Burgers and Fries: Your One-Stop Bob's Burgers Podcast
Burgers and Fries: Your One-Stop Bob's Burgers Podcast
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Your Bob's Burgers Companion Podcast, We talk about, and review, each episode, and tangent into how it affects our lives. Come meet our family, and let us “Meat” you!
Season 05 Episode 09 - Speakeasy Rider
The second episode of the Grand Re-Re-Opening of Burgers and Fries is upon you! This episode, taken much longer to edit thanks to software struggles, we find the Belcher kids also having their own struggles maintaining a strong bond when the Go-Kart derby gets in their way. We also see Bob, Linda, and Teddy struggle to sell Teddy's bootleg beer, and Bryan and Ryan Struggle to stay on task! But this is a fun episode, so stick around!
Jul 28
Season 05 Episode 08 - Midday Run
We're back! After 15 months, we are back at it! Bryan and Ryan explain the hiatus, and want to get RIGHT back into the swing of things with Midday Run! DOn't miss out!
Jun 23
Season 05 Episode 07 - Tina Tailor Solider Spy
We're back with a new episode! Like Tina's small retirement from the Thundergirls, we continue onward with Season 5 after a bit of a hiatus, and bring you Tina, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Tina finds a mole with Louise's Help, Linda tries out being a blonde, and Gene finds a new wardrobe. Bob just... does his Bob thing!
Mar 28, 2019
Season 05 Episode 06 - Father of the Bob
Happy Christmas Everyone! A lot of firsts, onlys, and lasts in this episode. We celebrate the final appearance of Bill Hader, The first and only appearance of Bob Sr, AND, A special Carl Reiner voice acting job! Tis the season for a great holiday episode in February!
Feb 28, 2019
Season 05 Episode 05 - Best Burger
Is this really the best burger? Bryan and Ryan debate over the message of the episode, the want of the burger, and is Gene really this way?!
Feb 21, 2019
Season 05 Episode 04 - Dawn of the Peck
Thanksgiving has come again, but this time, the Belcher family will NOT be celebrating. Bob does not take this well, and stays home in protest, as the family enjoys the Fischoeders' first annual Turkey Trot Turktacular Thanksgiving Festival. Things go awry, and it becomes a battle for survival. You won't want to miss this great holiday episode of Bob's Burgers!
Feb 14, 2019
Season 05 Episode 03 - Friends With Burger-fits
Poor Poor Teddy! His heart swells and then shrinks all within a weekend. The Belcher children make an ice rink! and Mort makes an appearance. Check out this excellent episode of Bob's Burgers with us!
Feb 7, 2019
Season 05 Episode 02 - Tina and the Real Ghost
The Season 5 Halloween spectacular! Tina falls in love with a ghost, Tammy steals that ghost, and Gene and Louise plan some revenge. All while this is happening, the restaurant is being investigated by Ghost hunters who thing there's more going on there than just phantasmal bugs.
Jan 31, 2019
Season 05 Episode 01 - Work Hard, or Die Trying, Girl
Season 5 premiere! Musical theatre! The whole gang gets involved in competing musicals! Listen to our late night, medicine infused rambles about this grand way to start a new season. Watch this episode, then watch working girl, die hard, and have a blast
Jan 24, 2019
Season 04 Episode 17 - The Equestranauts
A Bond of friendship greater than any force in the universe. Tina is so excited about the con coming to town for her favorite horse show, but is surprised to find that it's not full of her own peers, but peers a bit older. As she gets into a bit of horse trouble, Bob comes to the rescue! Join us as we dive into the magical world of the Equestranauts!
Dec 6, 2018
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