Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond
Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond
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From Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam, and Justin Richmond. The musicians you love talk about their life, inspiration, and craft. Then play. iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries.
Graham Nash, Part 1
At 81 years-old, Graham Nash describes his life as, “a magic story from beginning to end.” Graham’s career began in 1962 as a singer/songwriter in the British pop band The Hollies. After a string of hits in the UK, Graham left the Hollies, and moved to L.A. to start a band with the former Byrds vocalist, David Crosby, and Stephen Stills, whose band Buffalo Springfield had just broken up. From the start, Crosby Stills & Nash were dubbed a folk-rock supergroup, and they went on to become one of the era's most revered bands, thanks to their gorgeous three-part harmony and exquisite songwriting. Following the death of David Crosby in January, Rick Rubin sat down with Graham Nash to talk about Graham’s deep love and admiration for Croz. On today’s episode we’ll hear the first part of Rick’s conversation with Graham, who reminisces about the day he met Crosby, who immediately rolled Graham the most perfect joint he’d ever seen. Graham also explains how it was actually Cass Elliot from the Mamas and the Papas who was responsible for bringing CSN together, and he recalls classic stories about Neil Young’s unpredictable early days in CSNY. You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Graham Nash songs HERE.See for privacy information.
Mar 21
48 min
Introducing Started From The Bottom: Charlamagne Tha God
Today we're excited to share a preview of Justin Richmond's new Pushkin Industries podcast, Started From The Bottom. Every week on Started from the Bottom, Justin interviews successful people who grew up on the outside—women, people of color, anyone not part of the old boy's network—to find out how they were able to beat the odds. Today's episode features an interview with Charlamagne Tha God. Over his 25 year career, Charlamagne clawed his way to the top of the radio industry. On today's episode, the long-time host of The Breakfast Club tells Justin Richmond what it took for him — a young man suffering from anxiety, constantly in and out of jail — to become an icon of modern media. Listen, follow, and subscribe to Started From the Bottom wherever you get your podcasts.See for privacy information.
Mar 16
49 min
Giles Martin, Part 2
Today we have part two of Rick Rubin’s conversation with producer and composer, Giles Martin. In part one, Giles talked about his delicate work remastering classic Beatles albums. Today we’ll hear Giles talk about his dad, Sir George Martin, who never second guessed his own genius. Giles also shares hilarious stories from his time as a teenager living at his father’s storied studio that was destroyed by a volcano in the Caribbean. Plus, he talks about the time he was fired and then rehired by Martin Scorsese. You can follow Rick Rubin's new podcast, Tetragrammaton, at You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Beatles songs remastered by Giles Martin HERE.See for privacy information.
Mar 14
46 min
Usher is one of few R&B acts from the ‘90s who has gone on to become a global superstar. Since the start of his 30-year career, Usher has sold over 65 million records worldwide. He’s also starred in the Broadway musical Chicago, been a coach on The Voice, and recently added a Las Vegas residency to his long list of artistic achievements. On today's episode Justin Richmond talks to Usher about why conflict has always been a big motivator in his songwriting—especially when working with producer Jermaine Dupri on his 2004 classic album, Confessions. Usher also explains how elder statesmen like Quincy Jones have helped him maintain a level of sophistication throughout his career. And he reveals why he thinks his first ever single was too raunchy. You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Usher songs HERE.See for privacy information.
Feb 23
35 min
Burt Bacharach and Daniel Tashian: Broken Record Classic
The legendary composer and songwriter Burt Bacharach passed away last week at 94. Today we are re-running an interview Bruce Headlam did with Burt and Daniel Tashian, who released an EP together in 2020 called Blue Umbrella. Justin Richmond also checks in with Daniel Tashian to talk about Burt Bacharach's tremendous skill as a composer. Danial shares the tips he took away from working with Burt, and he talks about how they were collaborating on new music right up until the end. You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Burt Bacharach and Daniel Tashian songs HERE.See for privacy information.
