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Buddhism Bits
Glimpse into Buddhism, meditation and science of happiness. For more information : https://sites.google.com/view/buddhismbits/home
BB98 : Magha Puja Day
Join online! Virtual Magha Puja event where everyone can have a glimpse into Buddhism. Everyone, including, YOU! Date : 26 Feb 2020 Time : 1900 (GMT+7) Link : bit.ly/BBtoZoompp
Feb 6, 2021
3 min
BB97 : Life Insurance
Death benefits and beneficiaries. The best life insurance in Buddhism
Jun 12, 2020
4 min
BB96 : To Forgive, Not To Forget
How is this related to Buddhism?
Jun 2, 2020
3 min
BB95 : Recklessness in Buddha's Final Words
Why did the Lord Buddha talk about recklessness in his final words? Find out now!
May 30, 2020
4 min
S05 : If You Really Want World Peace
Someone told me it will come true (:
May 14, 2020
3 min
BB94 : What is a Buddhist Family?
What are our routines and special activities? Find out here!
May 12, 2020
5 min
S04 : Sharing is Great
Sharing the Sun and many more with people of the world (:
Apr 29, 2020
2 min
S03 : Change The World
Let’s come together to change the world
Apr 27, 2020
2 min
BB93 : What To Do With Your LIfe?
What are the sensible things to do according to the Lord Buddha?
Apr 25, 2020
5 min
S02 : Ehipassiko (Come and See)
Dhamma = Ehipassiko. Come and see you'll know!
Apr 24, 2020
2 min
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