Listen up. Want to know what Donna got? So do we. She withheld the answer. It’s an extended conversation about secondary education in America and predictions for the future of schooling.  Have you been friending and unfriending folks now that the election is over? Reconsidering the relationships, if you will? Caddy is. Donna is. You know who else? Florida Georgia Line. Caddy and Donna dish the scoop on inter-band relations on the following segment.  The last segment introduces the best part of the week: Appy Time! Donna has a pick that lets folks gift lists and organize what the family wants. It will tell you everything you need to know about what your loved ones want for the holidays (or birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, the whole 9 yards). Check it out. Then text Caddy what you want for Christmas. 7704646024.
Nov 23
47 min
Today’s Grand Prize: a parking spot at the Mall of Georgia
Donna is used to plotting and planning, which is something that has gone out the window. This year it will affect her Black Friday shopping, and Cadillac Jack’s Cyber Monday experience. It reminds him of a time when an old Program Director made a judgement call and had Caddy working the holiday. The question is, should My Second Act also give away a parking spot?  Then it’s time to talk about Taylor Swift. Her catalogue has been unwittingly sold. Again. Caddy and Donna cover the news with an interesting twist. Donna explains what a holding company is and why its use would make the transaction more disparaging to Taylor. Caddy touches on the Non Disclosure Agreement aspect and what a contract like that means for the situation.  The next segment covers the new directives announced from Ticketmaster and the legal questions that come with it. Caddy thinks that because Ticketmaster is a ticket broker, their control does not extend to the venue itself. Donna wants to know how it applies to separate third-party vendors like StubHub. It further goes to show that we’re headed into unchartered territory. At least we’re out of the Bermuda Triangle.  The Grammys are coming up, with nominations on Tuesday. Donna and Cadillac Jack run through some of the odds from Vegas and where Harry Styles’ styles originate. (That last part is just a little sidecar from Donna) Caddy is exhausted. There is some bedroom real estate being disputed.  Donna knew that this was going to come up. She brought receipts and Caddy brought rhetoric. A tale as old as time.  It’s Game Time in the Second Act nation. Brandon Engels calls in from Atlanta to play a quick match of Can’t Beat Jack. The topic from Donna has to do with this upcoming Turkey Day. Before sending the show out, Caddy and Donna cover a quick change in Zoom’s rules for Thanksgiving. It seems like it could lead to a good and healthy option for seeing family in 2020. Caddy and Donna reflect on the last holiday season and how family dynamics have changed in the time since. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but Caddy and Donna still have gone about a year without hugging loved ones. (PS- #FreeAl) Unfortunately, though, the problem with people Zoom bombing and flashing has not been solved. We’ll wait with baited breath. It’s like one long period of Daylight Savings.  Warning: be careful of listening to the end of the show if you have a weak stomach. Or if you have an affinity for soft serve ice cream. If you don’t, give it a listen. Then text Caddy about it. 7704646024.
Nov 18
45 min
The wink and why Donna was the only one who caught it
There’s something about Thomas Rhett. When artists get rolling they have a tendency to consistently put out fantastic material and that’s exactly what is happening with Thomas Rhett. That’s the first topic touched on during today’s Second Act.  The conversation kicks off Donna and Caddy’s recap of the CMAs. There was a lot to cover, including how artistic Eric Church can be outside of music, and it’s all discussed on the show. Despite how the public responded to the awards (so says the ratings) Donna and Cadillac Jack both thought it was a great performance.  The Uncorked Concert Series at Painted Horse Winery had it first performance this past weekend. Joanna Cotton took time to sit with Caddy and Donna and put a few things to rest, like whether or not Eric Church really did drop the “E.” Listen to her interview, which starts about 21 minutes into this episode.  The interview just about finishes out the show, but not until Donna and Caddy move onto Carl Lentz and Hillsong. It’s a great segment to leave the show with, and the lesson that everyone has their own road within spirituality. It’s a good bet that you haven’t heard the last of Carl Lentz. It’s also not the last time you’ve heard from Cadillac Jack. But if you can’t wait, text him at 7704646024. 
