Business of Photography Podcast
Business of Photography Podcast
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Amazing content for photographers!!
This podcast is packed with tons of information and tips to help photographers have a successful business! I love the way Brian interviews his guest and how much content is shared in each episode. This has been one of my favorite podcast for years!!
Carolina Guzik
A must for photographers
Brian does a fabulous job of educating and inspiring photographers. If you are an aspiring photographer, this podcast is a must. If you are looking to stay abreast of trends and ways to keep your established photography business moving forward, this podcast is for you! Never disappointed when I listen! Robyn Graham Host of The Second Phase Podcast @therobyngraham on Instagram
Sprouting Value
I’ve never listened to podcasts before until I wanted to learn more about business instead of just photography. Business of Photography was the first one I jumped into and I’ve been hooked for the past several weeks. They take field experts that know what they’re doing and have them explain what they do and why they do it. So much value comes from learning from these professionals. Not only is it informative, it’s also very entertaining. Such a great podcast!
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Best podcast for photography business owners
Sprout Studio and The business of photography podcast have changed how I run my business and helped me become a profitable business that supports my family! Even in the midst of the Pandemic they dropped everything to help support their users and listeners and rolled out even more amazing features and very inspiring and helpful information for us to thrive during uncertain times. Thank you Bryan and The podcast team and Shoutout to Justin for always answering my dumb questions!
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Awesome content for photographers
Guys you have helped me so much! I struggle with the “business” part of photography and you encourage me every time I listen to you guys!
Sarai Lange
Invaluable Insight!
This is already one of my favorite podcasts and I’ve only heard about 4 episodes through Spotify. As an up and coming photographer, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to be so helpful and generous with your experience! I’m a fan!
A Great Photo Business Podcast
STOP! Subscribe to this podcast if you have a photography business or want to start a photography business. You won’t regret it!
mark mcewen
Amazing resource!
I’m a hobby portrait photographer working to transition into a portrait business, and this podcast offers a HUGE wealth of resources I never would have guessed would be available all for free. There are hundreds of episodes to work through, the information is timeless, and I look forward to each episode that comes out now. Informative and entertaining - love it!
Dead Intro
You get hyped hoping this will be a great resource, unfortunately you have to sit through almost 45 minutes of intro banter before they get to the content. Lost me as a listener. Suggestion, less talk in the beginning. Your episode talked about how other podcasts have too much banter, when this podcast had more than 39 minutes more banter than other podcasts with similar content. Extremely disappointed.
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Great help to start you business
Photography has been my hobby for a long time, but now I’m trying to make it my side business. Listening to this podcast everyday has introduced me a lot of new ideas about the business of photography. Thank you guys .
Practical realistic helpful
Thank you! I’ve seen Brian speak at a conference! He’s the real deal and truly cares about others in the industry and provides tangible applicable advice!
Lil' mama G
Enjoyable, but I could do without all the film podcasts
Long time listener, and it’s always a breath of candid fresh air conversation. It seems like most episodes over the past few months have been focused on film, so I have been skipping them.
So helpful and educational
I love this podcast and it's one of my go-to listens when I need advice or inspiration in my business. I found it as a user of Sprout Studio, and I'm so thankful for Bryan and Rob's advice and guest content. It's so great to hear from others who are finding success in their businesses and learn some of their secrets. I've learned so much!
Relevant & Motivating
What a wealth of applicable information for photographers at any point in their career! Wow! Bryan and Rob, along with their guest speakers, offer week after week of valuable, actionable tips that you can implement immediately for your business to help make it profitable long-term. They break down ideas so they are easy to understand for those who are new to the business side of photography, yet still provide relevant content for the more experienced business owner, all while motivating the listener to move forward with their business. I highly recommend both the podcast as well as Sprout Studio’s management system, a comprehensive tool for your business and excellent customer service.
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Love his upbeat attitude.
Bryan is always so upbeat and energetic. His show is full of great and useful information.
Camera Mam
So much practical help & inspiration
This is a must podcast for anyone trying to build a photography business. Two seasoned pros graciosly share tons of practical help along with positive & inspirational advice.
Love this!
I love this podcast! It's truly helped me and my wife's business. Each and every episode has provided me with useful information. The afte the show podcast is awesome as well so don't forget to check that out too! Keep it up guys.
A great resource for professional photographers
Great content for professional photographers whether new to running a business or established. One of my favorite professional photography podcasts.
Awesome Podcast!!
