Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran
Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran
I’m smart at getting to where I want to go, and I can teach you how to do it! I had 22 jobs before starting my real estate company with a $1000 loan and built it into a $5 billion business. Today I’m a ’Shark’ on ABC’s hit show "Shark Tank." It didn’t take a fancy degree to get here but took street smarts and a lot of courage. Life is too short to waste your time practicing someone else’s fancy theory on success. I give you the straight talk and the confidence to get there. Follow Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran on iHeartRadio, or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.
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Outstanding!! I love Barbara!
The advice and insights shared by Barbara are spot on and always feel right. She’s sharp but has a lot of heart! I’ve learned a ton. Thank you, Barbara!!
Helped me!
I love shark tank and Barbra! This really helped me learn about everything going on in business!😀😃😄
I dont have a nickname1203
Breath of Fresh Air
Barbara has this amazing ability to communicate in such a clear cut, down to earth, and actionable way. Her moxie inspires me as an aspiring entrepreneur. She gives great, straightforward advice and shares some clever ideas she implemented to get where she is today. I love her personality and realness. She has the effect of a motivational speaker without the BS.
Tera Melody
Quick knowledge
Short, sweet & to the point valuable content that does not take up much of your day
Solid advice
I like how Barbara offers fantastic advice as well as sprinkles her beautiful creativity in every episode. I appreciate her approach and I love how she puts a lot of focus on personality
Awesome Podcast!!!
Barbara, host of the Business Unusual podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Thanks for your advice Barbara!
I was interviewed on Episode 75! My name is Cara I own Coastal Design Studio ... I’ve recently been taking applications for my first employee! Thank you so much Barbara for giving me the push I needed to grow my business 💕
Cara Bev
I love this podcast
Not only is Barbara a brilliant business woman, she’s incredibly kind and highly perceptive. I wish she was on everyday because her wisdom carried across every area of life!
Miranda Colwell
Okay this is really too crazy for me right now. I’m not sure if you’ll post this because it’s a review a left for the Goal Digger Podcast but I hope you do still because it’s just as much about this one! Barbara’s podcast, Business Unusual was the first podcast I ever listened to because I’m a huge fan of Shark Tank (in fact my business is named after the show). Fast forward a year later and I have about 10 different podcasts that I listen to and Goal Digger is by far the one I obsess over and binge the most. I just had a breakthrough in my own life and entrepreneurial career over the weekend where I got on IG live for the first time EVER I was shaking and said the word “like” way too many times, but I faced the fear that was standing in my way. Not only did I get on camera but I told my “competitor” head on that I love her work and that I’m not going to let her success hold me back from moving forward with mine anymore. I told her I can’t wait to collaborate together one day. It was the most empowering thing I have ever done and that’s why I wanted to go live and tell the world because I didn’t want to lose that feeling for a second and I refused to turn back to my insecure ways. I feel more confident now than ever and ready for my next step. Plus, guess what? That competitor of mine is now a friend and we are even chatting about which courses we could potentially take together. Anyway the part that I literally haven’t told a soul about is this: Since I was in a bold mood that day, the last thing I did was call up Barbara’s podcast hotline and left a message. I started by saying that I actually didn’t have a question for her, I was just letting her know I’m here. I have arrived. Nothing is holding me back anymore. I told her that it was my dream to have a podcast of my own one day and I can’t wait to have her on it. And if she wants to save us both time and have me on hers we can just skip the waiting and have an amazing chat. I know Barbara is a bold woman and appreciates an entrepreneur who knows what she wants. Part of the reason I even had a break through this weekend was because of the Goal Digger podcast and Jenna’s heavenly words of wisdom, and the fact that the same weekend I had these major breakthroughs now this podcast of Jenna & Barb is being released I just feel like it’s a sign. I can’t wait to listen to two of my favorite mentors of all time talk together and I didn’t even want to press play before I shared this. Thank you both so much I admire you both more than you know and I can’t wait to meet both of you one day. Keep an eye out for the short little blonde teacher-shark. 😊
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Miranda Colwell
Strong advice
When a billionaire gives you advice , listen to them.
You need this podcast !
Whatever you do if you’re in the workforce, you need this podcast. After every episode, I have something I can apply.