Nov 16
50 min
Live from the Four Seasons Landscaping and Probation Office, it’s Cadillac Jack
One, two, three, four, five, six… or something. With all the counting going on these days, Donna is having nightmares of her time as UGA Zeta’s rush chair. She’s also consistently asking herself W.W.D.P.D. For those who don't already know, that’s “What would Dolly Parton do?”   The Country Music Awards have not escaped the effects of COVID-19. Artists have dropped out and performances have been moved around. The next episode of the podcast will feature a recap of the awards, as well as a quick conversation with Joanna Cotton. Ms. Cotton will tune into the show after her performances at the CMAs and the Uncorked Concert Series. Morgan Wallen is having some remorse about his University of Alabama / Saturday Night Live incident. Caddy and Donna discuss his actions, reactions and why he’ll end up just fine.  Did someone say "Pay-For-Play?” Not us and definitely not Cadillac Jack. It’s not included or mentioned in the second segment of the show. Nor is a certain past producer  in terrestrial radio who had a habit for hot mics. It’s hard to expect on-air talent, including broadcast journalists, to not let something slip when hot mics are involved. So says MSNBC’s Ken Dilanian. And My Second Act’s Cadillac Jack.  Then it’s time for a round of Can’t Beat Jack. Aaron Gresham calls in to take on Cadillac Jack and see if he can beat him at his own game. (Here’s a hint: you’ll want to listen.) It’s a turbulent week. SEC Football is cancelled. Mike Tyson uses a prosthetic penis and calls it his Whizinator. Caddy remembers a time or two when he has purchased some urine. Donna laments. Caddy explains.  Before closing the show, Donna wonders- doesn’t 11Alive’s Chris Holcomb also have a Whizinator? Text Caddy and let him know. 7704646024. 
Nov 11
52 min
DECLASSIFIED: It's time for Cadillac Jack to get something off his chest.
You called. We listened. The verdict is in and the episode has been declassified. Here's what Cadillac Jack had to get off his chest... Cadillac Jack is under the gun. It doesn’t take long, though, for him to admit he knew it was coming. Caddy has been busted. Today’s Second Act starts off with Cadillac Jack under the gun. It doesn’t take long, though, for him to admit he knew it was coming.  After the brief confessional, Caddy and Donna move on to welcome Charlotte to the studio for a few playlist additions. It transitions well into a short segment on what it’s like to take your kids to the doctor. Or your husband to the doctor. Or the doctor to your husband.  Then Caddy brings a couple Quick Hits to the table. They include a near-explosion at a Home Depot, the Return of (another) Beaver and a removed SNL guest. The section carries its own “Listeners Enter At Your Own Risk” label.  Then it is Tuesday after all, which means the third segment is a game of Can’t Beat Jack. Taylor Garland from Cherokee County, Georgia calls in to play a match. Before she leaves, Taylor and Donna find common ground in their grumblings of Caddy and his Me-So-Phony condition.  Call Caddy. He’s bored some days. 7704646024. 
Nov 9
45 min
Nothing is worse than having the smallest tree in the room.
