Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond
Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond
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Not as advertised
Was interesting when Rick and Malcom did the interviews.
Pete Townshend
Super dialogue, great stories, incredible insights into 20th century culture.
Gaming the Algorithm
I enjoyed this podcast, but I find it obnoxious they are (what appears to me to be) attempting to game the algorithm to have this podcast always be listed as the most recently updated podcast. I have unsubscribed, as I will do for all other Pushkin podcasts.
Reddie Freddie
Bait and switch
They should have been more forthright about the fact that Rick created his own podcast and is no longer contributing to this. Malcom Gladwell phased out a while ago.
He who shall remain nameless
Great listen
Look forward to listening every week, so much wisdom!
Support the new artist
Thr33jay from NJ is a new music artist. I am sure he would do a great interview on your show. He write his own music check him out.
Feeds my soul
Rick Rubin is a really special spirit and brings out that in all he interviews. It is done my heart so good to listen to all of these episodes.
May I say…
Amazing recommendation of louder than a riot. The Pushkin fams are masterclass and never disappoint- thank you to all you peeps!
false psychology
Listened to Rick on Flea’s podcast and found this through that - so glad!
Great podcast!
So many varied artists covered and the interviewers are so knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Thank you!
Excellence/Informative at its finest! Truly inspiring <3. official_giovannialexander
Bait and switch is not very Zen
Rick likes to portray himself as a blissed out whisper in a breeze, but offering Part 1 of a podcast then posting Part 2 and telling listeners that it’s only available with a paid subscription isn’t cool at all. Otherwise, this podcast is good about 30% of the time.
Phenomenal Podcast
Inspiring, informative, intriguing & entertaining. 100% essential listening for musicians + curious music lovers.
Josh Purgason
Could only listen to this for life…
They just make me even more curious … it’s a good way to be.
jamie Utitus
Awesome show for sure
I can’t say enough how much I love this show !insightful awesome guests with great conversations …Rick Rubin A+ plus for getting good conversations going and just awesome info I love the show and thanks guys 👍☘️👍
Grus is te
Those interviews were riveting. Well done. Thanks, Larz
Exceedingly pretentious
The pretentious, hipster, gate-keeping attitude of the pop punk episode is the reason I cancelled my subscription to Pushkin. What a complete disappointment.
John Fruciante
Parts 1-4(for now). THE BEST
The John Frusciante conversations are some of my favorite things (out of all things). I love them so much. Thank you. Please make as many as you’d like.
Needs a wider variety of guests
This podcast would be great if the Red Hot Chili Peppers weren't the dominant guests on it every time I see a new episode has been uploaded. Rick, if you read these reviews, you worked with A LOT of artists. Ideas for future guests could be anyone from Tom Araya to Darryl McDaniels to cEvin Key, so please, consider broadening your guest pool.
Insightful & unique
So many incredible interviews, that let a conversation unfold. The extended conversations with John Frusciante are just a gift. I hope there are many more.
Perhaps the most inspiring podcast from Broken Record Yet! Gabriels are so talented, creative and trusting of each other. The Whole is exponentially larger than the sum of the three parts. The best part was hearing Rick get swept up in their vibe too! The normally understated cerebral Rick Rubin almost started to preach a bit! Thanks for helping me learn about Gabriels, their creative process and how Trust is such and integral ingredient to the magic they great. I too was swept up in their vibe. A must listen for creatives. Cheers.
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Love “Broken Record”
I adore this show. Fantastic idea, and so well done. I’ve learned more about musicians I love, and learned a lot about new ones as well. Thanks for this!
Rick Rubin!
The man is an absolute legend and this is worth a listen just to get into his head, but his interviews are fantastic too! One of the best music podcasts out there. Give it a listen!
Rick Rubin is great
Rick Rubin has a way of leading which makes the conversation flow organically. I would listen more if he did every interview even if that meant less episodes. Sometimes I don’t listen even if the guest is an artist I like because it becomes just another typical interview. And I listen when Rick is on because he makes me want to check out artists I’ve never heard of.
Great Podcast
I can listen to Rick talk about just about anything, the guy can weave a story
Possibly The best music-related podcast
I just recently found Broken Record and I’m very happy I did. The episode with Johnny Echols was amazing - such a vivid time capsule of ‘60’s LA, plus some surprising revelations. Rick and the other interviewers are great at letting their subjects tell their stories, and they don’t seem to have a need to interject too much. My only gripe is that I wish the episodes were longer, but I guess the producers subscribe to the showbiz adage “always leave them wanting more.”
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Shout out for the Sonny Rollins interview. It was meticulously researched and so engaging. Excellent work!
An excellent podcast, always very interesting.
I love the podcast but the editing..
If you’re a music head and want a degree if inside-baseball with some amazing artists and really knowledgeable hosts, you will love this podcast. And I do! However, it seems more and more that the editing is really bad. When listening, it sounds like portions of episodes skip back and replay portions of the podcast. I actually thought this was going on because I work with my hands and can’t always check my phone. But this was bothering me so much I stopped working, and watched the time lapse normally but listened to the audio skip. I thought this might be a weird artifact from changing my speeds of playback over the course of the day, but it was a repeatable issue. But also, and most telling, this is a feature only on Pushkin podcasts. Weird move if this supposed to encourage a subscription to their own service.
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Great interview !!!
Thrilled John is back ! I could listen to these 2 talk all day and so happy to hear them harmonizing again! Beautiful ❤️❤️
Great all around
Great guests. Of course the interviews with Rick Rubin are top notch because there is generally a mutual dazzling between him and the artists. Plus he has worked with so many and has questions that “outsiders” might not get into. That said, the other hosts are also great! Just hard to compare with a music legend. Doesn’t mean that if those interviews were judged on their own merits they wouldn’t be five stars too. Love it.
