BungleTech: A BattleTech Podcast
BungleTech: A BattleTech Podcast
Nathan Hunt
Episode 10 - Interviewing BattleTech Podcast Creators
3 hour 59 minutes Posted Sep 26, 2023 at 10:54 am.
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Show notes
In our tenth deployment of BungleTech we are doing something extra special. I took some time recently to reach out to all active BattleTech podcast content creators to chat and I heard back from the vast majority of them. This episode consists of sharing these interviews, interwoven with a little intellectually sensual treat from my spheroid co-host Michael.
Due to the total length of these interviews, we will be taking a break from our other regular segments which will return in glory in Episode 11 next month with a special surprise! In this deployment I am privileged to chat with Battle Babes, BattlePod, Battletopia Stories,  the Calgary BattleTech League, the MechBay, Mercenary Star, Of Mechs and Men, On the Origins of BattleMechs, Renegade HPG, Unicorn Company, the Valhalla Club, and Wolfnet.
Timecodes for each interview can be found in the podcast description in case you want to jump around. My MechWarrior friends, let's get this deployment on the battlefield!
Interview Segment Start Times:
Renegade HPG
On the Origins of BattleMechs
The MechBay
Battle Babes
Mercenary Star
Of Mech's and Men
The Valhalla Club
The Calgary BattleTech League
Battletopia Stories
Unicorn Company
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