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Stephan Hughes
BT Rio Chapter Podcast Episode 23 - Overcoming Challenges in Education - Meet the Speakers - Aline Coutinho
28 minutes Posted Aug 26, 2020 at 2:57 pm.
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Show notes

What is prosodic training in language teaching and why is it important? Our guest and teacher trainer Aline Coutinho goes into more detail about the role of the awareness prosody plays in relaying information and conveying meaning. She also explains how sensitizing learners can improve their listening skills. In addition, the episode covers the following topics:

Examples of melodic and rhythmic cues we don't usually notice;

Practical activities teachers can use to promote prosodic training

Ways to raise student awareness of the benefits prosodic training can bring to their listening skills

Advice for teachers to develop their own knowledge of English prosody

Aline can be found on Instagram at @movaaceleradora

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