Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit
Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit
Dhru Purohit, Dr. Mark Hyman
The Broken Brain podcast will help you take your brain health to the next level and teach you how to live your best life! Listen as host and serial entrepreneur Dhru Purohit interviews the top experts in the field of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, biohacking, mindfulness and functional medicine. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Dru is well prepared for interviews and has a wonderful range of guests. It’s landing in my Top 6.
LOVE- always sending to friends!
One of my favorite podcasts that I listen to daily! Dhru always has amazing guests and insights that can be life changing. I am constantly sharing episode links to my friends and on social media!
Mini episode - jealousy
Dhru and Keya - I really enjoyed this mini episode, a conversation around the subject of jealousy. Thank you. Powerful. In the behavioral sciences this would be considered as engaging in covert behavior. Often we think of jealousy/ envy as shameful hence covertly engage in it. I think of jealousy / envy as an important emotion with Functional value to advance our own journey. But unfortunately society has a shaming quality that changes the value of jealousy. From self-advancement to engage in negative, covert and often destructive behavior. Much gratitude as always - Purnima Hernandez
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purnima H
Good show
Generally good show. I listen to most of the episodes and usually learn something new every time.
Thought and action provoking conversations with thought leaders
So happy that I stumbled across this podcast. A few episodes that’s I’ve listened to twice. Great questions and conversations that help people get down to the root issues. Very relatable and actionable! Thank you!
Magical White Chocolate
Great information
I love the information you go over, it’s super helpful. However, with how fast your guest and yourself talk it’s hard to understand what you’re saying a lot of the times. More so your guest. It also may set off people’s anxiety with the speed of the conversation.
Insulin Resistance
This podcast was life changing for me. I was told I had it but it never sunk in and this just opened my mind and gave me a plan to fix it
After listening to the episode on “not knowing what we want” I felt inspired and supported. Dhru’s honest story telling really helps me remember I’m not alone and I appreciate his energy! Thanks!
Liz G6
Life changing
This podcast looks at all things health from all aspects of health to help us live our best lives. I was in a dark place when I started listening a few months ago, depressed and unhealthy. This podcast gives tangible takeaways in every episode on how to make small changes on the path to overall wellness. I love this podcast and am always talking about it!
My go-to favorite podcast
Want to improve your health, relationships, change your mindset and simply become a better person? Drhu has very knowledgeable and well spoken guests on his show and he is a top notch interviewer. If you want to marie kondo your mind and build a better you, then you will enjoy these discussions.
Jen Jaybird
A great travesty that this podcast doesn’t have a five star rating. Hey Dhru!!! Thank you brother for the incredible work. Here’s five to the million stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️...
Kent Money
Wow! Specific episode feedback.
Wow, not sure how to leave a review for a specific episode, but the about Anxiety may not be anxiety (maybe #141??) is EYE-OPENING!! I’ve never heard these possibilities of “eating inability” or tongue ties leading to poor sleeping being factors for children’s “downstream” issues such as anxiety, ADD, etc. Thank you for this podcast and this specific episode! I’m 6 months pregnant and counting my blessed stars I’m coming across this right now.
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Missy Miss Rae
Best Podcast Ever!
Dhru has a unique ability to interview and summarize a topic as well as anyone I have ever heard. The topics are fascinating. I often find myself wanting to take notes so I can revisit the information.
Challenged, but not broken
Medicine for the brain
Love the big idea Tuesday episodes!
Truly Love This Podcast
I listen to so many health podcasts and I have to say, I am the most impressed with the content on the broken brain podcast. Dhru is an amazing host and always has wonderful guests that are up to date with the current research. I love that this podcast is focused on the brain and goes into both diet, lifestyle and spiritual topics. I also enjoy Dhru’s insightful solo episodes. Bonus, he has a very grounding and calm way of communicating. So all around an absolute, valuable pleasure. Thank you Dhru
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Favorite podcast
I’ve tried so many different podcasts on wellness, the brain, health, and spirituality, and I always come back to this one! Every episode teaches me something new to apply to my life. It leaves me with renewed energy and motivation. Love it!
Highly recommend
Consistently giving insightful inspiration and new ways of viewing the world. Always great content and interviews with leaders in the field told in a digestible, meaningful way!
Love this podcast BUT the ads turn me off.
Excellent podcast and host A+
I am very picky with my podcasts and this is top notch. Love the topic set guests and wisdom. Could not recommend more highly and please keep putting this out in the world Dhru!
