Business of Photography Podcast
Business of Photography Podcast
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Helping you build a thriving business doing what you love – photography!
456: David duChemin – Reframing your marketing efforts to provide value
How Photographers can reframe our marketing efforts to provide value in order to build an engaged audience. When we make marketing an intensely personal endeavour, especially if we're willing to listen to and serve our audience, and make our marketing efforts a gift we can make a living as creatively and beautifully as we make our photographs.
Apr 7
42 min
455: Marika Adamopoulos – Seeking and building community for Photographers
Episode #455 of the podcast features an interview with Marika Adamopoulos. For a discussion about seeking and building community for Photographers.
Mar 17
29 min
454: Alex Vita – How to get a photography website that will differentiate yourself from the competition
Bryan talks with Alex Vita of ForegroundWeb to discuss how focusing on website UX, website performance and optimizing the homepage for first-time visitors will lead to better results for your website and differentiate you from the competition.
Mar 2
31 min
453: Jerome Pollos – Pivoting your photography business in a COVID world
Episode #453 of the podcast features an interview with Jerome Pollos for a discussion about pivoting your photography business for success in a COVID world.
Feb 16
25 min
452: Dr. Rebecca Heiss – Become a Fear(less) photographer
Episode #452 of the podcast features an interview with Dr. Rebecca Heiss to discuss the mindset of becoming a Fear(less), photographer and entrepreneur.
Feb 9
30 min
451: Brooke Jefferson –  Pricing Mistakes You’re Probably Making
Bryan and Brooke discuss the do's and don'ts of pricing yourself as well as best practices for pricing your photography.
Feb 2
26 min
450: Savannah Meikamp – Clubhouse for Creative Entrepreneurs
Episode #450 of the podcast features an interview with Savannah Meikamp. Discussion topic: Clubhouse for Creative Entrepreneurs.
Jan 26
41 min
449: Adam Taylor – Developing a “Licensing Mindset”
Episode #449 of the podcast features an interview with Adam Taylor. Discussing how photographers can develop a "Licensing Mindset" as a way to look at your work through a new lens so you can sell more of your images
Jan 19
35 min
448: Carolina Guzik – Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business
A discussion with Carolina Guzik from The Tog Republic about how photographers can use Pinterest as a marketing tool to grow their photography business
Nov 19, 2020
40 min
447: Ashley Vaught – SEO For Photographers
Bryan chats with Ashley Vaught from the Wonderful Machine about Search Engine Optimization for photographers
Nov 11, 2020
29 min
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