Brother Redge
Brother Redge
Redge Allen
This is Brother Redge, Professor, Entrepreneur, and Friend.
Episode 27: Leveling Up
This week's episode we discuss the idea of "leveling up" and the importance of learning from experience. 
Aug 24, 2020
5 min
Episode 26: The Entrepreneur Journey- Saralyn Allen
This week we highlight Saralyn as a new Entrepreneur as she heads head first into 100 hour weeks and rocking a new business, "Stoney Court Playcare". This is a must listen!
Aug 16, 2020
15 min
Episode 25: Body Language
Special Guests: Saralyn Allen,  Carissa Haar, Becca Ward join this episode where we discuss body language, eye movement, and communicating effectively with others. 
Jul 20, 2020
21 min
Episode 24 - Toxic "Friendship/Relationship"
In this episode I discuss toxic friendships, and how limiting our discretionary time with those individuals may be the least selfish thing we can do to bless others.  
Jul 6, 2020
9 min
Episode 23 - Beautiful, Powerful, Goddesses: A true story of miracles and tender mercies
In this special edition, Saralyn and I have a special discussion with Renae and Lauren Southwick. We discuss their journey forward through a life changing accident and a change of life perspective that inspires and encourages all of us to live in the moment.
Jun 15, 2020
1 hr
Episode 22- International Travel Tips
In this episode, Redge gives pointers on international travel and the best places to find great deals. Joined by special guest, Jacie Gillett.
Jun 1, 2020
21 min
Episode 21- Giving Constructive, Negative Feedback
In this episode, Brother Redge and Hyrum discuss the proven steps to give constructive, negative feedback.
May 18, 2020
18 min
Bonus: Courtlyn's Singing Debut
This episode is very special. Courtlyn practiced singing long and hard to be featured on the podcast. Here it is! ❤️
May 11, 2020
2 min
Episode 20- Giving Positive Feedback
In this episode we explore the four steps to giving dynamite positive feedback. Special guests include Saralyn, Ammon, and Cortlyn.
May 4, 2020
12 min
Episode 19- Starting a Career: Practical Advice
In this episode, Redge goes over five pieces of advice for those starting or changing careers.
Apr 27, 2020
13 min
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