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Fix your software code!! Reimburse your PAYING patrons!! Awful!
Decent podcast
I skip the episodes with Bruce Headlam though. Is Rick really too busy waxing his beard and producing one album every couple years?
Was good….
Will stop listening and will unsubscribe and encourage friends and family to do the same thanks to Neil Oldman
Walk on water
I love walk on water collaboration with Beyoncé. It shows how Eminem is evolving; his creativity is ongoing. Lois Detroit Eminem always tells the truth 5 out of 5 rating the little tap wouldn’t work on my app
lois from Detroit
Rick is great!!!
Other hosts feel much more normal and less inside baseball, but still nice. Can be very disappointing though when an artist you love is reviewed by someone who isn't as interesting as Rick.
bread dingus
My favorite podcast (besides mine)
No matter the guest, genre or generational gap, I love your podcast. Obviously I enjoy some episodes more than others but the interviews are always so insightful—they usually entice me to learn more about the featured guest. I loved the Black Pumas one—I was already a huge fan but their story, how Adrian and Eric connected—is so cool… And the episode featuring Cristobal Tapia de Veer, the composer and musician behind White Lotus, absolutely changed my mind about the series. I wasn’t a fan until I dialed into the nuances of his “Hawaiian Hitchcock” vibe. Can’t wait for season 2! Henry Rollins is stellar—I love how he says “I take myself work seriously; I take commitment seriously; hit I don’t take myself all that seriously. And the chat with the very eclectic Khruangbin—YES! Oh and all of you hosts and intermittent hostesses have riveting voices ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Re: Miracle and Wonder
I love the idea of this audiobook and Paul Simon is a wonderful interview, but Malcolm Gladwell spends way too much energy “explaining” to us what a genius Simon is. Dude, we know! He wants to pretend that we can’t really appreciate Paul Simon until he spells it out. But when he lets Paul talk it’s very good.
Malcolm Gladwell is a fraud and a charlatan
But Rick’s interview with Henry Rollins was quite good.
Nothing that was presented in the “singing” episode adds up to Ariana Grande actually having perfect pitch even though it was billed in the show’s description that she has it.
Very Professional Produced
Great insights with the artists with a down-to-earth interview approach to their music, their struggles, their path to success, what they were thinking when writing certain tracks, etc. You feel like you are sitting there with everyone. Keep up all the great work. I have also followed the work of Rick Rubin over the years, so it’s a double benefit of listening to the podcasts.
Tom Petty
I’m wondering why I didn’t find this podcast sooner as I love both Malcom and Rick. Malcom has such a natural inquisitiveness without just repeating the same cliche questions about music. Rubin has a such a warm organic manner and his work bringing out the best in musicians and artists is amazing. He loves what he does and is also a huge fan of music. I just recently listen to the podcast about Rick’s work with Tom Petty in the 90’s and thought it was incredible. It’s amazing that a whole companion album of Tom’s “Wildflowers” album is out there that hasn’t seen the light of day. It was such an amazing insight when they were talking why not just release it now and Rick sort of describes how an album catches an artist in that period of time and would be out of place to just randomly release 25 years later. One has to think though that some sort of deluxe box set of the album could be done someday so Tom’s music can be shared finally. My only critique of the podcasts is that the pod’s tend to jump around as far as artists and subject matter. It’s seems to happen in Malcom’s other podcasts too(Like Revisionist History) when when it’s something interesting he hits it out of the park. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more of Rick & Malcom.
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Don’t make a subscription look like…
Something I could listen to. Don’t care for that.
Great podcast until I subscribed
Once I got a paid subscription it doesn’t play. It just loads forever. Worst subscription model ever.
Great pod cast!
Really enjoying the interviews!
Score Two for Linda Perry: 1. Talent and 2. Confidence
bjones437: “What a complete blowhard Linda Perry is!” fixthiscrap12345$: “I’ve loved every episode so far, but Linda Perry…what an ego. I couldn’t take it.” Tyler San: “Linda Perry spent 30 seconds talking about how she has no ego and doesn’t need trophies. Then a full hour talking about how great she is. Worst episode ever.” -------------------------- My first thought was, if this was a guy talking about how great he was, you wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but because she’s female, oh my God, we can’t have a female egotist can we, I mean that’s so unfair to all the male stars who brag about their own greatness without a qualm. This is the music industry we’re discussing here, where egos are necessary just to survive, for both men and women. Fans don’t always get that, but music industry people know it is just as vital as knowing how to play, sing, or write. Sometimes even more so. My second thought was, unlike real “blowhards” she backed up all of her claims of greatness with specific examples. I don’t hear male egotists doing that. And lastly, when she talked of her defeats, like the one about being totally rejected by Nashville for example, she was open about it. A real egotist would never be able to admit to defeat. Please get your head out of the 1950s. If guys can brag, but women are attacked for the very same behavior, what does that make you – perhaps a little too comfortable with your outdated views?
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Fantastic ! Would have loved to be a fly on the wall. Eminem, Malcom and Rick Rubin in a room together!! So sad the Amazing house and Studio that has made so much music is gone!!!!
The Brian Eno interview!!!
5 stars just off of that one, keep looking for geniuses Rick!
Loved the Barry Gibb episode
Wow. Rick your interviews are great for so many reasons. I appreciate your authenticity and vulnerability, and the reverence you extend guests. Your interview of Barry Gibb brought out his love for music, genius as a songwriter, and accessibility as a human being. I got choked up when you amplified his mic during Lamp Light. This was a special, one-of-kind episode. Thank you thank you thank you.
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