Please stop w the political scene
I’ve listened to this podcast for some time and have enjoyed the different guests. I don’t need a lecture from Laurie santos about blm. There is no proof that the Floyd murder was racial. It was police brutality but I’ve yet to see proof that it was racial. More whites are killed at the hands of officers than blacks. More police are killed at the hands of Americans than blacks or whites. Stop with the racial dialogue. How are the poor white appalachian hillbillies faring? This is not always a black and white issue. It has lots to do w ses. No one told 70% of black men and women to raise their children in fatherless homes. Education is key! But who is not for charter schools. Democrats!
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Worth your time
Always gets me thinking and Dhru is a great host.
Providing the roadmap to our best selves
I love and appreciate this podcast so much. If you’re looking for some direction in owning your life in a more empowered and fun way... start here! If you’re hearing that calling but feel stuck and in your own way... start here! There’s just so much useful guidance from Dhru and his extraordinary guests. Dhru is a really wonderful interviewer and asks the important questions that resonate with me and I expect with most people. I always feel so empowered and ready to face my life with more clarity after listening in!
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Too long.
Favorite podcast!
Love your show and the focus on neuroplasticity! Would love to hear you interview Becky Curtis from Take Courage Coaching. She was in a rollover years ago and lives with central nerve pain yet started a coaching business for people who live with chronic pain. Very inspiring!
Nana to 2
Top podcast to empower yourself!
I start my days listening to Dhru and all his unique guests. Empowering, well produced, smart questions, always something new to learn or refresh, he is truly amazing! You can’t miss it!
A worthy investment of my time
Although absorbing information via hearing is my weakest way of learning, Dhru’s guests and podcast never fail to captivate me (so thanks for helping me build that muscle!). His growth-mindset oriented topics are exactly the content that lights me up. He is a well-prepared interviewer and I also enjoy picking up on the subtext of mutual respect that he has for his guests, and they for him. My only point of frustration: I can’t find the show notes! I use Apple & have looked everywhere that I can think of.
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Vintage French
Great Topics
One of the best podcasts . It’s clear that Dhru does good research and is well prepared as an interviewer.He is great at asking all the important questions and makes the conversation flow so naturally. I have listened to several episodes and they are all great ! Keep up the great work!
Incredible Insight and information
This podcast is so fantastic. Every episode is so good I often listen several times. It is truly knowledge for the mind, body, and soul.
Super knowledgeable and helps get thru long drives
I live in LA and usually have a pretty back work commute and the Broken Brain podcast definitely helps. I’m also pretty into nutrition and eating healthy. I enjoy Dhru’s perspective and temperament and he really does interview some impressive guests!
sabina rosebud
Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re already deep into your journey of authentic health and wellness, or just getting started organizing your life around what matters most - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Dhru does an incredible job leading conversations that cover the entire range of mental, emotional, spiritual and cultural challenges we all face learning to live a life we’re proud of - from leaders who've actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Good info but uses f/word
I sometimes listen with my mom and we both feel uncomfortable. When you first started, it was quite clean. I know you’re edgy and hip, but not everyone is, and you are close to losing some listeners due to the language. Information is superb, changed how I manage my health.
High Plains Boomer
This podcast brings so much inspiration, motivation, and a sense of meaning to my life. I started listening in January 2020 and it’s made a positive impact on my life. It’s become a big part of my weekly self-care and significantly upped the quality of my consumption of material- less social media, more meaningful learning. I recommend it to all my friends.
Love ❤️
This is such a great podcast! It’s so informative and interesting. I love listening to Broken Brain on my commute to and from work.
Thank you for all of your knowledge and God bless you! 🙏🏽❤️
Fabulous & so grateful for these!
Dhru- These podcasts are AMAZING! Please don’t stop.. so grateful! You are changing my world and I’m sharing with everyone! Thank you!
Loose the f word
I love your podcast but it would be much better if you lost rhe vulgar language. It’s offensive.
hate bad language
Authentic, informative, real.
When I see a new Broken Brain podcast, it’s the first one I listen too. I finish these podcasts with so many golden nuggets of truth!! I share them all the time because I want others to receive the same value from them that I do! Dhru had a 30 minute call with my college-aged son who resonated with his podcasts. Dhru was so kind, honest, and extremely helpful. And he even sent my son a book!!! Dhru goes above and beyond and we are forever grateful for the wisdom, insight, and value he brings to others. Keep going strong, Dhru!! You’re making a difference in people’s lives.