Deserves 10 stars
It is unimaginable how much value Barbara provides in this podcast. I have listened to every single one and have never found one that didn’t contain something simple yet profound. If I ever had to choose only one business mentor, it would be Barbara Corcoran.
Beyond grateful!
I can’t thank you enough Mrs Barbara Corcoran for sharing your wisdom!
Awesome podcast, would love new content
I love Barbara’s no-nonsense advice. As a marketer myself, hearing her PR-minded ideas on how to build a brand is awesome. It helps you to think outside of the box, in simple catchy ways. I really like the interviews she does, for example with Mr Wonderful and with the owners of Grace & Lace. Some of her stories are repeated in different podcasts, so it would be helpful to hear different ones. That is my only gripe though - I love her podcast!
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Leila b
Learn from The Best
Experts are people who have specialized in a particular subject. Barbara Corcoran is an expert in Real Estate but also an Business Entrepreneur and a Fabulous Shark. This is the type of people that we need to learn from, someone who is been there and done and tried and made mistakes and solve them. This is the knowledge that we can understand and will help us to avoid expensive and painful mistakes. Great information!
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Very Useful
Great practical advice. Straight to the point.
Constanza from NY
Not only for business people!
I am not a business woman but I really enjoy this podcast. Barbara’s fantastic advice applies to every aspect of life. She is one smart woman and I’m drinking up every bit of her wisdom. Thank you so much Barbara!
Limor Garfinkle
Short, Sweet, Excellent
Wow! This podcast is literally like a highlight tape of Barbara on Shark Tank. Thank you for doing this podcast!
It feels like @BarbaraCorcoran is awakening the unusual business potential we though we never had. Just getting here about to start from May 2018👨🏾‍💻
So much info. Take notes!
Best “real” podcast with real life tips. Take notes. Tons of useful info.
Barbara is the best!
Her quick tips are easy to digest and apply to daily life. The Q&A is super helpful too! A must-listen.
LOVE Barbara & Her “For Real” Podcast
Always loved/respected Barbara on the show and now that I’ve discovered her “for real” insight in a podcast format is great. Episodes are concise, specific and high quality. Give her a well deserved listen. She’s a pro. Love u Barb!!!
Victor In LA
Business, family, life
Thank you, Barbara! Your stories, advice, and wisdom have impacted how I handle not only my business but the dynamics in my large family-my home team! Your stories about your mother helped me develop many life & sanity-saving systems, keeping me from imploding! Can’t thank you enough! Keep the podcasts coming!
Enjoyed the show
Way to go! Great questions, great answers!!
Jeanine Corcoran
Short & straight to the point
I love Barbara’s advice!
Kandi Yang
Very motivational!
As a small business owner myself, I relate to several of Barbara’s experiences on a very real level. This woman is CRAZY smart, and she has proven success. I love learning all I can from her. I definitely would recommend these podcasts to any businessperson- owner or employee!
Positive and powerful.
Barbara I am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge in such positive way. You make it so easy to imagine taking your tips and implementing them.
New agent too!
Nothing terrific
It seems like everyone and their dog is creating a podcast these days - Barbara seems to be jumping in also but why does she need to?Nothing really special here, unfortunately.
Barbra Corcoran Podcast
Fun, direct, refreshing and REAL. You always learn something new with Barbara at the end you are inspired, uplifted and motivated. Thank you Barbara your the 💣 ~ Abigail Garcia
We love you Barb!
One of my favorite podcasts ever.
great podcast
I love this podcast. Keep it up
Your Brandtastic Podcast
Hi!!!!!! Hahahaha come on! Be yourself!
First time listener!
Clever & Practical
Damion & Julie
Loving This - Wish Episodes Were a Little Longer
These insightful episodes have really helped to drive a healthy, career-focused self-assessment, very solid advice and Barbara knows when to tell you what to do and when to tell you she’s discussing a situation that doesn’t have a defined path to success. While the short length makes these great to kickstart conversations, I do wish they could be 15-20 minutes, rather than 8 (with 3 being credits). Overall, very, very good.
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Shark Tales and more.
I love the bite sized shark tales and Barbara's wit and wisdom about business and life.
Dawn Nocera
Love the quick and easy to understand advice
I really admire and respect Barbara Corcoran for her business savvy, the way she carries herself on Shark Tank and above all her integrity in all aspects of her life. I love that these are short episodes, good counter programming to the longer entrepreneur-related podcasts out there. I like the format of having a topic up top and then answering listener questions in the second half, but I wish the topic up top had more time, just a minute or two longer at most. Right now it feels a little rushed.
