Broncos Weekly
Broncos Weekly
Broncos Weekly
Broncos Yearly - 2022 Season Preview and General News
1 hour 9 minutes Posted Feb 27, 2022 at 3:04 am.
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Show notes

Well well well, look who is back, with more returns than a 2012 Bitcoin investor, Mitch and Simo are here for Broncos Weekly-ish 2022 after another long sabbatical

This week, we preview the 2022 season for the Broncos as well as catch up on a lot of the off season chat you've all been missing, including;

  • Trials and pre-season thoughts so far
  • How we think the team will shape up early, and if it even matters
  • Please save us Adam Reynolds
  • Who is in for a break out year? And why is it still just Payne Haas and Kotoni Staggs (but also maybe Cory Paix)?
  • What's doing with the Payne Haas contract saga
  • NRLW carrying the club again
  • All of your fan questions

And much more!

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