Bryan, host of the The Business of Photography podcast, highlights all aspects of photography and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Beyond helpful
I started listening about 5 days ago picking and choosing episodes but after the 3rd one I just let it play automatically. Even episodes that don't apply to my field ended up being super helpful.
Andy Rennella
Love it
I've listened to dozens of episodes, always while editing at my desk. For those who feel good about their photography skill level but can't soak up enough marketing and business systems content, this is an inspiring soundtrack for the workflow items that don't require 100% of your attention (culling/processing/cropping). My favorite episode so far is 328 with Erika Blatt about approaching portrait shoots from a lifestyle perspective in order to connect with future commercial clients. That's exactly where I am in my business. Thanks Bryan!
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Hylah Hedgepeth Photography
Awesome podcast!
There is so much useful content in this podcast that I almost have to make myself wait a week before listening to each new podcast so that I have time to digest everything each episode contains. Such an incredible resource!
Extremely Helpful
As an amateur photographer on the cusp of starting her own business, this podcast has provided me with invaluable advice to reach success. It is practically a “How To” guide for everything and anything photo business related and I highly recommend it to each and every photographer, no matter how experienced!
My Go-To Photography Podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for over 2 years and have not once tired of it. There has been an incredible amount of straight-forward business help that I haven't received anywhere else... even after listening to Jenna Kutcher and Photo Taco. In one of the podcasts I was listening to I remember Bryan saying that the business of photography is an underserved market and it's absolutely true. I'm extremely thankful to have had this free education to lean on as I started my business and as I scale my business. There's not another podcast I would depend on for help like that. Thank you!!
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Sinikka Rohrer
Great info from these guys!
Always informative podcasts from Bryan. Love Sprout Studio as well.
Knowledge Bombs!!!
This podcast is filled with actionable steps that make sense, awesome interviews, and so much more. Bryan and his team are amazing, caring, and understanding people. I’ve been using Sprout Studio for a good while now and it has helped me grow and scale my business in ways I never thought possible. In short... JUST LISTEN TO THE PODACAST!!!
Just Fantastic
These guys are amazing!! I have been listening for the past two years since I started shooting. I am now moving to full time photography this month and I credit this podcast with a huge part of that jump. The insights and information in this podcast are things I never would have learned on my own. I can’t wait to start my business full time and put into practice a bunch of the things I learn through The Sprouting Photographer podcast. Thank you both For your time and effort. BTW sprout studio is amazing, get it! Thanks guys for taking a step back to retool the podcast to make it even better. Can’t wait for the next one! Best, Ben
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Awesome information
Thank you very much. This podcast is an amazing asset
#1 Resource
This is the #1 resource driving how I build and grow my business. I have been listening for about 2 years now and the podcast is consistently great. The hosts are great about pausing guest speakers to extrapolate on the things that they know listeners will want to understand better. I am constantly inspired by the podcast. For a while, I assumed they would run out of content but somehow that has never happened. That being said, it has a sweet spot for new and advanced photography business owners so you can jump in at any point without feeling like you need to go back in the archives to feel like you’re caught up.
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One of the best podcasts
Love the podcasters. They provide great insights into the business of photography.
Great listen!
None of the topics feel forced or like "filler". Everything is super relevant and Bryan is super easy to listen to!
This is a very insightful podcast. I haven’t been in the photography business for long and I appreciate the advice and perspectives I hear on this podcast. 2 thumbs up!
New to the podcast
I just listened to episode 327 and as a young intermediate photographer, wanting to make a career with photography and video; I have been searching the internet for answers on the next steps on how to build a foundation of a business. I have been listening to lots of photography podcasts and none have been as helpful and as this podcast. Literally every question I had been answered. Now I will be listening to the rest of the podcasts. Thank you for your work guys!
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The best podcast!
I love this podcast. So many podcasts will only give you half the information unless you pay for it, but every single episode is chalk full of insight and direction. I find myself hoping I get stopped at stoplights just so I can finish an episode on my commute. Not only has it helped in putting together business plans and gaining clarity for driving my business, but it has helped me believe in myself as a photographer. Thank you Bryan!!
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My very favorite business podcast !!
I’m actually a long time listener and have learned so much from Brian & Rob I feel like I know them personally. I recently took the to how to grow your business class from them and now I own my very own sprout studio.
Sprout book more clients course helping me re- establish in a new city!
