BT Rio Chapter Podcast
BT Rio Chapter Podcast
Stephan Hughes
BT Rio Chapter Podcast Episode 31 - PBL in times of Covid-19 - with Selma Nunes
13 minutes Posted Dec 16, 2020 at 6:19 am.
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Show notes
This BT Rio Chapter Podcast Episode talks about PBL with a special twist. That special twist was the year 2020, which brought us COVID-19 and subsequent school lockdowns. In the necessary transition to online teaching, teachers have resorted to projects as a form of delivering content and keeping students minimally engaged. This change has not
come without immense challenges, some of which will be focus of this episode.
To talk about this and a little more, we have a special guest. Selma Nunes holds a BA in Portuguese/English and a post graduation in Applied Linguistics from UERJ in
Rio. She has taught at companies, private schools and language schools in Rio de Janeiro for more than
20 years. She’s been a public school English language teacher since 2001. She’s also an English teacher at CEC - Barra and Colégio Zaccaria. She has experience in teaching children, teenagers and adults.