Cadillac Jack has been trying to suppress Donna’s vote all week. At the same time it was Caddy whose ballot was flagged when he got to the precinct. We’ll see which one will end up on the rolls.  Eric Church has a few new songs out. Caddy thinks that means he has a double album in the pipeline. That’s because Eric Church with no street week, promotion or interviews, dropped Mr. Misunderstood.  The show takes a turn and dives into the dichotomy or Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta and Taylor Swift. Caddy and Donna discuss publishing contengencies, like when an artist is restricted from performing or obligated to produce a certain number of albums. Listen and watch for more on the topic in upcoming shows.  “Whole Foods makes me shake. It’s not just a store, it’s a machine.” Caddy feels discriminated against when he goes into Whole Foods. Donna thinks it may be warranted. It all shakes out in the fourth segment of the show. PS - As a comfort item, Cadillac Jack brought home a bag of peppered beef jerky and an entire pineapple upside down cake. And some gingerbread popcorn. And brown butter cookies.  The show rolls through some presidential trivia. (“Who could say no to petroleum jelly?”)  If you didn’t have enough to be worked up about, stay tuned for the fourth segment of the show- laundry day. As Donna says, it’s compelling content but we really needed to talk about Caddy’s processes. It’s… worrisome. And leads to the question of “What are you freakishly good or bad at?”  There’s a pound of Libby’s Pumpkin in the pantry. Is it for pie? Unfortunately not. It’s for a pretty bAnal reason.  It has always been important to have the whole family under one roof. And it’s been that way for a long time. But that’s changing, as Wil is about to move away to Knoxville. The show ends on a more serious, down to earth tone as Caddy and Donna share their initial reaction to the change. Donna feels like she and Wil are ready, she’s excited for the next chapter. Caddy is having a harder time with it. Sometimes it’s just nice to have everyone at dinner.
Nov 4
44 min
Naked, afraid and on air with a presidential body double
There was a horrible storm in the southeast- Tropical Storm Zeta. Some of its effects were felt by Donna and Cadillac Jack.  After giving a brief report, Caddy and Donna move on to covering how it relates to Naked and Afraid. Let’s put it this way- if you were on the show, how much pixelization would you need? We make this promise to you: there is (almost) no talk of the 2020 election on this podcast. The one time it does come up today is when Donna pitches her theory that Melania Trump has a body double. “I’m not going there.”  A few bits of big news in the life of Cadillac Jack. The McRib is back. Parents are moving away from testing. Power tools (including coffee makers) are over rated.  Then hear a snippet from the Mark Wills interview and get a bit of the perspective of a singer-songwriter in 2020.
Nov 2
35 min
“It’s very nice.” - Borat, Kazakhstan and Cadillac Jack
Christmas has been cancelled for the Jacks. Roscoe had to go to the emergency room and his treatments drained the holiday slush fund. He’s doing much better now but it goes to show: be careful what you get into in Cadillac Jack’s backyard.  After filling everyone in on Roscoe’s status, Caddy and Donna move on to Borat. Whether you’re a fan or not, everyone must acknowledge the strength of the work. If the Tourism Department for Kazakhstan can appreciate it, so can you. That’s why the segment includes a clip that the international agency has used to promote the country.  After filling in a couple plugs, the Jacks move on to covering their night out in Alpharetta. It involves a curb, a bar and one cool mom. Also Megan Thee Stallion (@theestallion), a cross-body bag and an unmarked taxi. We’ll put it this way: we really had to cut the segment down.  Caddy gives Greg Barnhill a call around 20 minutes into the show. Greg is joining Caddy at the Uncorked Concert Series and gives a peek behind the curtain into what it’s like to be a songwriter. It’s a quick conversation that you’ll want to hear.  Then it’s the best time of the week: Donna’s Appy Segment. Donna’s pick is a way to stretch your brain, pass the time on commutes or get inspired. It’s an overall great way to get starTED learning about fields that interest you.  To close out the show, we hear from Officer Ritchey. The Jacks had been wondering about the legal nuances of making a citizens’ arrest and Ritchey has some answers. He calls in to share his thoughts (and stop Caddy from hogtying strangers). It's your last chance to like Hemp Farmacy - Alpharetta on Facebook, so make sure you do. Then text Caddy about it. 7704646024. 
Oct 28
47 min
Interview: Mark Wills and the state of the music industry
On this special show of the My Second Act podcast, Mark Wills sits down (virtually) with Donna and Cadillac Jack.  You’ll be surprised to hear what it’s like to have your world inverted as a touring musician, to interact with fans through a new channel (From The Bunker!) and to travel the country with your family in an RV…. for fun. This is an episode of Cadillac Jack: My Second Act that you won’t want to miss. 
Oct 26
1 hr 4 min
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