"Long time follower of sprout- only partial because those sweet Canadian accent brings me memories of growing up! You can search the podcast archieves for nearly every topic that comes up in your photo busniess, and after moving an established photography studio across the country I am revisiting all of this information! Excited to hear about their collaboration with Don Miller- two things that will launch your career with sucess are Mr Miller's book "Building a Storybrand" and "Sprout's Photography Business Accelerator: Book More Clients!" Having heard Mr Miller speak on podcasts previous I'd love to dive deeper with the book, just as I am taking notes on Brian Caporicci's client building course."
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Anjeanette Photography
Incredibly valuable business information
Though I'm have great photography, I am terrible at the business side of my business. Sprouting Photographer is really helping me to get the logistics and back end of things sorted so that I can actually make my photography dream sustainable and lucrative (and making me aware of areas that I had no idea I needed to fix!) They are teaching me so much about client interaction and experience, as well as practical things like, "hey, maybe you should think about diability insurance and a will." I enjoy both the episodes with Rob and Bryan, as well as the episodes where Bryan interviews different guests (which has led me to many other photographers and professionals that have great podcasts and blogs to learn from, as well as photography and websites that inspire me. Also, some of them have great products that can help you either elevate or streamline your business). For any photographer who really wants to build a life-long photography business, I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Thank you, Bryan and Rob!
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Great Resource for Every Photographer!
I have been listening and am a huge fan. This podcast provides some best resources and advice for all photographers of all levels and experiences. If you are just getting started or been in the photography world awhile this podcast is worth the listen.
My Favorite Business Podcast
Really well produced podcast about the business of photography. Their advice is direct and very practical. I've been listening for about a year and it just keeps getting better. Thanks!
Best podcast out there for going full-time.
This podcast gives consistent & valuable content on all spectrums of building a photography business. Hats off to the team at sprout studio!
tim bowditch
So helpful!
I love this podcast and wish I had found it even sooner! I am a photographer that is great at taking photos but not so great at the business end of photography. l've found that this podcast is SO helpful when it comes to the whole business aspect-from marketing to pricing and everything in between. I've been sharing this podcast and the Sprouting Photographer website in my Facebook photography groups because I want to see this industry to improve as a whole. I think that if we as photographers implement the strategies that are taught in this podcast, that we can make that happen!
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My Favorite Podcast
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. I listen to quite a few photography podcasts, but this one is by far my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love the other ones I listen to as well, but this one just catches my attention and really makes me anazlyze my business. It inspires me to do better, and work harder at the business side of things. I am currently a college student studying photography, and I have not had a class about the business side of things, so this podcast really helps me understand and prepare for my future. I love it. The interviews are amazing and are full of knowledge, and even when its just Bryan and Rob talking, they make such great conversation and their topics are so unique and interesting, that you can't help but love them. This is an all around amazing podcast, and very much worth your time. You will learn SO much more than you ever thought you could!
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Learning with friends
This a great podcast, it really feels like you’re sitting in the room just chatting about photography and the business side of it. They have great ideas and wonderful advice. I look forward to hearing each of the episodes
Refreshing and insightful
I've been listening to Sprouting Photographers for a while now and I must say it's one of the best guitar for podcasts out there. Their approach to bringing news and information to the photography business is easy on the years and a relaxing informative style. If you're looking for a lot of information on the photography business, definitely check these guys out.
Best podcast
Best photo business podcast around. And the information can apply to other businesses, as well.
Great info for all experience levels
I've listened to a lot of business and photography podcasts, but the Sprouting Photographer is by far the best. I've tried a lot of their practices and they have done great to help me grow the business. I've also recently signed up for Sprout Studio and am loving it! Keep up the great work!
Awesome Podcast
I'm new to this podcast and I am addicted. So helpful, easy to listen too, great resources and the questions that are asked are literally the questions I have in my head as I'm listening. I listen everyday (because I'm 3 years behind) I'm a fan and I LOVE IT!
Good podcast except...
I like this podcast very much but have recently have been very frustrated with the quality. Lots of echoing and fading. It's really annoying to have to listen to this. It's been so bad on some episodes that I just don't listen and delete.
Consistently features great content
This podcast is very informational and consistently has great content. It is one of the few podcasts I actually subscribe to because they have great info and I don't feel like I am wasting my time listening to them.
The Most Useful Photography Podcast Out There
I've subscribed to a number of photography podcasts, but this is the one I consistently make time to listen to. That's because every episode contains actionable, useful information that helps me grow as a "sprouting" photographer. I'm just getting started in my business, but the information shared is useful for everyone, from beginners to experts.
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