Feb 14
40 min
Giles Martin, Part 1
Giles Martin may be the son of famed Beatles record producer Sir George Martin, but he’s also an acclaimed producer and composer in his own right. He’s worked on projects with The Rolling Stones, Elton John and Metallica, and is celebrated for his work remastering albums from The Beatles, including Sgt. Pepper’s, Abbey Road, and The White Album. Last October Giles’ remaster for Revolver was released along with never-before-heard home demos and outtakes from The Beatles. Giles was able to separate the original 1966 mono recording tracks with the help of director Peter Jackson’s audio team, who used AI technology. Giles' resulting mix allows listeners to hear the original recordings with clarity and precision like never before. On today’s episode Rick Rubin talks to Giles Martin about his approach to remastering the Beatles and the responsibility that comes along with it. Giles also talks about growing up in the music industry, why he didn’t have a stereo in his house as a young boy, and how he became his dad’s ears in studio sessions after his father lost his hearing. You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Beatles songs remastered by Giles Martin HERE.See for privacy information.
Feb 7
48 min
Iggy Pop, Part 2
Today we have part two of Rick Rubin’s conversation with proto-punk icon, Iggy Pop. If you didn’t catch part one last week where Iggy talked about his early days with the Stooges and the inspiration behind some of their most seminal songs, make sure you check that out. On today’s episode you’ll hear Iggy talk in-depth about the years he spent working and touring with David Bowie. He also explains how James Brown inspired his legendary performance style, and then Iggy recalls the ridiculous antics that led to him bleeding on stage for the first time. You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Stooges and Iggy Pop solo songs HERE.See for privacy information.
Jan 31
50 min
Iggy Pop, Part 1
Iggy Pop is one of the most outrageous rock ‘n roll frontmen to ever step foot on stage. As the lead singer of The Stooges, Iggy was known for bending and contorting his sometimes-bloodied body while feverishly pacing the stage like a wild animal. Iggy’s 50-year career has been as tumultuous as his performance style. When The Stooges first broke up in the mid-70s, Iggy went solo and recorded a series of albums, some instant classics, others more experimental. At 75 years-old he’s just released his newest album, Every Loser. On today’s episode Iggy shares incredible stories with Rick Rubin about his career. Their conversation was so great that we decided to split it into two consecutive episodes. Today we’ll hear Iggy reminisce about recording Fun House in Los Angeles, and the first time he saw the ocean. Iggy also talks about the tight-knit rock scene in Detroit and how it was in some ways led by a local writer, activist and music manager named John Sinclair. Also, stay put at the end of this episode to hear a song off of Iggy’s new album. You can hear a playlist of some of our favorite Stooges and Iggy Pop solo songs HERE.See for privacy information.
Jan 24
1 hr 5 min
Rick Rubin in Conversation with Malcolm Gladwell
Today the interviewer becomes the interviewee. In his nearly 40-year career as a producer, Rick Rubin has helped unlock creativity and inspire musical genius time and time again. The artists he’s worked with often say that one of Rick’s superpowers is his expert ability to listen deeply, and to help guide whoever he’s working with to find their deepest expression of truth. This month Rick released his first book, called The Creative Act: A Way Of Being. In it he shares practical principles on how anyone can generate creative authenticity and ultimately find their voice. On today’s episode Malcolm Gladwell talks to Rick about The Creative Act, and they explore the principles in the book that are applicable to feelings of stagnation beyond artistic life. Rick talks about why he believes creativity comes from external forces rather than internal ones, and he explains why he believes that self expression isn’t actually about you.See for privacy information.
Jan 16
1 hr 1 min
From Story of the Week with Joel Stein: The Hallucinogenic Toad Doctor
Here’s a preview of a new podcast from Pushkin, Story of the Week. Each week, journalist Joel Stein chooses an article that fascinates him, convinces the writer to tell him about it, and then interrupts a good conversation by talking about himself. Sometimes the story will be the one everyone is talking about, like the New Yorker article on smoking hallucinogenic toads. Other times we’ll find a story you might have missed, like the one in the Verge about the rock groupie turned hacker who had huge corporations at her mercy. These are stories you’ll tell your friends about. Stories that stick with you long after you forget whatever headline you just doom-scrolled through. Hear the full episode, and more from Story of the Week, at See for privacy information.
Jan 9
12 min
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