BungleTech: A BattleTech Podcast
BungleTech: A BattleTech Podcast
Nathan Hunt
Episode 6 - The BattleMech Manual with Keith Hann
2 hour 1 minutes Posted May 28, 2023 at 8:28 pm.
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Show notes
In our sixth deployment of Bungletech my spheroid co-host Michael and I are joined by the Precentor Martial of the BattleMech Manual, Keith Hann, as we have an in-depth discussion on this amazing BattleTech resource, in our Battlefield Outcome Report highlight the plight of a poor pitiful Piranha, in our Rule Discovery segment discuss how our rule mistakes regarding water had us splashing around in the 'Mech kiddie pool, and read a sample of the short story Protector of the Blood by Charles Gideon.
Take a shot of Can-Do and power up those fusion engines MechWarriors, lets get this deployment on the battlefield!
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Segment Start Times
Extraordinary Proclamation
Podcast Primary Topic
Battlefield Outcome Report
Rule Check Discovery
Stories of the Inner Sphere
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