Business of Film
Business of Film
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This podcast is about the real business of filmmaking
I found this about a month ago and I have been going back listening to them rabidly. There is so much information presented that it has really changed my view on the importance of learning the business. This podcast is a little like Socrates, it makes me realize I knew nothing and now I’m ready to learn more. The host is enjoyable and extremely knowledgable. Unlike other podcasts where you get superficial answers to important questions he digs and carefully phrases questions with an independent filmmaker in mind. The show pulls back the curtain and exposes the Wizard and is, in my opinion, one of the most important podcasts an aspiring filmmaker can listen to.
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Donald Evans
Don’t go to film school. Listen to this podcast
Ezekiel the Victor
Producing Master Class
I’ve been producing features for over a decade, and it’s a genuine rarity I listen to an episode of this and don’t learn something new. Golf clap, man!
Wonderful resource
This podcast is extremely valuable for anyone looking for real life information on independent film producing. Highly recommend!
Please use better mics.
I’m giving you five stars because I don’t want to ruin your score but you really need to invest in more professional equipment. You’re a podcast about film it needs decent audio. I know there’s costs and additional set up times but this really isn’t worth doing if it’s not done right. I’ll be checking in sometime in the future and will resubscribe if it’s changed ❤️
Tony chuck yaa
So interesting and useful! You can find a lot of great ideas and info from people who have an amazing track record in the film industry. I want more of this. Thanks
Martin Rosete
Fantastic Podcast
I want to thank Jesse and the Craft Truck team for putting this podcast together, it's absolutely terrific stuff. It's truly nformation that you can't get anywhere else. Please keep 'em coming!
Great Podcast!
I stumbled across this podcast online. Wow, I’m so glad that I did. Great information for producers and filmmakers. I’m impressed with the wealth of information on these podcasts.
Great Resource
Great Resource for Indie Filmmakers. This is the type of information that you don't get from books. Real life info from real Filmmakers not Academics.
Realm Entertainment
Inspiring and informative!
Love this podcast. Great guests and the information and conversations regarding the film biz are invaluable. Thank you!
Daniel Raim
An informative inside look at the film business.
Really enjoying each guest interviewed on this show. You ask great questions!
One of the best filmmaker podcast.
Found this by accident and man oh man, it is awesome. The insight pulled from the producers and filmmakers interviewed is fantastic and really helpful. Actual working knowledge you can apply to your journey as a filmmaker. Good stuff.
So much information!
Man this podcast is by far one of the best that I have heard of for filmmakers. It could help any type of filmmaker and I just found it by accident…this truly needs more listeners.
Francisco Aguila
Awesome insider advice
I absolutely love this podcast. The guests are all enthusiastic and give fantastic advice for both industry pros and those looking to break into the media business.
Ricky Bushey