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Carla @Yourageisnotyourcage
My favorite podcast
I follow so many health podcasts but Dhru’s is my favorite by far. He’s such a genuine person, brings on the best guests, and has definitely made a positive impact on my life. Keep doing what you’re doing Dhru! 🙌🏼😊
Episode 94 - hormones
I am incredibly interested in this topic for many reasons. I am a 43 year old woman with 3 daughters - 16, 13, & 10. I started my cycles at 10 years old as have my oldest 2 daughters. 5 kids later and a no -hormonal IUD, I still have my cycles but they have started to get closer together, like every 22-24 days start to finish. I have had some success using “seed cycling” to lengthen them back to 26-28 days though not consistently. In this interview, you bring up intermittent fasting and I had a few things to say on this point. First... I hope in the not too distant future, we can have some standardized language around this term. To me, a lot of what people are doing is either meal spacing or time restricted eating not true intermittent fasting. And for me personally as a Muslim woman, this term is very specific: twice weekly (M/Th) fasting from sunrise to sunset on all weeks except the week of your period, so maybe 6 days monthly. I have been doing this 3 years now during which time I have maintained a body weight around 112 (BMI around 19) and not lost my periods. I also consistently eat a lower carb/sugar, medium (healthy) fat diet with plenty of fruits & vegetables. I walk daily, have good energy, & good mental clarity. Why do I bring this up? Because I have only heard one speaker (wish I could remember who) talk about using me starting Muslim women as a cohort to study fasting. I think there’s a lot to study here and this group certainly offers a huge opportunity for those studies.
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Why we are lonely
This was timely I have recently been doing some healing work to help use my voice more to help strengthen relationships. Dhru does a wonderful job in relaying how to strengthen relationships by creating community. I paused and one or two names came to mind of individuals that I want to connect with and get to know better. Thanks Dhru for the work you do !
Sherri L Albrecht
Awesome Podcast!!!!
Dhru, host of the Broken Brain podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
My North Star
I feel so lucky to have access to such sound and evidence based health information. It’s a part of my health education and often leads to many spin off’s as I start following the guest’s work and/or read their books. Congratulations Dru, you always seem to have great chemistry with the guests, making them feel comfortable and asking the right questions. You’re compassionate and authentic. Just when I think you’re too good to be true, you throw in an f bomb and I’m reminded of how relatable you are. Please keep doing what you’re doing.
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fixed brain
life changing
So much useful information! Thank you!
Best if all functional health podcasts
I am subscribed to several functional health podcasts and this one is the best. There is no ego, no sales pitch and super high quality guests. Thank you!
Kara K. B
Very hopeful. Please send to all branches of our government. MEO’s space
MEO's space
Fantastic And So Informative
Love this show Dr P. Thank you for doing what you do! Your episodes are GREAT and they truly move me. Thank you for giving me a place to go and to learn so much from a place I know I can trust. Love your podcasts.
Daddy's girl 2011
Amazingly useful information in every episode!
I just finished listening to episode #84 - Dr. Ronish Sinha - and am pretty blown away. He makes linkages between blood labs and precursors to insulin resistance, etc.; focuses on constitutional differences between cultures and how insulin resistance varies accordingly, and so much more - presented in a very understandable and meaningful way. And I completely agree with others' opinions about Dhru's interview style - he is always well-prepared, pulls meaningful details from each person interviewed, isn't focused on hearing himself talk (like many other interviewers!). Even if a speaker or the subject doesn't seem of great interest to me, after I listen, I am amazed at how much I have learned! THANK YOU DHRU!!!
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Should have written this a long time ago...
Dhru’s interviewing skills are incredible. He knows how to open space for his interviewees to be vulnerable. Asking the right questions and not interrupting them. His guests are not only knowledgeable insightful but their tips are easy to integrate into our daily lives. So many nuggets in every show. I listened to episode #86 no less than 10x. No joke! I know it’s going to forever change how I interact with my challenging 8 year-old, this changing our relationship.
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Ms B6
Great education for your commute
We love this podcast. Dhru is a gifted interviewer! And it’s one of the things about the podcast that makes it so enjoyable and not just informative. He can really connect and pull such intimate details from the background stories that as a listener we also feel connected and part of the conversation. My husband and I listen on road trips in the car. It passes the time wisely. We can learn about different health topics in a short period of time. Dhru always brings the conversation back to the importance of community and family. This also keeps us in check and reminds us not to have fantasies of murdering each other during travel stress! Haha
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Great podcast !
Love the content. But microphones need to be turned up while recording. Can be very difficult to hear. Just FYI.
K Kow
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