Cabot Cove Confidential: A "Murder, She Wrote" Podcast
Cabot Cove Confidential: A "Murder, She Wrote" Podcast
Damien and Jennie
Every other week we recap, review, talk and tangent over a single episode of the great classic TV program 'Murder, She Wrote'. We're going through the series in order with the goal of covering all twelve seasons. Can we do it? Come along and find out when we do!
S04E19 - Just Another Fish Story
What were Anton Chekhov’s thoughts on frozen fish? Who wants a pitchfork of burning meat? What are the style rules for pairing bolo-ties and leather vests? And does this episode contain the best murder weapon in MSW history? Pull that Yellowtail out of the freezer (for personal protection) and join us even though its ‘Just Another Fish Story’.
Nov 21
1 hr 51 min
S04E18 - Benedict Arnold Slipped Here
Will the Tilly Adams house be featured on House Hunters: Cabot Cove? Is Eve Simpson a hyper-focused professional or a stone cold sociopath? Was Alastair a tormented fan or a dangerous man? And are mung beans better or worse when burnt? Take an inventory of your possessions and hide the valuables behind brick #3, we're coming to your place to chat about the time Benedict Arnold Slipped Here!
Nov 14
1 hr 38 min
S04E17 - A Very good Year For Murder
Is it a bigger faux pas to not appreciate the quality of a good wine or to not detect the poison added to it? Will family dinners be awkward for Michelle when Ben Skyler is brought up? And is Salvatore really dying or is this another attempt to bring his family together while evading justice? Pour a glass of your finest vintage and join us for a party where the food is plentiful and the music is reminiscent of a popular 90s McDonalds campaign, its 'A Very Good Year For Murder'.
Nov 7
1 hr 45 min
S04E16 - Murder Through The Looking Glass
When having a medical emergency while driving, is it best to accelerate downhill while swerving wildly? Why is it so hard to say “Carl Cosgrove”? What else was in JB’s file? And did Francis prefer dressing like a priest because he didn’t own a good suit? Join us in the safehouse while we look in on a Murder Through The Looking Glass!
Oct 31
1 hr 47 min
S04E15 - Mourning Among The Wisterias
Is it ever a good idea to give up after one attempt when trying to warn someone they are being poisoned? Will Deidre be cast as Jessica in the play Eugene is writing about the events of this episode? Who will play Deidre if she is? And why are we so concerned with this? Grab a fan and tuck your tie into your pants while we head to the deep south for proposals and grits while Mourning Among The Wisterias!
Oct 24
1 hr 43 min
S04E14 - Curse Of The Daanav
What is the market rate for cursed rubies these days? Are Carolyn and Mark terrible by nature or nurture? Does not telling people about his cursed cobra nightmares contribute to or detract from Vikram's success? And how many times have you been fooled by the old cigarette in the latch trick? Its family reunions, polo heckling and attempted murder at Richie Hazlitt's place, we're talking 'Curse Of The Daanav'!
Oct 17
1 hr 39 min
S04E13 - Harbinger Of Death
Is Leonard an astronomer genius or coffee spilling hack? Will Carrie ever stop relocating in an attempt to escape her inner turmoil? How do you please someone who only wants to talk about comets until he is asked to talk about comets? And does Aunt Edna even have bursitis? So get computering on that telescope and don't call Thor by his first name while we keep a lookout for a 'Harbinger of Death'.
Oct 10
2 hr
S04E12 - Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?
Is #floak going to take off? How scary can you be with the name Elmo? Can you get 'hopped up' on Sleepy Time Tea? Is it customary for a deputy to provide their own uniform? And has anyone ever successfully pretended to be their own answering machine? Gather the Framily! It's time to impose on in-laws and enjoy a sleepy New England feast. But first, Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?
Oct 3
1 hr 26 min
S04E11 - Doom With A View
What was a computer operator salary in 1987? Why wasn't Charlotte Rae fronting any of the bands on the Monolith of Death tour? And couldn't Mark just wait for his next review? Set up that suplex and throw on a Willa Ford album - we're at season 4, episode 11; Doom with a View.
Sep 26
1 hr 10 min
S04E10 - Indian Giver
Why couldn't we just get a bookend? When will land developers learn to stay out of Cabot Cove? How does Charlie Peabody's motel stay in business? And why did we decide to do every episode in order? Try to figure out if this episode is bad, inept, offensive or some combination of the three, its episode 10 of season 4!
Sep 25
2 hr 18 min
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