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FREE money
Barbara’s podcasts are perfection. Bite sized learning lessons on how to grow your business and who better than than the expert herself? And it’s all free. My favorite podcasts by far. Looking forward to more, Barbara! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
From Shark Tank to your Podcast since 09..!! Awesome work.
Dr. Haitian
Thank you.
I admire you as a womanprenuer and live by your advice! I just wish other young people like me would realize they have the choice to become what they want to become and build it. (I was one of those people). They think becoming a certain title is mandatory and start working in highschool at places they do not want to. We need to show them what they are capable of and that it is possible to succeed without living up to a specific degree and job title.
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Sereen Qader
Barbara always inspires me to do MORE!
In today’s age of women moving so rapidly into the entrepreneurial and investing fields WE NEED MORE BARBARA!! She is a beacon of success that millions of men and women idolize. She is sweet and caring. Listening to her talk about her mom and her hustle remind me so much of myself. Her mom’s super power, to spot the opportunity in mother did the same. I see she has inherited the same gift from my mom that I have. I love watching and listening to her when she speaks as she is vulnerable and authentic. She is the leader in mixing business with connection. That is the future of all industry. She sees trends well into the future. I have chosen her as my mentor in business once my mother passed. If you want her to be your mentor also, all you need to do is read, watch, and listen. Thank you Barbara for being. You inspire and teach so many of us.
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Meg In Chicago
Best podcast!
Love listening to Barbara’s podcast very relatable. She says it like it is.
Dropping Jewels 💎
Future entrepreneur, this advice is valuable. Very generous of her to share. I’ve learned so much from these snippets already. Please do some longer sessions every now and again😉
To the point!
I really like each episode she’s doing here. It’s straight to the point!
taniya ahmed
Frances Drost
I LOVE the down to earth tips Barbara gives for business! I also appreciate her willingness to share her failures along with her successes. GREAT podcast!
Skybird and Bluebird
Awesome podcast! I love listening your experiences and you shark!
Great podcast for Start Ups!
This podcast is great for emerging companies! One of my favorite ones is about creativity. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but rather adapt great ideas to your business to make it stronger!
Bye Seamless
How to Bounce Back
I spent $7000 of my savings on what I thought was the “next big idea”. Unfortunately did not sell but like I’ve been saying to myself “I rather lose money than my peace of mind” and I know I’ll find a way to sell it or modify it in a way it will work. It was a great learning experience that I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Loved your book love your podcast, you are an inspiration for all women :)
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Awesome quick insights and motivation
As an entrepreneur with no employees, I am always looking for valuable business insights and motivation. Barbara’s podcast provides powerful and meaningful quick insights and motivation that keep me going!
Perception is Everything/Bounce Back
Barbara was my favorite on Shark when I learned she was doing a Podcast, I knew I had to take a listen! One thing I loved about her from TV was that she wasn't only sharp, but really cares about people! Through Business unu$ual, Barbara shares her wisdom and her heart in a concise yet compelling way. As a new entrepreneur, her Podcast is invaluable to my business. Barbara inspires me to stretch myself waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy beyond my comfort zone and just 'go for it'! I"ve got BIG plans for my biz....and Barbara's Podcast is helping me work smarter every day to make those plans a reality! THANKS Barbara! xox
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LivyBrynn: Realestating!
A multifaceted comprehensive blueprint for any entrepreneur's emotional and physical journeys
This PoDcast covers a lot of roles, mainly being: -It covers the life of a lone entrepreneur from the idea to inception(huge successes from shark tank such as cousins Maine lobster, and tom&chee restaurant franchise) -Even if you are not an entrepreneur, some of the episodes talk about workplace attitudes that you need to have to help you make progress faster and get the title you want -Transforming a small business into a bigger structured big business with multiple employees under you(she goes into great details about building structures, so if you are at that level you can listen to those podcasts) -Covers fundamentals of business success and talks in length about how fundamental creativity is for the life of the business with examples -it covers psychological states that you might encounter in different roles while growing a business -Finally, it covers some societal misconceptions(Why the small guy always beats the big guy) I love Barbara's story, appeal, hustle and intuition ✌️
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