BungleTech: A BattleTech Podcast
BungleTech: A BattleTech Podcast
Nathan Hunt
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Fun and informative
I’m a total BattleTech n00b and the only person who will play with me is my 7 year old son so it’s nice to hear other talk about how they play and the fun ideas they’ve come up with.
Solid Show. Much Appreciated.
Michael is Squidward and it is great.
good work but…
WACO- not Wacko!! you goober.
A bungle to remember
A podcast that anyone playing Battletech can relate to. (That is, if they are being honest with themselves.😉) Honest about what they don’t know. Passionate about what they do. It’s a fun show even if they call Arrow IV: Arrow Ivy. -Brent-